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12 Best Speakers for Mac Mini in 2022 (Expert Picks)

The Mac Mini desktop computer is small and compact, with many impressive features. This is Apple’s smallest computer, but it offers nearly the same functions as other PCs. It can be difficult to find a speaker for Apple’s Mac Mini, as it doesn’t produce high-quality sound.

Wireless and Bluetooth speakers have become ubiquitous. There are many options for speakers, whether they be expensive, inexpensive, small or large. It can be difficult to choose from the many speakers available. Before you buy, make sure the speaker works with your Mac Mini.

What speakers are compatible with Mac Mini?

There are many options when it comes to compatible speakers for Mac Mini. Almost all battery- and powered-operated speakers will work with Mac Mini today, thanks to the wireless and physical connectivity features.

You can categorize these speakers into three categories: Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth speakers with 3.5mm or RCA inputs, Airplay2-enabled speakers, and Speakers with 3.5mm or RCA inputs.

Which speakers are best for Mac Mini?

KEiiD Bluetooth Computer Speakers 4.3SEE IT NOW
Logitech S120 2.0 4.4SEE IT NOW
Bose Companion 2 Series III4.6SEE IT NOW
Amazon Basics Computer Speakers4.3SEE IT NOW
Edifier R1280T4.7SEE IT NOW
Creative Pebble4.6SEE IT NOW
Sonos One (Gen 2) 4.6SEE IT NOW
Bose Home Speaker 3004.4SEE IT NOW
Denon Home 1504.3SEE IT NOW
Libratone Zipp4.1SEE IT NOW
Edifier S3000Pro 4.6SEE IT NOW
Edifier R980T 4.6SEE IT NOW

There are many speakers that will work with Mac Mini. To ensure that you get the best speaker possible, we review speakers based on their price, connectivity type, size, sound quality, as well as other features.

It is difficult to find a speaker or brand that will work best with Mac Mini. It would be unfair to choose one speaker or brand. Here are some suggestions to help you make your final decision.

1. KEiiD Computer Speakers – Best Overall


  • Wireless connectivity
  • 1-year warranty
  • Compact size
  • There are 3 options for EQ


  • Expensive

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The KEiiD Computer speaker with aluminum housing is a beautiful computer speaker. It has full-range sound and a stylish appearance. It can be used on both desktop and laptop computers. The KEiiD Computer speakers have three input options, unlike most speakers: Bluetooth, AUX and PC. This allows you to easily listen to music from other devices.

You can access everything with the unique touch controller on the speaker. The controller can be used to adjust volume, mute, or shift EQ and modes. The controller also includes a headphone jack and an additional AUX connector to connect your mp3 players or smartphones, CD players, and CD players.

The KEiiD Computer speakers with aluminum housing speakers are a compact system that provides more features than traditional speakers. The system comes with an integrated Bluetooth 5.0 receiver, which allows you to stream music. You can also reject and answer calls using the touch controller.

You also have the option to adjust the sound for streaming music, movies, or games using three EQ options – Movie, Game, and Music. This unit has everything you need in a speaker.

Why is this speaker the best for Mac Minis ?

KEiD Computer Speakers Bluetooth 5.0 Computer with Aluminum Housings, Speakers for Desktop, is undoubtedly the best speaker for Mac Mini 2022, as it comes with a brushed aluminum finish. It works well with both Mac and iPhone devices. It has a variety of EQ options and connectivity that makes it sound great.

2. Logitech S120 2.0 Stereo speakers – Budget Choice


  • Affordable
  • Compact design
  • Clear sound


  • Only one device per user

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Logitech stereo speakers are designed to give you the best sound quality when watching movies and listening to music. This is a basic wired speaker that has both left and right speakers. The speaker can be connected to a computer, laptop, or mobile device. It produces a loud sound that’s larger than its size, with a power rating of 4.4W. The Logitech S120 2.0 Stereo speakers have a solid sound and no distortion.

The speakers are easy to install. All you have to do is plug them into the wall socket. Connect it to the audio 3.5mm connector and you can start listening or watching music. The speaker has one limitation. Everything seems to work flawlessly.

The Logitech S120 2.0 Stereo speakers bring loudness and color to the sound. This speaker is an affordable option that offers simplicity, portability, and a low price. It is also compact and easy to carry.

3. Bose Companion Speakers – Runner Up


  • Good headphone jack.
  • Cheap
  • Powerful sound
  • Lightweight and small


  • No wireless connection
  • Short AUX cable
  • Muddy sound

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Although the Bose Companion is an older multimedia speaker, it still produces high-quality sound whether you are listening to music or watching videos. You might see some wires on the old Bose Companion speakers. This is a feature that is missing in newer speakers. You will need to connect the auxiliary cables to your computer or laptop and then use the power cord to power the speaker.

Recent quality tests have not been able to determine the audio quality. Despite being small speakers, you shouldn’t underestimate its power. It produces the loudest sound. Audio quality and loudness, however, are two different things. Bose Companion III Multimedia Speakers are the best choice if you need loudspeakers.

Bose Companion 2 Series sound speakers are lightweight, affordable, and powerful. The sound system can occasionally produce a muddy sound.

4. Amazon Basics Computer Speakers


  • Cheap
  • Simple design
  • Audio that is clear and balanced


  • Wireless connection is not available
  • High volume distortion

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The Amazon Basics Laptop Speaker or Desktop Speaker is a good choice if you are looking for a basic speaker or an upgrade to your laptop’s speaker. The speaker provides stereo sound and different channels for left and right. The voices are clear and easy to understand when watching videos or listening to podcasts.

You don’t need to install any driver or software on the speaker. The 3.5mm jack connector allows you to connect headphones to the speaker. You can adjust the volume and turn off the speaker by pressing the nub on the front. The volume control button also includes the on- and standby functions.

You will have to sacrifice some features in order to find a low-budget speaker. These speakers cannot perform miracles. Amazon Basic Computer Speakes, an affordable speaker, delivers average sound effects and meets its mission. You will need to spend a little more to get better speakers.

5. Edifier R1280T speakers – The Best-Looking Speakers For Mac Mini


  • Attractive design
  • All devices compatible
  • Remote control function


  • Very expensive
  • Bluetooth is not supported

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The Edifier R1280 T-powered bookshelf speaker is a great option for anyone looking for a versatile and affordable bookshelf speaker. You can connect any device with a 3.5mm output to the 2 AUX input. The 13mm silk dome speaker delivers high-quality sound.

Dual RCA inputs make it possible to connect multiple devices. You can see the active and passive speakers on the speaker. The speaker can be connected to your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or record player. The remote control is incredibly easy to use and allows you to adjust the volume, and control the bass and treble functions of the speaker.

The Edifier R1280 T-powered bookshelf speaker is a true masterpiece. It has a beautiful wood finish and will enhance the overall aesthetic of your home. It will compliment the decor of your home and the sound will entice your guests.

6. Creative Pebble Speakers


  • Elegant design
  • High-quality sound quality
  • This product is suitable for both home and business use


  • No wireless feature
  • Mini speakers are expensive

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Creative Pebble 2.0 USB-powered speaker is a compact speaker with a unique design. It features two upward-angled speakers and two spherical ones. The Creative Pebble speaker measures 3.9 feet in length and is wired, unlike wireless speakers.

The right-side speaker is connected to the AUX and USB power cables. It measures approximately 4ft in length. The speaker’s body features an LED power indicator and volume/power dial. Each speaker has two full-range drivers. They are each at 45deg. The speaker’s power output is rated at 4.4W and has a frequency range of 100Hz to 17kHz.

You can connect your computer and laptop with one USB cable. Enjoy hassle-free audio. Its modern and elegant design makes it suitable for any office or home.

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7. Sonos One (Gen 2) Smart Speaker


  • Alexa built-in function
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Attractive and compact design
  • Clear, detailed sound
  • Pairs multiple speakers


  • Bluetooth is not supported
  • Mini speakers are expensive
  • Not portable

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The Sonos One (Gen2) speaker is a smart wireless speaker that offers a variety of mouthwatering features and a beautiful design. The top panel contains touch-sensitive controls for controlling volume, playback, and Alexa. On the back of the speakers is a pairing button as well as an Ethernet port. The power input is also located at the bottom of the speaker.

The system is Wi-Fi-capable, so you don’t even need a physical audio connection. You can also stream music wirelessly using your smartphone, tablet, computer, or another Bluetooth-enabled device. The Sonos app also includes speaker functionality, allowing you to adjust various settings. It is compatible with many streaming services including Pandora, Apple Music, and Spotify. You can connect your streaming account to start listening to music through your speaker.

Amazon Alexa is built into the Sonos One (Gen2) speaker and allows you to control it using your voice. The speaker can also be integrated into a 5.1 home theatre system. The Sonos One speaker can be used to replace your old speaker. It has wired connectivity.

8. Bose Home Speaker 300- Best Bluetooth Speaker for Mac Mini


  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • SixSix selectable presets
  • Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are built-in
  • Compatible with many streaming services


  • It is not wall-mountable
  • Highly-priced

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Bose’s Home Speaker 300 is yet another speaker that packs a lot of features and performs superbly. Its attractive shape will compliment your home’s decor. The majority of the Bose Home Speaker 300 is covered in black aluminum while the rest of it is entirely made of aluminum.

A LED voice assistant indicator is located on the front panel. It informs you when the speaker is listening, thinking, answering or responding.

You can adjust the volume, activate the microphones, change the playback speed, and set the presets. The top panel features a touch-sensitive panel. The Bose Music App has additional settings for the Bose Home Speaker 300.

There are many connectivity options available, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It also supports Airplay2, which lets you connect wirelessly to your Mac Mini.

The music app works with streaming music services such as Spotify, Amazon Music, and Deezer. You can also control your speaker using the built-in Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa by speaking.

9. Denon Home 150 Wireless Speaker


  • Attractive design
  • Multiple connections
  • Mountable on walls
  • Compatible with Alexa devices
  • Compatible with many streaming services


  • Lacks Alexa feature
  • Not battery-powered

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The Denon Home 150 wireless speaker falls under the same category as Sonos One Gen 2 speakers and Bose Home300 speakers. This is one of the best wireless speakers that you can find on Amazon for a much lower price. It offers almost the same functions and features as the speakers for Mac Mini. It also offers streaming options.

Denon Home speakers have a square base with a height of 8.4 inches. High-quality acoustic fabric is used to cover the lateral sides. It also features a touch-sensitive control panel at the top.

You can mount the speaker on the wall by drilling a hole in the back. It also offers a variety of connection options including Bluetooth, AUX input, and USB ports.

These are all located on the speaker’s back, along with the power button. The Heos app is capable of performing simple adjustments and advanced setups. The Heos app works with many streaming platforms and internet radios such as iHeartRadio. TIDAL. Amazon Music. Deezer. Sirius XM. Pandora. Spotify.

The Denon Home Speaker is an excellent speaker that you should have in your office or home. It has unique features. This product is highly recommended if you have the budget. It offers wireless streaming, and HEOS technology and is compatible with many devices.

10. Libratone Zipp Smart Speaker


  • Connect to Spotify and Airplay2
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Fabric that can be removed
  • Long-lasting battery


  • Non-waterproof

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The Libratone Zip speaker is another smart speaker, featuring Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth connectivity. It also includes all the features of older speakers.

The speaker is protected by the removable fabric. It has a beautiful design and is very attractive to use. The control panel is simple and intuitive. It controls volume, playback, as well as other settings. The Libratone app is required for initial and Wi-Fi connection setup. The app also allows you to modify advanced settings.

At the back of the speaker are the power button, USB input, and AUX input as well as DC power input. The USB input can be used to charge your phone. The Libratone Zipp Wi-Fi Bluetooth Bluetooth Smart Speaker has an integrated battery and Bluetooth 4.0. The battery can provide uninterrupted playtime for up to 10 hours at moderate volume.

You will find many other features included with the speaker. It is worth checking them out. It is difficult to find a Wi-Fi-enabled speaker with both Spotify and Airplay support.

11. Premium Pick – Edifier S3000Pro speakers


  • Wireless connectivity
  • Remote control
  • Elegant design


  • It’s expensive but worth it.

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The Edifier S3000Pro Audiophile active speaker is our second-to-last review of speakers for Mac Mini. It is an exceptional product. The Edifier S3000Pro plug-in speaker system comes with wireless speakers.

This opens up more options for better audio setups. Cabernet wireless technology can be used to connect to any device up to 100m away. This improves the speaker’s quality and efficiency.

You can control the speaker wirelessly from far away with the included remote control.

The remote control allows you to adjust the volume and switch between presets or modes.

You can also control the speaker by pressing the button. Edifier S3000Pro speaker has a natural sound and powerful bass thanks to the 6.5-inch aluminum alloy base unit.

12. Edifier R980T 4” Speakers


  • Attractive design
  • High-quality sound quality


  • Bluetooth connectivity is not available
  • Sound distortion

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The Edifier R980T 4-inch Active Bookshelf Speaker provides powerful sound for your computer and desktop. The speaker features a 13mm tweeter and a 4-inch bass driver. There are also two RCA input options. The active speaker has a Master volume and bass control that will give you an amazing listening experience.

This speaker is a Mac Mini speaker that costs less than $100 and delivers a powerful sound.

The speaker has a 24W power output and a classic wood touch.

The speaker’s 100% wood construction helps reduce acoustic resonance while you listen to your music. We found that the speaker does not have as many features than its counterparts.

We recommend the EdifierR980T 4‘’ Active Bookshelf Speakers if you are looking for a simple speaker that doesn’t cost too much.


Sound and visuals are essential aspects of life. They are unavoidable for computers. There are many speakers on the Mac Mini market today, but which ones offer the best sound quality and visuals?

It is important to first consider your budget before you decide on the features that you need in a speaker. We have reviewed the best speakers for Mac Mini and included essential features every speaker should have. Our thorough research included a review of connectivity, price, build quality and sound quality. You have the perfect list of criteria to help you make an informed decision today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do the Mac Mini speakers work?

The speakers in the Mac Mini are not as good as you would like. So, people often choose to purchase Bluetooth speakers because the sound quality is better.

How can you connect Bluetooth speakers with a Mac Mini?

You can connect Bluetooth speakers to your Mac Mini. Bluetooth allows you to connect your Mac Mini with a Bluetooth speaker by simply plugging in headphones.

Is it worth the Mac Mini Speaker?

The Mac Mini speakers have a surprising amount of features. With their many features, such as wireless and Bluetooth connectivity and online streaming, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant, the Mac Mini speakers are well worth every penny. We believe that the Mac Mini speakers are well worth any price tag. These speakers can be used to lighten up any room without stereo.

Connecting speakers to a Mac Mini with

There are many ways to connect speakers with your Mac Mini. There are many options for connecting speakers to your Mac Mini. Bluetooth speakers can be connected to your Mac Mini via wireless Bluetooth technology. Connect your Mac Bluetooth via the System Preference settings and turn on the speaker Bluetooth. Before you can use the device, pair it first.

AirPlay uses Apple’s inbuilt technology to broadcast media via compatible devices. The Mac Mini must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the device.

Is it a good Mac Mini Speaker?

Although the Mac Mini speaker has an inbuilt speaker, it may not produce the best sound quality. To improve the sound quality of your Mac Mini speaker, you might consider other options. External speakers are recommended to achieve the best sound quality.

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