Best Floor Standing Speakers Under $1000 | Full Guide in 2021

Floor standing speakers, also known as tower speakers are important components of your house entertainment system.

Floor standing speakers, often just referred to as floor standers, are typically the greatest kind of speaker designed for home use. The cabinets are larger than those of bookshelf speakers, letting them project sound further along the room and with more scale and presence.

Despite their size and weight, floor standing speakers don’t leave a huge footprint. They are tall and slim, meaning they don’t occupy much floor space. This makes them easy to place directly beside your television set or bookcase that supports your turntable.

In this article we’ll be walking you through our favorite floor-standers that cost less than $1000. At this budget you’ll be spoilt for choice, although it is worth mentioning that it is not uncommon to find floor standing up speakers that cost a large number or even thousands of dollars more.

Our Favorite Floor standers Under $1000 – Reviews

#1.Klipsch RP-8000F 4.8dual 8" copper-spun Cerametallic woofers.Check It Out
#2. Polk Audio RTI A94.4Equipped with dual 5.25 Inch polymer composite Cone drivers and three 7 inch polymer composite subwoofersCheck It Out
#3.BIC Acoustech PL-9804.5Design: 3-way, six driver tower speaker. Frequency Response: 22Hz-23kHz Sensitivity: 98dB Drivers: Two high power 8"" active woofers, two 8"" passive woofersCheck It Out
#4.Klipsch R-28PF 4.1Each speaker includes a 1" aluminum diaphragm compression driver mated to 90° x 90° square Tractrix Horn and dual 8" copper spun magnetically shielded IMG woofers.Check It Out
#5.Q Acoustics Concept 403.8Enclosure Type: 2-Way Reflex with Double Woofer, Bass Unit: 2 x 125mm, Treble Unit: 25mm
Check It Out
#6.ELAC Debut 2. F6.24.5New woven Aramid-Fiber woofer
Check It Out
#7.Fluance SXHTBW4.7dual 6.5" woofers produce high definition soundCheck It Out

#1.Klipsch RP-8000F – Top Floor Standing Speakers Under $1000

The Klipsch RP-8000F earns the most known spot on the list thanks to its combination of sound quality, cabinet construction, and versatile design.

Element of the Klipsch’s Reference Premiere line, the RP-8000F is a cut above the common lineup in terms of quality. They have been designed from the ground-up, so while they come with all of the Klipsch bells and whistles such as Tractix horn-loading, the resulting sound signature is a bit more refined.

The RP-8000F delivers plenty of striped bass because of its large 8” Cerametallic woofers. This means a subwoofer isn’t strictly required, except when you want to hit lows further than its stated frequency response (32Hz – 25kHz).

The Tractrix horn on the 1” titanium vented tweeter with Tractrix horn also helps make these speakers great for highs, and that’s really just where they excel. While the highs are clearly present, they are not shrill. The midrange is quite clear as well.

Klipsch people are typically known for a slightly shiny and exciting sound profile with lots of dynamic range. This is what ensures they are a showroom favorite, the regular consumer is easily ‘wowed’ by them when comparing them to much more neutral options. It also ensures they are especially well-designed for home theater audio.

However, the RP-8000F have a much flatter frequency answer, so they are better suited to critical listening. While there are superior options if you’re soon after uncolored sound, these floor standers aren’t as divisive as many of the other Klipsch audio speakers on the market.

Of course, no Klipsch review would be complete while not mentioning their high effectiveness. With a sensitivity rating of 98dB @ 2.83V, these speakers basically go louder with less energy. This means filling a large space is no problem, and you won’t have to be as picky with regards to the amp or receiver you have them through.

It’s very important, though construction is another aspect often dismissed in speakers. The RP-8000F speakers consider 60 pounds each, so they really feel incredibly solid and sturdy. The two finishes ebony, walnut and available, provide you some choice in color. Likewise, the finish itself looks excellent, and it’s furniture-grade.


  • Great levels and mids with a pretty present bass.
  • Great structure quality
  • More refined noise than older Klipsch audio system
  • High sensitivity makes them suitable for high-volume tuning in
  • Wide dynamic range


  • Not compatible with banana clips. You must connect cables instantly with a stripped wire plus a plastic cap.
  • Slightly shiny sound signature makes them just the thing for film and game audio, except for pure music listening it will depend on the listener’s tastes.

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#2. Polk Audio RTI A9 Floorstanding Speaker – Best budget tower speaker

It is quite an old tower speaker on our collection. But still, it is selling very great online. Let us have a look at how this speaker stacks up with other floor position speakers below $1000.


The speakers are offered mainly in black and cherry wood versions.

I’ll take the cherry version as an example, simply because this version is what I recommend. Within the cheery version of the loudspeakers, the speaker assembly is made completely of wood.

This ensures the speakers work well without any resonance. The loudspeakers are beautiful in design and performance.

The speakers flaunt MDF resonance and construction-totally free enclosures. The Medium Occurrence Fiberboard enclosures will be darn good when it comes to dampening out unwanted vibrations and resonance. They are made of real wood.

Polk audio rti a9 loudspeaker


The first thing you notice may be the loudness of the speakers even at low volume amounts. The speakers can go to great volumes without distortion.

The bass is limited and controlled. The bass is not strong and boomy like Fluance Signature Series. For most of them, the bass is just more than enough. If you wish, you can also consider getting a subwoofer to couple with one of these speakers for much more more powerful bass, however.

Polk music speaker

The highs are very clear without being harsh or too bright. The 1? soft dome tweeters perform the function great.

The soundstage is wide when compared to most of the middle of the-fi speakers available. It is pretty immersive.

There is no special emphasis on a particular frequency range. These speakers sound pretty consistent.

See user reviews at Amazon . com

Pros :

  • Louder than other speakers
  • Great soundstage
  • Operated bass
  • Pretty good treble

Cons :

  • Bassheads need more bass

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#3.BIC Acoustech PL-980 Left and Right – Best 3-Way Floor Audio speakers


American home audio model BIC has been around since the early 70’s. They’ve gained a history of offering terrific value for money, with an emphasis on sound quality over marketing. The legendary Acoustech lines was reintroduced in 2003 and has continually been the main topic of praise in Home Theater communities.

These 3-way floor speakers are a small different than normal 2-way floor speakers within a way: they have extra individuals. Those extra drivers can better separate the middle-range as well as stretch the soundstage and powerful range. , even though BIC Acoustech speakers have more than just that going for them

First, the 3-way design really does add a little extra depth to the mids and treble. And comparable to speakers from Klipsch because of the horn-type tweeter, the treble is especially nice. Mids on these speakers also come out clear despite the relatively modest 5” closed-back driver.

The bass actually sounds very good because BIC uses passive radiators – a hard to find choice at this price position, but one that is welcome most surprisingly. A good subwoofer will make the bass sound wonderful with the mids, so I advise that if it’s within your budget. However, it’s not necessary.

These speakers also feature a relatively great sensitivity, meaning they can go effortlessly loud for their sizing. In many respects, the audio profile is directly akin to that of the RP-8000F. These speakers provide a very compelling alternative if you’re looking for a something a little cheaper than the Klipsch Research Premiere.

These speakers are literal towers, measuring 47 inches from top to bottom. There isn’t anything remarkable about the layout, and you don’t get the deluxe of picking a finish, but there aren’t any difficulties with their build quality.


  • Terrific bang for buck
  • Terrific audio separation with very clear vocals
  • Perform well at substantial volumes with little distortion


  • Unremarkable cabinet style
  • Some listeners might should you prefer a more held-backside sound profile than its slightly angry and bright tone


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#4.Klipsch R-28PF – Best Powered Surface Standing Speakers

Klipsch is a major name in the home theater audio tracks industry. Unfortunately, that good reputation with a big price tag. More so when you consider things like the necessity for a receiver which but not only adds to the cost, but also adds to the complexity of the setup.

The cheaper R-28PF are worth looking into in case the aforementioned RP-8000F floorstanders prove too expensive and you also don’t want to deal with the need for a receiver. These are powered floor standing speakers, significance you plug them directly into the mains.

These speakers have the personal Klipsch sound, largely in part because of the Tractrix horn tweeter, as you would expect. Klipsch also did a good occupation with the bass on the R-28PF, which sounds clean and precise. Large 8? To hit definitely deep sub-bass you might want a cheap 10-inch subwoofer to compliment them, even though woofers mean you can do away with a subwoofer.

The soundstage is impressively wide, which means that they work efficiently very well in a 2./2.1 virtual surround speaker setup. We might attempt to add a center speaker for making make L/R separation slightly smoother and also have clearer dialogue. However, if you’re buing floorstanders to obtain a 5.1/7.1 setup, then it will most likely make sense to get passive models and run everything via a decent receiver since there’ll be a lot of cables engaged anyway.

For the reason that they’re powered, these audio speakers have built-in Bluetooth compatibility so you can easily stream music and songs to them using your laptop, tablet computer or phone. It happens to be practically a necessary feature on powered speakers since many of us will play from more than one mp3 source, even though you probably won’t be primarily using them as Bluetooth speakers.

Klipsch managed a good job with the build quality on these speakers, way too. Each speaker weighs 58 pounds. Unfortunately, they don’t have the same furniture-quality finish that you get with the Research Premieres, so the finish isn’t quite as resistant to wear and damage.


  • Powered (not passive) means they can be applied out of the box, no need for a receiver/amp.
  • Straightforward setup and less clutter
  • A lot of power, easily fills places


  • Less versatile than passive floor standers which can be used in various setups

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#5.Q Acoustics Concept 40 – Best Audiophile Floor Standing Speaker systems

The UK has a rich historical past when it comes to engineering loudspeakers, getting the birthplace of businesses like KEF, B&Mission and W. A more recent addition to the list is Q Acoustics who have been subject to regular praise since being set up in 2006.

If you are looking for natural sound having a flat frequency response process and incredible detail, you merely can’t go wrong with some Concept 40s.

The tone profile doesn’t have as much excitement or assault as the more home theater specific Klipsch RP-8000F or BIC Acoustech PL-980L, but for simply listening the Concept 40’s steady sonic characteristics makes for genuine listening joy.

All this tone comes from two incredibly eye-catching cabinets, which look either modern and minimalist whilst being clearly different from the run-of-the-mill wooden tower aesthetic. The Gelcore Cabinet Construction, resonance minimizing aluminium faceplate and stainless steel-mounting feet can be a testament to the company’s great deal of craftsmanship.

It is worthy of noting that while being the highest priced pair of speakers to make this list, they aren’t the loudest. The 5-inches bass woofers are small compared to what you get with the Klipsch. That’s not really just what Concept 40s are all about, even though they’re also a little less sensitive than the other speakers, so you’ll need to have a more powerful amp to be able to crank the volume up.

The biggest down side of these speakers is perhaps the expense – they ever so a little bit exceed the $1000 budget. Q Acoustics does fortunately throw in a high-quality $100 loudspeaker cable with the purchase, which can take away a bit of the sting.


  • Best-sounding floor standing speakers beneath $1000. Can be pitted against speakers that cost you two or three times as much.
  • Steady sound makes them great for extended listening.
  • Stunning design and available in two different surface finishes.
  • High-quality lecturer cables are included with the speakers.


  • They require a pricey amp for the best listening knowledge.
  • Might go underappreciated if used exclusively as home theater speakers, even though terrific for listening to audio.

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#6.ELAC Debut 2. F6.2 – Best Spending budget Audiophile Floor Standing Speakers

The ELAC Debut 2. B6.2s are one of our favorite bookshels speakers we’ve tested, so we weren’t amazed to find out how good the F6.2s sounded. The pinnacle of the Debut 2. lineup designed by the mythical Andrew Jones, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything that sounds as good in its price range.

The Debut 2. series is all about delivering sound to you as true to source as you can. You don’t get the increased mids and highs as if you do on the Klipsch RP-8000F or acquire the smoothed out sound you discover on the Q Acoustics Principle 40. However, there is amazing detail and texture towards the sound.

The Debut 2. really shines in the largemouth bass response department thanks to its multiple reflex ports. They may have the agility to deliver bass with just the right amount of punch and warmth depending on the situation known as for. Going for the 6-inch drivers in the F6.2 over the smaller sized 5-inch drivers on the F5.2 is suggested-the extra oomph they provide won’t go unnoticed. Again, a subwoofer always assists but there’s no issue pairing it with a cheap one, instead save for a quality one such as the SVS PB-1000 to perform them justice.

If you wish to create this into a fully fledged surround sound setup yourself, finding the center channel wall and speaker-mounted back speakers won’t require any thought, the Debut 2. range scores well around the board, so.

It would have been good to have more choice than only the black ash vinyl fabric cabinet finish that is available, though the build quality is also top-notch.

Overall, there just isn’t much to fault about these floor standing audio system from ELAC. There is no doubt that speakers sound significantly far better than what you’d expect in the price. There’s no bi-wiring, but noone is bi-wires towers that cost less than $400 each. A 6 Ohms 87db and impedance @2.83v/1m tenderness means you’ll want a pretty powerful amp to get it sounding its best.


  • Great sound for the price
  • Uncolored, natural sound with a hint of warmth
  • Highly multipurpose, great for music and movie theater


  • Bland aesthetic with only one finish option

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#7.Fluance SXHTBW – Best Entire Set Floor Standing Loudspeakers

All the floor standing people previously listed come as a pair, and that’s excellent. Many people are buying floorstanders with all the intention of using them for a surrounds sound home theater experience, on the other hand. Assuming you don’t have any of the other pieces to the puzzle (center and rear speakers, subwoofer), you’ll promptly go over budget.

Costing just half of our $1000 budget, Canadian audio apparatus manufacturer Fluance offer a inexpensive and more comprehensive package. The SXHTBW comes with two floorstanders as well as rear and heart speakers. The only thing you need to bother about is making sure you have a harmonious amp and consider adding a subwoofer.

What’s most impressive is even when you take away the back end and center speakers, the floorstanders you’re left with can hold their own against many of the others in this list. They aren’t some mini floorstanders, the fronts are packaging two powerful 6.5-inch woofers and weight a hefty 33.45 pounds per loudspeaker.

Now if we’re being additional critical, there is no arguing that your particular full blown 5.1 setup with the likes from the Klipsch RP-8000F or Elac Debut 2. F6.2s in the mixture will result in more detail, strength and openness to the sound. Although the treble and mids are clear and well-emphasized, the lower end does not have the richness found in the higher priced speakers. But considering you’d be paying two or three times just as much for those, making the contrast would be unfair.

To add to the praise, the Fluance SXHTBW speaker set look fantastic. Possible black ash, natural walnut and white finishes assure you’ll be able to find something that complements your room. It would have been even nicer if Fluance made available their signature black and yellow colorway, but alas that could be reserved for their Signature Range range.


  • Very affordable 5.-channel speaker bundle.
  • Available in white, black ash, and walnut.
  • Impressive build quality


  • Subwoofer must be acquired separately
  • Sound lacks the refinement you’ll get on higher priced setups.

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Choosing the best floor standing speakers

The majority of the floor-standing speakers are at least 4 ft tall and consumes at least 1 feet area. Even some mid-fi speakers are as tall as 5ft. The height of these speaker systems depends upon the various speaker models and also the configuration.

Drivers: There should be four people in it to deliver the appears to be across the various frequency can vary if you take any speaker. There are mainly four types of individuals that come with any floor standing upright speakers. They are – Tweeters, Midrange drivers, Woofers, and Subwoofers.

Tweeters: These are comparatively small drivers that are usually present at the top of the lecturer.

They are responsible for producing distortion-free high-frequency Treble sound. They are entirely dedicated to high-frequency sounds.

Midrange drivers: These drivers specially meant for producing midrange frequency tone. the sounds that belong to this frequency are the vocals of the singer or the discussions in the movie that you are seeing.

Woofers: These drivers are accountable for the superior Bass response that is given by your speakers. These drivers produce low-frequency sound ranging from 50 Hertz to 1000 Hertz or higher.

Subwoofers: these drivers focus on Ultra-low-frequency noises between 20 Hz to 50 Hz. These car owners are responsible for the impact with the base.

Build: The develop is one of the most crucial factors to be considered while buying floor standing speakers.

The cabinet ought to be sturdy and antiresonant to ensure the cabinet doesn’t vibrate and cause distortion when the drivers are vibrating at larger volume sounds.

The color and feel of the cabinet also need to in such a color that words of flattery your decor.

FAQs on floor-standing speakers

Do I need a subwoofer with floor-standing people?

If you’re a bass sounds head, you may need it for frequencies below 35Hz. Just make sure to create its crossover frequencies properly so that the room doesn’t get boomy.

Are floor standing speakers better than bookshelf?

Normally, larger speakers have more variety than smaller ones, so a floor-standing upright speaker should sound better than a bookshelf speaker.

Am I Able To use floor-standing speakers for surround audio?

Yes, you can. The key here is arrangement and having a fundamental system that supports surrounds sound.

How to connect flooring stand speakers to a recipient?

The best way is to connect related ports: RCA to RCA, XLR to XLR and so on. You’ll need an adapter if there are no corresponding ports.

How to setup floor standing speakers?

The initial step is the arrangement. For a stereo set, place each speaker on either side of the front wall. Increase the distance between them for a wider stereo appear.

Wrapping up

While obtaining floor standing speakers, you have to consider your needs. For example, loudspeakers like Fluance Signature Sequence are great at bass.

A number of them are good at the treble component like Klipsch RP-260F and are great should you listen to treble-heavy music like classical songs.

You also need to think about the color of the speakers that suited your home setup and decor.

Wish you’ll make a wise decision whilst buying a good floor standing upright speakers under $1000.