Best Subwoofers Under 500

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10 Best Powered Subwoofers Under $500 : Highend Subs for Home Theater

If you have a budget of $500 and are thinking about what this cash can get you concerning Best Subwoofers, you might be astonished to find the quality sound that you’re ready to encounter.

We’ve explored what the best subwoofers under $500 have to bring to the table and audited Best Subwoofers here. Thusly, the crucial step is dealt with.

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the Best Subwoofers Under $500 is, then we recommend the SVS PB-1000 Subwoofer as the best Value

Klipsch R-10SWi — Best Wireless Speaker

Basically have a perused the audit, purchasers guide, and FAQ to improve thought regarding which sort of sub would be best for your arrangement!

Best Subwoofers Under $500 In Our Top 10 Picks 

Definitive Technology BP9080x.4.8See It Now
Yamaha 8″ 100W Powered Subwoofer.4.7See It Now
Polk Sound HTS 12 4.6See It Now
Polk Audio PSW5054.2See It Now
Klipsch R-10SWi 4.7See It Now
Audioengine S84.6See It Now
Cerwin-Vega XLS-12S3.9See It Now
Alpine Electronics PWE-S84.4See It Now
Rel Acoustics T/Zero4.3See It Now
ELAC Debut 2.0 SUB30104.6See It Now

Let’s Look right into a comprehensive testimonial of the most effective speaker under 500 dollars

1. SVS PB-1000 Subwoofer


DESIGN– This sub is available in an amazing black color that looks awesome as a part of modern-day design. It additionally weighs 46 lbs that makes it much easier to move around and also establish.
CONNECTION– There are a range of inputs readily available at the back of this speaker. This makes connecting it up a whole lot simpler.

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One size offered:

The motorist that has been fitted to this subwoofer is a total of 10″ in size. We liked just how it has actually been carried out with a high adventure attribute too.

It’s able to provide you keeping that deep wall-shaking bass that you may have been searching for. However, were thrilled with exactly how this sub takes care of to supply extremely loud and deep bass sounds without compromising on the top quality.

Due to the driver, you have the ability to hear all of the smaller noise details together with the low-frequency bass.

Therefore, this could be a great option if you were looking for a speaker to carry out into your house movie theater system.

Watts & Amp

When the subwoofer is operating at an extra continuous rate, it’s able to create up to 300 watts of power. However, when it’s operating at its optimum capability, it can supply you with an overall of over 700 watts.

So, it’s rather powerful. In addition to, a Sledge STA-3000 DSP amplifier has actually been fitted too.

This amp functions extremely well to assist the chauffeur create a sound that stays regular. It’s additionally one of the functions that allows the subwoofer to allow you to pay attention to sounds that are really specific.


If you were fretted about any distortion when it involves this speaker, it should not be a huge issue.

This is since the cupboard that has actually been fitted inside the sub has actually been engineered in a very specific way. Consequently, it’s able to prevent being vibrated, also when you have the volume showed up high.

As a result, any kind of rattling or vibrational noises are kept to a minimum. This is a wonderful way to enhance your movie-watching experience and also make it much more immersive.


  • Distortion & vibration-free
  • 700 watts readily available
  • Top notch vehicle driver


  • Some were expecting it to be louder
  • Larger than some would certainly choose

See It Now

2. Yamaha 8″ 100W Powered Subwoofer

  • POWER– There’s an overall of 100watts of vibrant power offered with this sub. This is rather excellent considering it’s just 8″ and also much more compact in size.
  • SOUND– Individuals have actually been liking exactly how the noise isn’t directional. For that reason, it doesn’t remove from any other audio speakers you already have.

Choices available:

  • Subwoofer with 15 foot cord
  • Speaker with 8 foot cable television
  • Speaker by itself

Limited Bass

One of the biggest advantages that individuals have been talking about when it comes to this Yamaha subwoofer is exactly how limited the bass seems.

This largely boils down to exactly how they’ve executed a distinct twisted flare style while making the port. The special port functions properly to enable more air to stream throughout the port.

Lots of various other speakers include more conventional ports that can trigger the air to end up being unstable. Therefore, it can lead to added noise as well as distract you from the listening experience.

However, with this subwoofer, you have the ability to listen to the lower frequency bass appears with total clearness. Any other sounds are decreased as a result of the boosted air flow.

Users have actually been pointing out just how this tight bass feature is amazing when it comes to watching motion pictures. It enables you to hear every one of the audio impacts in clarity.

Yamaha Technology

In order to provide you with low frequency appears that are precise and also of better, this below has been fitted with distinct Yamaha Advanced YST ll innovation.

This is an exceptional technological growth that unites the negative resistance and continuous present elements with each other. While doing to, the cone within the speaker is supplied with the possibility to essence noise a lot more properly.

Therefore, you the linearity of the soundwaves is enhanced. This produces a more regular sounding subwoofer that can get you entirely submersed in viewing flicks.


On the front of this speaker, Yamaha has utilized a somewhat rounded attribute with an angle. This offers the below with a distinct visual charm that looks extremely sleek.

The all-black color pattern also adds to the visual of this subwoofer. For that reason, you can feel great in understanding that it will look incredible in your home.


Tight bass
Sleek style


No cutoff regularity control
Just one input RCA jack


See It Now

3. Polk Sound HTS 12 — Powered Speaker

  • STYLE– The curved sides that are offered with this below offer it with an excellent aesthetic appeal. It looks amazing in all modern-day living-room.
  • EASE OF USE– We were pleased to locate that this sub features plenty of controls. Additionally, integrating it into your house movie theater system is a wind because of the universal inputs.

Sizes offered:

Control & Compatibility

Users have actually been discussing exactly how impressed they’ve been to discover how simple it is to regulate this subwoofer. That can be a huge issue for someone seeking to set up sub for the first time.

There are control available that give you with the ability to alter the low pass filter, quantity, and phasing. Consequently, you can feel confident in having the ability to have total control over just how you wish to hear noises.

An automated on/off attribute can be made use of too. This can help you to minimize wasting power. Furthermore, the subwoofer is extremely compatible.

It includes a variety of reduced pass disabled, unfiltered, as well as stereo line-level RCA inputs. As a result, you can be sure to hook up this subwoofer to all residence cinema systems that are available.

Bass & Driver

If you’re seeking to enhance just how home movie theater experience, including this speaker to the collection could be an amazing concept. It additionally functions excellent to allow you listen to music also.

The larger option is readily available in 12″ and provides you with the chance to pay attention to exceptionally deep bass seems at a high volume. So, you’re able to improve your movie-watching experience.

Along with this, they’ve fitted the sub with an excellent dynamic equilibrium chauffeur. It has a front-firing feature which enables you to hear bass appears that come straight at you.

This dynamic balance chauffeur is likewise reliable at ensuring that the low-frequency appears that it can create are clear to listen to. Consequently, there’s a decreased amount of distortion to ensure that you have the ability to have a better paying attention experience.

Port Technology

The port that’s consisted of with the speaker has an outstanding down-firing system. Therefore, it’s able to deliver the air around itself as well as guarantee that it lugs the audio to anywhere you’re sitting in the area.

It handles to achieve this while keeping the disturbance down to a minimum. The noise that the port makes it additionally non-existent.

Fascinated to check out option of this, Take a look at: Polk Audio PSW10 Review


Clear bass
Lots of controls
Universal compatibility
Terrific contemporary design


Automobile on attribute doesn’t function so well constantly


See It Now

4. Polk Audio PSW505

  • GRILLE– The front grille has a removable attribute that gives you with more personalized options when setting the speaker up.
  • EXACT AUDIOS– We liked just how precise the noises are able to be when you’re resting and also enjoying movies. It makes the experience extra immersive.

Options available:
Speaker on its own
Speaker with cable

Audio Quality

The Polk Audio PSW505 has been applied with very technological functions that work to avoid any one of the sound issues that occur from various other networks.

When you set up a below with various other audio speakers, it can in some cases lead to all the various audios and also frequencies disrupting each other. Therefore, it can diminish the sound high quality.

Well, this isn’t something that you require to stress over when it involves this subwoofer. It functions extremely well to boost the 3 dimensional noise in your space while maintaining the high quality.

Additionally, the products that have been utilized to create the below are fantastic. They help the low-frequency bass seems to be a lot more sensible, which is great for watching movies.

Controls & Integration

Individuals have actually been pleased to discover that this speaker includes a variety of controls. You have the ability to modify the voice channel and isolate it.

This feature is outstanding when it comes to seeing TV or motion pictures where the discussion appears to be less than the remainder of the audio impacts. It allows you to plainly hear what’s being stated, while likewise experiencing the loud bass noises.

Along with this, you can be certain to conveniently integrate this sub with the remainder of your sound system. Whether it be for music or films, you’re able to link it without excessive inconvenience.


The power that’s available with this speaker is wonderful. It’s able to operate at as much as 460 watts, which gives you with a lot of power.

With this much power available, you’re able to turn the volume up to super-high levels. Nevertheless, this sub does not compromise on the audio quality. You have the ability to make the most of the power available to listen to music and also watch flicks and also listen to the deep bass appears without distortion.


460 watts of power
Easy to integrate
Accurate bass sounds


Amp could be extra resilient
Vehicle on/off feature does not work so well


See It Now

5. Klipsch R-10SWi — Best Wireless Speaker

  • GRILLE– The grille is extremely strong and resilient. You’re likewise able to remove it to have even more individualized attributes.
  • FRONT-FIRING– This sub has a front-firing attribute which permits you to pay attention to low-frequency sounds that come straight towards you.
  • BUILDING AND CONSTRUCTION– With MDF materials, the closet with this below is very durable.

One size readily available;


We were impressed to discover that this speaker has actually been made with cordless layout. This is a major benefit for many people who are seeking to incorporate a subwoofer right into their stereo.

It supplies you with the liberty to move it around any place you like. As well as, it’s likewise just 10″ in dimension. For that reason, you can slot it into different locations in your room to keep it off the beaten track as well as conserve area.

The 2.4 GHz regularity that’s offered with this sub is great. It works effectively to block out any other signals that might create disturbance.

Individuals have actually likewise resembled exactly how very easy it is to set it up. There’s a transmitter that’s already combined. All you need to do it link both with each other by turning them on.

Audio High quality

This woofer has been injected with a molded graphite compound. This is a remarkable function that gives the below with its rigidness.

As a result, you can be sure that it will continue to be strong and durable. The injection aspect includes stability without causing the subwoofer to become also heavy.

As a result of the rigidity features, you have the ability to listen to the lower frequency sounds while avoiding the cone from separating quickly.

There are some lower-end subwoofers that aren’t as durable and cause the cone to break up. This can result in a distortion in the audio. With this sub, you won’t have to bother with distortion.

This is especially because the amplifier that they’ve consisted of is of a high-quality. It operates on an entirely digital system and functions well to let you pay attention to audios in the truest kind.

Crossover Control

One of the main reasons regarding why this speaker works so well as part of a sound system is due to its crossover control.

You’re able to mix the reduced frequency sounds of the subwoofer with the other audio results that are originating from the rest of the audio speakers.

We discovered this to be an exceptional attribute that improves the movie-watching as well as music-listening experience.


Fantastic crossover control
Reduced distortion


Enclosure sides are a little rough
Changing inputs can trigger thumping audios


See It Now

6. Audioengine S8

  • CAR SLEEP– The auto-sleep mode that’s included is superb for helping you to save power. When the below hasn’t had any kind of interaction for some time, it automatically shuts off.
  • COMPATIBILITY– This below can work well with a border sound system, audio speakers, laptops, TELEVISION’s, and also computer game gaming consoles.

Options readily available:

  • Black
  • White

Tight Bass

The woofer that has actually been fitted into this subwoofer has been made specifically for house cinemas. That’s why the speakers have been created utilizing top notch rubber products.

This is excellent for making sure that the sound you listen to is very accurate. We were additionally impressed with exactly how the sub has both front-firing and also down-firing features offered.

As a result, you have the ability to hear the sound promptly as it travels directly towards you, while likewise loading the space. This can create a fantastic cinematic experience.

Even when you transform the volume out extremely loud, you have the ability to avoid any annoying distortion noises.

Set Up & Design

There are plenty of inputs readily available at the back of the subwoofer that allows you to attach the remainder of your stereo without any hassle.

We suched as just how they’ve created this one with a small layout. Being just 8″ in dimension offers you with the capability to establish it up conveniently as well as off the beaten track to save space.

It’s also readily available in white or black. Therefore, you can be sure to choose the shade that matches your contemporary room the best.


We liked just how this subwoofer has a variety of inputs, buttons, as well as switches offered on the rear.

This offers you with the capacity to have overall control over your below. Being able to manage the audio and also numerous attributes that come with a subwoofer is something that many people worry about.

With this one, you can locate a switch for phasing, an on/off switch, volume control, and also crossover control.

The crossover control is particularly valuable when it comes to executing the speaker to the remainder of your sound system. It makes sure that you’re able to level out the radio frequencies together with the sounds that are originating from the other speakers.


Easy installation
Tight bass
Fantastic controls readily available
Modern style


May need some tweaking when used with audio speakers
Can be susceptible to overheating sometimes


See It Now

7. Cerwin-Vega XLS-12S — Front Shooting Powered Speaker

  • CONSTRUCTION– They have actually made use of a heavy-duty cast framework to construct this sub. As a result, you can be certain that it will certainly last you for a long time.
  • COMBINATION– This sub can be used well with other speakers due to the crossover manages that are included.

One choice available:


We liked just how this subwoofer has been made with a front-firing design. This enables you to watch movies and listen to music with the sound traveling directly towards you.

As a result, subwoofer can enhance your music-listening and movie-watching experience. Since it has a front-firing feature, we recommend that you set this one up directly in front of the main space where you’re going to be sitting.

If you were to place this subwoofer in a corner, the sound wouldn’t be able to reach you as well.

You’re able to hear incredibly low-frequency sounds that can go all the way down to 38Hz. Therefore, you can feel confident in knowing that this sub will let you listen to the lower bass sounds at high volumes.

Power & Crossover

Are you looking for a subwoofer to set up in your home theater system, or along with other speakers?

If so, you’re going to need to find a sub that has good crossover features. We were pleased to find that this subwoofer provides you with the opportunity to alter the crossover level.

As a result, you’re able to manage the bass and balance it out with the sounds that are coming from your other speakers. This way, the bass never feels overpowering and you’re able to have a listening experience with more clarity.

It’s also powered by 250 watts when it’s being run at a continuous rate.


The black ash design that has been used for the enclosure looks fantastic. It enables the subwoofer to look more stylish which means that you can be sure to fit it into your modern living room.

At the size of 12″, you can also easily slot this subwoofer into a good spot there it looks great and provides you with the best sound possible.


Sleek design
Crossover controls available


Amp could be more durable


See It Now

8. Alpine Electronics PWE-S8

  • INTEGRATION– There are plenty of inputs available on the side of the panel that make connecting it up super easy.
  • SIZE– The smaller size of this sub means that you can install it discreetly in your living room. It can also be great for going under seats in trucks.

One option available:


This subwoofer measures in at just 8″ in size. So, if you were looking for a smaller underseat subwoofer that you could tuck away, this one could be a great option to consider. It helps you to save on space while improving your surround sound system.

The enclosure has been made with a high grade cast aluminum material. Therefore, you can be sure that this subwoofer is super strong and durable to last you for a long time.

With the all black design that has been used, this sub can be a great addition to most rooms. This is especially the case with modern living rooms as it has a sleek rounded-edge design.

Power & Bass

We liked how this sub can provide you with a total of 120 watts at a continuous rate. This is pretty impressive when you consider how compact it is.

While operating at 120 watts, the sub can provide you with some fantastic bass sounds. It can reach extremely low frequencies of between 32 and 150Hz.

So, you can feel confident in knowing that it will help to boost the bass sounds when used with other speakers. It’s able to produce deep bass sounds with plenty of clarity as well.

The distortion that’s available with this sub has been kept to a minimum. This is large as a result of the high-quality enclosure and cabinet that are free from vibration.


People have been pleased to discover that this subwoofer comes with a range of controls. These include controls for the gain, phase, and crossover.

A remote has been included which makes changing the various settings a breeze. Users have mentioned how they love being able to have complete control over the sub.

This is especially the case when it comes to the crossover control. It allows you to combine the lower frequency sounds with the other sounds that are coming from your sound system.


Compact design
Crossover controls available
Loud bass sounds


Some would prefer if mounting brackets were included
Bass levels may need adjusting when listening to music


See It Now


9. Rel Acoustics T/Zero — Down-Firing Subwoofer

  • POWER– This small subwoofer is powered by 100 watts of energy that produces a surprisingly loud bass sound.
  • MONITORS– Users have mentioned how this sub connects and operates very well with monitor speakers.

Options available:

Both 6.5″

Sound Quality

We liked how this subwoofer has been fitted with highly technological features that enable it to play low-frequency sounds at a remarkably high quality.

The bass that you’re able to hear from this sub is very accurate. Therefore, it’s an excellent choice when it comes to watching movies.

People have been mentioning how they’re impressed with the amplifiers. They’re incredibly reliable and ensure that you’re able to have an excellent listening experience for years to come.

It has a down-firing design which makes it a great choice if you were looking for a sub to go in the corner of your room. This is because it works effectively to evenly distribute the sound across the space that you’re in.


How easy is this sub to integrate?

We were pleased to find that installing this subwoofer is very easy. Not only is it easy, it also has a range of integration choices that make it more versatile.

It works well with most home theater systems due to all of the different ports that are available. The connection wires are also pretty lengthy.

Therefore, you won’t need to worry about struggling with shuffling things around to get the sub close enough to certain connections.

We found that when you use this subwoofer on its own, it works best in areas that are between 100 and 200 square feet. However, if you were to use 2 of these subs, you could use them to provide great sound to rooms that are up to 400 square feet.

There’s no assembly required either. You can simply follow the instructions and have the sub set up and ready to use in no time.


You can purchase this subwoofer in either a black or white color. So, you’re provided with a couple of different options to ensure that you can pick the one that fits your room the best.

The corners of the subwoofer are right-angled and have a sleek finish to them. Furthermore, they have small stands underneath that keep them slightly elevated as it’s a down-firing sub.


Easy to integrate
Sleek design
High-quality bass sounds


Users haven’t mentioned any downsides to this subwoofer!


See It Now

10. ELAC Debut 2.0 SUB3010 — 400 Watt Powered Subwoofer

  • WOOFER– The high excursion woofer is effective at enabling you to have that chest-pounding bass experience while watching movies and listening to music.
  • SOUND– This sub works remarkably well with other speakers. It blends all of the sounds together for smooth sounding bass.

Options available:
Subwoofer with B6.2 bookshelf speaker set
Subwoofer with C6.2 center speaker set
Subwoofer on its own


The Bluetooth function that has been implemented to this subwoofer is fantastic for enhancing the user experience.

It allows you to connect the subwoofer to your Android and iOS devices wirelessly. As a result, you’re able to have total control over the sub from your smartphone.

This can be achieved by simply downloading the app. If you decide to use multiple subwoofers, you’ll be able to control them all by using the app on your phone.


The continuous amount of power that’s available with this sub is 200 watts. However, when you are using it to its peak potential, it can go up to 400 watts.

This power has been combined with a high-quality BASH amplifier. This amplifier is reliable and lets you use it for years.

People have been impressed to find just how powerful this small subwoofer is. The bass that it’s able to produce is pretty impressive, especially when you consider its more compact size.

Users have mentioned how it works to fill large rooms with high-quality bass sounds.

Integration & Design

This subwoofer can be used as an excellent addition to a sound system that you may already have set up. It has been made to work along with the renowned Dolby Atmos system, which can allow you to experience sound on a whole new level.

At just 10″ in size, this subwoofer may be an excellent option for people who don’t want to take up too much space. You can easily slot this sub into a corner or somewhere next to the TV too.

The all black color and square design also looks fantastic. Therefore, you can have it as part of your living room and not have it stand out too much.


Bluetooth enables
Great compact size
Awesome low-frequency sounds


Some have issues with the firmware update


See It Now


Purchasers Guide on the most effective Subwoofers Under $500.


If you have an interest in getting a speaker, you might be questioning even more about the numerous elements to take into consideration.

If so, you’ll intend to take a look at our customers lead area listed below. We have actually consisted of more information surrounding the different functions that you need to learn about as well as look out for.

There are quite a few various things to take into consideration and also it can promptly end up being confusing, specifically if you’re uncertain what to be seeking.

To obtain a much better understanding of speakers prior to you proceed and also choose one on your own, have actually a checked out this buyers guide. if you have higher budget plan after that you can examine speaker upto $1000 for better as well as sophisticated results.


The frequency that a speaker produces is determined in Hertz. If you currently have a sound system set up without a speaker, they are not likely to be able to offer you with real bass audios.

This is because the have not been built to produce frequencies that can go that low. To get that rumbling bass sound that you listen to and also feel in the cinema, you’ll need a subwoofer.

Belows have the ability to create reduced frequency audios, which is what is accountable for making you absolutely feel the deeper audios.

Nonetheless, having a subwoofer that plays incredibly low frequencies will not instantly make the experience better. You require to be sure that you integrate the deeper bass appears with the rest of your speakers for a much smoother seeming experience.

Subwoofers that are in the $500 cost variety are typically able to offer you with a quite wide regularity range that’s in between 25 and also 200 Hertz.


Even if a subwoofer has even more power available, it doesn’t necessarily imply that it will be able to generate louder appears.

Having an extra effective below will more than likely help towards louder bass, although, the power of your speaker has even more to do with the power level.

When it involves belows under $500, you’re generally able to utilize between 100 as well as 400 watts of power.

These type of subs are able to produce a higher quality of audio contrasted to the less expensive choices that just have 50 watts at their disposal.

When you see a speaker that discusses 2 various power levels, they normally mean two various things.

Among them is the continual rate at which the sub is able to produce wattage and also audio. This is generally lower than its maximum result, which is the various other number that you might see.

The higher worth is to do with the optimum amount of wattage that a subwoofer has the ability to generate. However, this is not its constant power, it describes its peak power.

Visit this site to get even more understanding about the ideal 15 inch subwoofer for automobile and residence songs.


The cone is just one of one of the most vital aspects of a speaker. It involves moving the reaction of the noise to an input audio signal.

This after that triggers air to be pushed out and also take a trip in the direction of you as well as around the space to allow you hear sound. Cones that remain in belows have to work a great deal harder due to the fact that the lower regularity noises take longer to be pushed out.

As a result, the cone requires to be able to push out a lot of air and also allow you to listen to the deeper bass audios.

A bigger cone might not necessarily suggest far better noise. Depending upon how it’s made, it can result in more vibration and also distortion. But with a premium cone in a bigger subwoofer, you’ll have the ability to experience deeper roaring bass sounds with marginal distortion.


That brings us to our last factor– dimension.

As far as subwoofers are worried, there’s a common false impression that smaller ones can not produce audios at the exact same top quality at larger ones.

Larger belows can still be outstanding, supplied that they’ve been developed appropriately. Considering that the cone and also cupboard is bigger, it implies that there’s a higher threat of vibration occurring.

If the producers haven’t paid very close attention to making these functions inflexible enough to prevent resonance, it can lead to some audio distortion.

Smaller sized speakers can additionally still create some distortion if the internals aren’t stiff, however it would not be as disruptive contrasted to the larger ones.

If you have a smaller sized area or do not desire your subwoofer to stand apart too much, a smaller sized on, that’s 10 or 8″ may be better.

Nonetheless, if you have an interest in the bigger ones that you can make use of for larger spaces, you may be extra interested in the ones that are 15 or 18″ in size.

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FAQ of Best Subwoofers Under $500.

What do you need to set up a subwoofer?

Setting up a subwoofer indicates that you’ll require to have an audio receiver. These audio receivers are usually currently a part of lots of border systems that many people currently have actually established.

Generally, an RCA cable television is used to attach the subwoofer to the receiver. Nonetheless, there are likewise an increasing number of wireless alternatives being made nowadays also.

What’s the Best Subwoofers for a 7.1 surround stereo?

If you have a 7.1 surround stereo, you’re going to require a subwoofer that’s pretty effective. This is due to the fact that 7.1 surround audio covers high and mid-frequency noises.

For that reason, having an effective sufficient subwoofer will aid you to accomplish a much better balance of low, mid, as well as high frequencies for a boosted cinematic experience.

It prevails for many individuals with 7.1 surround sound systems to implement 2 or even more speakers, especially if they’re in an especially bigger room.


That brings our evaluation of the leading subs under 500 bucks to an end. Ensure to consider the major aspects of each option in this evaluation which it can be incorporated well right into your setup.

With any luck, we’ve opened up your eyes to what being on a budget plan and also looking for high-quality speakers can obtain you.

The very best subwoofers under $500 might have a whole lot more zest than you might have realized.

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