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Klipsch r-15m Review

capable of delivering exceptional quality regardless of whether the primary goal is to enhance surround and left, right or center audio The Klipsch r-15M Bookshelf Speakers are an ideal solution for those who want a perfect blend of clear audio and value.

With a trusted brand name and a precise construction they are a sought-after alternative for those who don’t have the funds to invest in expensive speaker sets.

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Klipsch r-15m Review


With over seven years of experience in experimentation and failure in their history The Klipsch label is proudly displayed and effectiveness.

It is a fact that any speaker from Klipsch is an investment worth making due to their focus on quality and design that makes them in the same category as other surround speakers on the market.

The R-15m versions of speakers showcase a lengthy line of expertly constructed components that produce an unmistakable sound that is unlike any other.

They come in a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate various tastes.

This version is smaller than the R-14m version. It is which is topped off by a slightly rounder top.

An ideal fit for enthusiast, it’s practical in its purposes, however it doesn’t have every bell and whistle that are found in the most expensive models.

It’s the perfect complement to your living space or any other room where you’ll be able to locate that ideal space.

So , what are the R-15m’s positives and drawbacks? Find out in our review and our verdict on Klipsch’s R 15m. Klipsch R 15m.

Klipsch R-15m Pros and Con


  • The design is more narrow than other units, allowing it to fit into spaces that are cramped.
  • The sound quality is not compromised due to low cost
  • Dynamic tractrix horn dynamics in creating natural sound
  • A light carry with 10 pounds.
  • A brushed finish of polymer complements the decor of your home and is resistant to significant cause damage
  • It produces a powerful bass due to its size


  • Not designed for big venues
  • Sometimes, sound must be raised higher than normal to improve clarity


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The Klipsch R-15m Bookshelf Specifications for Speakers

The speaker type
Monitor Speakers


Mounting Type

Continuous Power

Peak Power

94dB @ 2.83v/ 1m

8 ohms

Frequency Band
62Hz-24kHz =/- 3dB

7″ x 8.1 7” x 8.1 12.5”

10.3 pounds


In addition to the components that are assembled inside, another aspect you can always depend on from Klipsch is their capacity to make their bookshelf speakers blend with different styles of electronics and of décor.

They can be found in any room of the home, be it located in your living space or in your home office.

The concept of the veneer cabinet which encloses the two cabinets makes it feasible.

While the black polymer that is on the outside can scratch the surface, it is almost never the case because the kind of wood used hides any imperfections effortlessly.

The model r-15m has more upright designs and is able to fit in tight spaces depending on its dimensions.

Its dimensions are 8.2 12 inches and weighing only 10 pounds, this is one of the speaker sets that can be moved faster.

The front is adorned with the iconic Klipsch logo that is adorning the top, while the rear is sparkling due to the 5.25 copper spun IMG woofers.

This IMG woofer, when combined by the Linear Transport Suspension Tweeter which is the mainstay of this particular series gives audio precision in the best possible way.


It’s obvious that the Klipsch R-15m won’t be in the stadiums to make them sound more immersive but that’s not the purpose of them anyway.

These speakers were created carefully to ensure adequate volume for small and medium-sized spaces.

Although larger spaces might not offer the same experience in terms of sound but this model isn’t to be overlooked.

It can hold a lot of power due to its design and structure. It also can carry more weight across the living space than you imagine.

The r-15m is referred to by those who are interested in this area as a “minimal” speaker However, this doesn’t have an ominous connotation.

It is actually speaking of the tiny size of the space it occupies compared to other models, and still delivering crisp sound waves that don’t harm walls. Reverberation is usually not a factor.

Performance and Key Specs

The main ingredient of the Klipsch R-15m’s speakers is their sound quality which is caused by the components which have been put together carefully to produce audio that is awe-inspiring and continuous.

The key components start with the 90 x 90 tractrix horn which is connected to the aluminum speaker. The increased imaging has directly linked to the release of pure audio. The distortion is concealed and hidden from LTS Tweeter and the woofer is made out of molded graphite. This is the main ingredient for a low resonance and conical breaking.

The horn of the tractrix and spun copper are able to amplify beats, without deconstructing or altering the audio range. The port that fires from the rear is flared, which makes hookups easy, and the 5-way binding posts contribute to the flexibility of the r-15m with other models.


The price tag for affordable speakers can create an impression that is not the best in regard to the audio quality. The Klipsch R-15m proves that, as its capabilities outweigh its disadvantages. Although the speakers can’t be bought for less than a dollar however, they definitely fall at the lower end of the spectrum within the world of premium speakers.

The Klipsch brand is among the few brands to affirm that bookshelf speakers with budget do not come with the loss of innovation and creativity.

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Alternatives to Klipsch R 15m

If you’ve made the decision not to buy Klipsch R 15m, but are still interested in Klipsch R 15m, there are other options which you can purchase.

1. Klipsch R-41M

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If the R 15M isn’t available, take a look at the R-41 M in this same line. The second model was released in the year 2018. It’s a bit smaller in terms of size than the R-15 however it has the same sleek look. It comes with one spin-copper IMG woofer. It also has the identical LTS tweeter that is found within Klipsch products. This is a great option for people who don’t have enough room for a floor-standing or bookshelf speakers.

2. Edifier S1000DB

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While it’s more expensive however, the S1000DB comes with certain additional features not available in the 15ms. It’s an active kind of speaker, which means that it doesn’t require an amp to output. But it is possible that the product may have an amplifier that is not top-quality.

3. Polk Audio T15 Bookshelf Speakers

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A lot of people believe that apart of Klipsch, Polk speakers are made with top quality which means it’s never worth the money to buy the speakers. The T15 speakers have an enclosure that is ported for bass which means you will get an excellent bass quality from the audio. The price is lower than the R 15ms, which means that these speakers are an excellent value in terms of sound quality.

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Final Verdict

The r-15m’s name is a good one. it in the sense that it’s not a set of speakers which requires a lot of research in order to locate positive words of mouth. Audiophiles have been reported as admiring its sound quality and price. It’s one of the most powerful bookshelf speakers available on the market today.

This model is able to fulfill its purpose when placed within the right setting for its capabilities. It creates a mood thanks to its impeccable audio quality and shows that Klipsch has created a different product that is a winner.

With its many functions of the r15m including the unique LTS tweeter, to Tractrix Horn, and more. It’s definitely an item worth the money you spend on it.


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