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Best Wooden Headphones : Your Ultimate Buyer Guide

Did we say, the best wooden headphones? You got it exactly!

Interesting, isn’t it? What’s the reason you would opt for these audiophile headphones? Learn more!

The lifestyle of the internet has become an everyday thing. If you are a frequent attendee at gatherings or even courses online, then you might be looking for sturdy headphones. You do not want to purchase an expensive audiophile headset every couple of weeks, are you? This is why durable as well as durable wooden headphones will help you.

With class and elegance, These top wooden headphones are durable and can’t be matched. Even though they cost more than their plastic or metal alternatives, they are surely worth the cost.

All you have to do is to select the correct headphones. However, prior to that, you must be aware of the things to be aware of before purchasing one.

To make this process easier for you, we’ve put together this helpful guide on the top wooden headphones on the market.

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Factors to Consider When Buying Wooden Headphones

Before we go through the top wooden headphones list, let’s examine some crucial aspects.

What makes wooden headphones amazing? Here’s the information you need to be aware of before purchasing one:

Wood Material

Have you ever thought about why every instrument in the world is constructed from wood? The reason is that wood is able to improve sound quality. the tone in order to make it seem more natural. In addition, authentic wood can make the magic even more.

In the case of headphones, they are earcups comprised of wood. However, only authentic and genuine wood can be used! It should also not weigh too much on your head. To achieve this, walnuts, cherry or maple are often used for Ear cups. Be sure to examine the wood type before purchasing.

You must ensure it’s genuine real wood or, in other terms, it is real wood.


In addition to the appearance and design, the main advantage wooden headphones possess is their toughness. So, if you decide to purchase the kind of headphones for audiophiles, go for they won’t be a disappointment.

So, what is it that makes headphones sturdy? The finish or paint on the wood protects them from water, sweat and another staining. Thus, it’s true that wood lasts longer when it has these properties. Additionally, the headphone made of bolts and nuts lasts longer than the ones held by glue.

Going on

The material you choose for your headband will also be able to determine its durability. Iron is a strong material that performs well since it is resistant to the force of blows and accidental hits. Be sure to look for these characteristics in the headphones you choose.


This is a major issue. Whatever the characteristics of the headphones’ acoustic features, they’re all able to be laid to rest if they do not provide your ears with the required ease. Nothing is as painful as a throbbing ear after the normal use of a headphone.

The comfort is determined by the total volume of the headphones as well as the comfort of the cushioned earcups. The headphones must be able to adjust over your head and ear to provide a stunning audio experience.

If you’re uncomfortable wearing them, regardless of the quality of the music it won’t be able to appreciate the music. Therefore, ensure that the headphones you choose are suitable for your head size and the ear canal.

In terms of weight is concerned, wood headphones tend to weigh more than the other types, however, excellently constructed headphones that fit over the ear aren’t likely to cause stress because of the wood. When you’re considering on-ear and over-ear headphones with an open-back design, you should know that over-ear headphones are better at offering comfort.

Audio Quality

What headphone does not have high-quality audio? Beyond ease of use, the quality of the audio is another factor that can be a deterrent. Wooden materials have some advantages in audio quality, you need to be aware of it to ensure peace of mind.

Frequency Response

If you’re using your standard audio gear with a standard frequency, 20Hz and 20kHz will work fairly well. If you’re looking for high-quality professional audio or headphones for audiophiles you should aim for a frequency range between 5Hz and 33 kHz.

Noise Isolation

The noise cancellation feature lets users listen to music completely, without interruption by outside noises. This feature is the most important one to be looking for when using headphones to commute or work or travel in busy areas like cafes.

Over-ear headphones generally have these features superior. Ear cups that are padded along with closed-back styles, improve noise isolation.

Audio Driver and Impedance

It’s the dimension of your driver which determines how detailed and powerful your audio will sound. The typical length of 40mm to 50mm is ideal. Additionally, a low impedance (32 ohms) in a headphone enables the headphone to become more efficient in power.


If you’re on the lookout for headphones made of wood You’ll find the majority of them are Wireless Bluetooth headphones. There are some wired models also available. But, if you opt for the wireless option, be sure to take into account the following factors:

Life of the battery

A good headphone battery life lasts between seven and 10 hours on a single charge.

Bluetooth support

To ensure Bluetooth compatibility, verify for the Bluetooth version. Versions of 4.0 or higher works for all devices.


In terms of range when it comes to range, if the Bluetooth connectivity is reliable, you is able to operate for up to 30 feet. The longer, the better.

Make sure you check out all these options when choosing your headphones.

1. Symphonized Wraith 2.0 Premium

Genuine Wood Over-Ear Headphone


Symphonized is a brand that has been manufacturing audio equipment made of wood for a long time. In addition, Symphonized mostly provides handcrafted headphones made from genuine wood that has been carefully tested. When you use Symphonized you’ll have a reliable accessory.

In the same way, Symphonized Wraith 2.0 is completely made of acoustic timber.

To create a stylish look and high sound quality, we have selected wood that comes from cherry, walnut and maple trees.

The wood’s formulation is responsible for creating a clear and clear sound. Yes, it’s a gorgeous device.

This level of craftsmanship gives you an exceptional and unique listening experience. In addition, the engineering quality of Wraith 2.0 guarantees long-lasting performance as well as a solid structure.

In terms of comfort, the earcups are cushioned with luxurious padding for long-term use.

The headband also has an adjustable slider to ensure the perfect, customized fit to your head.

Overall, it is the best wooden headphones that cost less than $100.


  • Elegant metal and wood materials that are rich and durable make up the classic design.
  • The level is designed to ensure powerful, loud and live sound.
  • Ultimate noise-isolation.
  • Comes with a sleek and stylish protective case.
  • Two cords and one microphone.


  • A poor choice for DJs.
  • The cord of poor quality.

2. SIVGA SV005 Hi-Fi Stereo

Headphones with high-quality Studio Over-Ear

SVIGA headphones represent the top outcome of the stringent tests conducted by professionals. The SIVGA professionals have provided you with the best sound quality, along with the ability to equalize frequencies in three different ways. It’s true, Djs are just mad about these headphones.

The hand-crafted housings are made of walnut wood that is natural. The wood grain is similar to fingerprints which allow you to distinguish your headphone from thousands of identical headphones. The wood-based design is ideal for a balanced, clear sound.

The closed-back design blocks out any external sound and provides maximum isolation of noise. The ear cups are cushioned to provide comfort, and are padded with a soft pillow that ensures maximum comfort. Additionally, the headband that is stretchable comes with premium leather that can be adjusted to fit the shape of your head.

In addition, the built-in 50mm diameter loudhailer has a 20Hz – 20kHz response in frequency. In addition, the impedance function is responsible for 16O+-15 percent. So, you can enjoy a deeply vibrant and resonant sound of your most loved songs using our choice of SIVGA SV005. In a nutshell, it’s a great option.


  • Wooden materials confirm the high quality of sound.
  • Two cords are detachable and one mic.
  • 180deg rotation works well for DJ.


  • Sometimes, it makes a crackling sound.

3. House of Marley

Voyage Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

Our pick House of Marley is the top-quality wooden wireless earbuds you can purchase. The earbuds are made from bamboo and offer the ultimate sweat-proof noise isolation with a long-lasting cord that doesn’t tangle and a built-in microphone, a remote with three buttons, as well as bags for traveling.

The striking panel design of these earbuds gives an elegant appearance to your daily routine. They’re made from stylish bamboo and 70 percent bio-based resin. It can be used anywhere when you are jogging, in Gym or any other place.

In addition to the above, in addition, the House of Marley offers additional advantages for sports enthusiasts. The sweat-proof features and the adjustable neck cord make it the perfect music kit for training and games, as well as travel. It also comes with Bluetooth 4 technology and has an internal rechargeable battery. With this feature it allows you to listen to music for up to 6 hours.

The earbud meets every need on the user’s end and provides the finest audio quality. When compared to other similar-class earbuds, its performance and sound quality are one more step of the competition to make your list of choices.


  • Ergonomic Port confirms the ultimate fitness.
  • 6MM Driver for a superior, quality sound with dynamic dynamics.
  • The cord comes with a single microphone and three buttons.
  • A perfect fit by using three different sizes of Ear gels that are adjustable with three sizes.


  • The battery can last about 6 hours.

4. SIVGA SV007 Premium Wood Over-Ear Open

The SIVGA SV007 we have selected is a re-imagining of its SV005 sibling and was further refined in exquisite classic style and distinctive audio quality. The overall design of the ear cups is constructed from natural rosewood that provides an audio-quality listening experience wherever you. Additionally, the wood structure is striking.

The built-in technology is largely responsible for creating high-quality bass audio. This was further enhanced with an open-back design which minimizes the risk of damage to ears and provides a large soundstage. It is notable that this 50mm Loudhailer Diameter has a 20Hz – 20kHz frequency response. It is ideal for listening to any music genre. The most open-back headphone that you can buy for less than 150 is called the SIVGA SV007.

Additionally, on top of that, the two earcups can rotate 180 degrees, which allows for a single-side screen. Additionally, your comfort isn’t affected by any means.

The headband that is stretchable has a high-quality leather construction, with enough flexibility to accommodate every head type. Additionally, the soft earpads are perfect for long hours of listening to that soothe our minds.


  • Wooden structure.
  • Headbands that can be adjusted.
  • Multidirectional 180deg rotation perfect for DJ.
  • Two cords detachable and one microphone.


  • The aluminum structure isn’t high-end.
  • Cases are manufactured cheaply.

5. Floyd Rose FR-18 Wood Headphones


If you’re looking for music equipment that provides top-quality sound quality and integrated Hi-Fi technology, you should look no further than our wood-grain Floyd Rose headphones.

FR-18 is engineered to give an authentic, balanced sound and allow you to hear every low and high-tuned tune. Additionally, the high-end quality of the workmanship ensures crystal clearness of the musical.

In addition, this handmade headphone features a built-in 50mm driver diameter, along with 20-20KHz frequency response. In general, this sophisticated technology will provide you with the most immersive listening experience you’ll ever experience. It’s not just an audio headphone, but the quality of sound is similar to an audio stream.

The best part is that the fabric-made cord is tangle-free and detachable. The wire also includes a microphone and the capability to adjust the volume. Additionally, the ear cups come with a soft cushion which provides you with the best comfort and complete noise isolation. The best quality is the most important choice for you.


  • Woodgrain is what makes each pair of FR-18 unique.
  • Excellent high-quality sound with dynamic quality.
  • The ultimate protection for your ears with the stress-free listening experience.


  • Not the best choice for recording.


6. Meze 99 Classics over-ear headphones


The investment in purchasing Meze 99 Classic can be an intelligent decision. The one we chose Meze 99 Classics has received the distinction of being among The top 10 most excellent closed-back headphones of the past. It also has been awarded InnerFidelity’s wall of Fame.

Meze 99 Classics features an amplitude range of 15 Hz to 25 kHz. It is also the most energy-efficient music system because of its low impedance which is 32 Ohm only. Easy compatibility with every phone and flawless service for its superb design.

The ear cups are made out of walnut. For a flawless finish, these wooden ear cups are subjected to an entire 45-day costly process. The components are all adjusted with bolts and nuts in place of glue. The impressive build sound quality of 99 Classics has made it an extremely durable headphone that removes any need for replacement.


  • Memory foam earpads provide the passive isolation of noise.
  • The adjustable headband can be adjusted to all head shapes.
  • Hand-crafted and professionally finished.


  • A bass that is excessively loud can impede another musical note.


7. GRADO GS1000e Statement Series

Wired Open-Back Stereo Headphones



If you’re in search of an earphone that has over-ear and spacious chambers that sit within your ear and give you a personal music-listening experience, then choose the GRADO GS1000e. It’s surprising that it lets you breathe in the air and plays music which keeps you cool when listening to your favorite music.

This handmade headphone features Mahogany tone woods for improved sound aesthetics and quality.

Furthermore, the GS1000e features included 50mm dynamic transducers, as well as the twelve conductor cable. The high quality of the wood, the cable design, and the 50mm driver allow for an even sound and the ability to produce a steady low and high pitch sound. Additionally, the large cushioned cups fit your ears well and create a huge soundstage.

They feature an open-air operating principles 8-35,000 frequency response and a very low impedance (32 ohms). The combination of these technologies is responsible for giving you a lively warm and resonant quality of sound. an excellent option.


  • High-quality sound.
  • Leather-made headband.
  • G cushioned to provide comfort and noise reduction.


  • In a handful of instances, obvious problems with channel imbalances can be observed.


FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions regarding wood Headphones

1. Do Wooden Headphones or Earbuds Sound Better?

The most straightforward answer is that wooden headphones are always superior to headphones. They still have better sound and more comfort than earbuds. We’ve listed below five reasons why headphones made of wood are more enjoyable than headphones.

The DriverHeadphones typically come with 40mm to 50mm huge drivers. While earbuds do not have substantial drivers. In general, a superior listening experience will require the most powerful driver. Additionally, huge drivers are primarily responsible to produce high-quality frequency responses. Learn more about the dimensions of the driver.

Long-term listening session: Headphones come with an adjustable headband with soft padding. Ear cups are softly cushioned with foam. This is why headphones are considered to be the perfect audio equipment for listening for long periods of time. However, earbuds can be prone to make you tired in long listening sessions.

The sound stage most models of headphones have closed-backs and open-back designs. These designs ensure that you can enjoy a wide range of soundstage hearing experiences. It will feel as if you’re living in a concert hall with sounds emanating from a distance.

Home listening: if you have a recording system at home. You are definitely going to require professional headphone. Over-ear headphones are considered to be more professional than headphones.

Movies or Gaming: Gaming and movies feature dynamic audio. In order to have a better gaming performance, it is essential to be able to comprehend your surroundings in a way. In these instances the significance of headphones that are over-ear is evident.

2. If the headphone is constructed from wood, does audio quality improve?

The wooden design adds a sophisticated and classic appearance to your headphone made of wood. The wood’s material also affects the quality of sound a lot. As the wood material is a natural substance that acoustically vibrates, it produces a harmonious sound. Additionally, the wooden headphone has an authentic sound, deep bass along with warmth. In other words the realm of audio quality, a wood headphone is 10 times more effective than a plastic or metal headphone.

3. What are the best over-the-ear headphones that have a high-quality sound with a vintage wood veneer design?

Vintage wood veneer headphones are made of premium materials and are constructed to last. Vintage wood veneer headphones provide higher-quality sound, with a more resonant quality, compared to modern-day headphones.

4. What are the advantages/disadvantages of earphones/headphones made of different materials?

Metal, wood, and plastic are the most commonly used materials to make headphones. Each material impacts the overall quality of the headphone in a different way.

Plastic headphones made of plastic are designed at being affordable. There are other quality sacrifices made in the production. The audio drivers, cables as well as other components are also reduced in quality.

Metal Headphones are high-quality and built to last for a long time. They have a striking design and high-quality bass and a rich sound.

Wood Headphones made of wood are also fantastic in terms of sound high-end. Additionally, they provide the most natural and sound in comparison to other audio gears.

5. It is a good idea to stroll through the woods in the dark wearing headphones?

However, it’s absolutely unsafe to stroll through the forests at night with headphones. This could have undesirable results. Wild animals living in the woods become more active during the night. Music can totally distract you. You may also not even notice a predator coming up because of the loud music.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, our selected wooden headphones offer the finest wooden headphones you can get for your money. We hope you’ve gained an understanding of the advantages of wood headphones. In truth, wood formulation wonderfully reproduces sound. Natural wood allows the audio to sound more resonant and natural.

Even though wooden headphones are more expensive, however, they offer the highest price. Most wooden headphones are made by hand that give you the authentic experience of a vintage. If you aren’t worried about setting a reasonable price for the headphone, we advise buying authentic wooden headphones. Buy one now and have fun!

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