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Monoprice Monolith M1060 Review (Planar Magnetic Headphones)

Monolith M1060 headphone is a perfect sounding planar magnetic over-ear headphone. The best part in regards to the headphone is the drivers. With large drivers, the sound quality resonates and is quite clear.

The headphone has available back design and that helps make the headphone a tad stylish if you compare it with other models in this range.

Monolith M1060 planar headphone can give you an extensive audiophile experience. The earphone provides a holographic listening experience and that makes it quite widely used in its league. The earphone offers a fuller sound quality due to the fact magnetic reach and occurrence are great.

Music lovers depend on par performance and fantastic sound quality. You can get both the issues with this awesome headphone. Its complete value for money as it does what it says. Most people protest about connectivity problems with opened design and over ear headset.

This is not the case with Monolith M1060 headphone. Along with excellent sound quality, the connectivity with the headphone is also great. The headphone has a low power requirement and that is an added feature of the headphone.

Monolith M1060 headphone is an ideal headphone for those music fanatics. It’s an incredible choice for music and stylish looks.

Monoprice Monolith M1060 Review 

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Who is it for and may you buy it?

Monolith M1060 headphone is certainly in your case if in-height music sounds and mp3 quality matter to you. It’s not only perfect for your audio listening but also for your business needs. As the connectivity with the headphone is great, your expertise in the headphone will also be fantastic.

You can also use the headphone for game playing. The sound is clear and this also only enhances your songs experience. With its multifunctional advantages, the headphone is perfect for you. The planar drivers in the headphone give you perfect seem every time you use the headphone.

If comfort matters to you, then Monolith M1060 headphone really should be your choice. Most headset are not that great in comfort because of the ear glass designs. But, this headphone scores big in comfort and ease too. You can buy it for any super comfort it offers, because the ear cup designs are soft and big.

If you need you to listen to your playlist for hours on end, there will not be an issue. If you wear it for long many hours, in fact, it is designed so that you won’t feel almost any pressure or any kind of discomfort even. The performance in the headphone is simply great and you can now buy it for all the amazing functions it offers.

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Key Features

There are many great features of Monolith M1060; let us look at some of the important features.

  • The Monolith M1060 planar headphone features a 106mm planar driver technology that resonates an exhaustive aural landscape and resolves all of the sonic details from the very best recordings.


  • The headphone gives stunning imaging, squat distortion, and flawlessly balanced appear to give you a true audiophile hearing experience.
  • Monolith M1060 planar headphone has an open-back design to provide a holographic listening experience. The separated experience may be missing but this sound is good.
  • The Monolith M1060 headphone continues to be engineered to be comfy for longer listening sessions.
  • The headphone features comfy ear padding made of faux leather. The padded headband is designed to help keep you at ease as you listen.
  • The Monolith M1060 is an wide open-end headphone and that makes it popular as compared to other headphones that are available.
  • The Transducer Type of the headphone is Planar Magnetic.
  • It helps the Neodymium magnet basic and that makes a difference in the over-all quality of the headphone.
  • The Maximum Electrical power Handling of Monolith M1060 headphone is 10W (for 200ms).
  • The frequency response in the headphone is pretty good at 10Hz ~ 50kHz.
  • The Monolith M1060 headphone does not involve any kind of battery. So, you don’t need to bother about charging and replacing
    battery of the headphone.
  • The headset has a Linear Symmetry Magnets magnetic structure and is great in performance.
  • The distortion power of the headphone is also different as compared to other headsets that are available. Monolith M1060 headset has a total Harmonic Distortion of Less than 1Percent at 1mW; 1kHz.
  • The open style headphone offers a clear sound and that is the key highlight of this headphone. Seem clarity is not only clear however you can hear the effect of each frequency and base.
  • The earphone requires a low power and that makes it superior as compared to other brands that are available.
  • The associations are good and there is no these types of problem in connectivity of the headphone.
  • It can be bulky or substantial if you need to use it on a regular basis.


Monolith M1060 More than Ear Planar Magnetic Headset – Black/Real wood with 106mm Driver, Available Back Design, Comfort Ears Pads for Studio/Professional

Planar Drivers: Not your typical headphone person! A planar magnetic driver is a flat membrane that is certainly surrounded by magnets.

When recent is delivered, the membrane layer produces sound that has lessen distortion, better bass, and pinpoint imaging that is usually not found in your typical headphone driver. The size of the driver inside the Monolith M1060 is 106mm.

Open Back Design: In lieu of an “inside your travel” isolated experience that traditional closed-backside headphones provide, open-back headphones provide a holographic listening experience.

Comfort & Fit

In the ease and comfort department, the headphone standing full marks. It’s the earliest open headphone that is excellent in comfort and looks both. The headband perfectly remains in the place and there is no clamping at all. If you listen to music and songs for hours, the ear cups are relaxed and soft, so there no pressure on your ears even.

The only thing that is the opposite of it is its weight. This really is quite heavy in bodyweight but not so bad in fit, as compared to other styles. Overall, you can wear it for hours without complaining. The match is ideal for all the head measurements as well.

Noise Cancellation

Monolith M1060 planar headphone is just the best for your music encounter. But, it does not have the noise canceling feature. The open back design of the headphone is indeed stylish however it does not really serve the purpose of noise canceling. No doubt, the audio quality of the headphone is awesome, but still, you can hear voices from a different frequency.

It also misses over the isolation feature. The headphone uses sound technology like no other, so you don’t need to worry about this feature. It’s continue to a great choice for your audio listening. You can certainly utilize this headphone while traveling too.

Style & Build

The earphone features enormous ear glasses and that is the highlight in this headphone. The ear mugs are not only great in comfort but it provides an added padding to your ears. It’s weighty if you compare it along with other headphones that are available in this assortment. But, its also durable if you need it for your regular use.

The extra padded design of the headphone is also good. It’s sturdy and it’s ideal for the price. The design of the headset is also stylish. You can indeed flaunt this headphone in style. There is no issue of readjustment or connectivity with the earphone too.

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106 mm Planar Magnetic Drivers

The planar magnetic drivers housed inside of each ear cup are significantly larger than other likewise-priced open-back headphones. Does the additional size add to the weight or make your music sound far better?

Planar magnetic drivers are known for producing well-balanced audio playback that’s extremely hard to reproduce working with dynamic or other driver forms. They do add a few more ounces to the overall wearing body weight but the effect they have on your audio definitely makes it worth it.

Due to the drivers that are almost twice as big as the HIMALAYAN HE 400i – you will get much more depth and a more expansive overall soundscape. The easy-going sound quality made potential by the 106 mm planar magnetic drivers makes these easily one of the best reference headsets in this price range. Read the area below to see more details on the way they actually sound!

Performance And Sound Quality

Planar headphones are specially designed for great sound. This headphone is no different and also it offers amazing sound quality on account of the technology it uses. Actually, you can expect complete wideness and airy sound quality without any type of discomfort.

The bass lower headphone is quite good. There is not any problem with the mid-range and high range too. The frequency of low selection, however, depends on the place you may be listening to. The best part about the Monolith M1060 planar headphone is that there is no audible distortion of any kind. The performance is not only smooth but also great.

Battery Life

The headset has a wired connectivity so there is no need for a battery. The batteries are not included with Monolith M1060 planar headphone. The headphone does not come with the rechargeable battery too. The connectivity of the headphone is very good. The headphone offers a great music experience with the sound quality it offers.

You can pay attention to music or play game titles at a stretch without the need to replace the battery. There are different cords available for your needs. You can choose the best option and use it according to your convenience. It’s quite popular for this feature as well.


  • The sound quality of the headphone is amazing.
  • The price of the headset is good.
  • It includes all the fundamental connections.
  • It requires low electrical power.
  • It’s great in convenience and fit.


  • No noise-canceling characteristic.
  • It’s an open ear headphone
  • Is heavy compared to other headphones.
  • The look is not too stylish.
  • The carrying instance can be better.

Sonic Results – How Do They Tone?

Even though planar magnetic earphones come with the expectation of your even-keeled and well-balanced sound profile – there are negligible differences from headphone to headphone. For example, some cans focus on producing an extra-crisp and very clear treble. Others have a tougher focus on the low-end frequencies that are often forgotten by open-backside cans. If any, which frequencies do the M1060 favor?

Right away, you’ll notice that the seem profile here is fairly neutral across the board. They are effortlessly able to handle a wide range of genres (while they do excel in genres which has a low-end stress). This isn’t to say that the bass response is overpowering in any way, but there are more noticeable depth and precision within the low end.

Very low End

It isn’t really common to be blown away by the lower-end bass reply of most open headphones (no matter what driver type). The bass response is even more impressive, as a pair of planar magnetic cans. While it does remain fairly neutral, there is a significant amount of extension and depth.

Although it is noticeably extended, the lows never venture into getting overpowering or distorted. You could potentially compare the way they handle cheaper frequencies to the Philips Fidelio X2. Even though they are fairly similar in this regard, the X2 has a slightly more detailed and crisp bass response.

Middle of the Range

In the mid-range, there is a somewhat hot and fuzzy (like a cover) tonal quality. The mids are comfortably warm and laid back and, at times, have an almost subdued presence. The vocal clarity is very in depth and light. How do they highs sound?

High End

In the higher range, highs have relatively clean detail separation and then there are no audible sibilance peaks. They are very nimble and remain well-balanced across a wide range of headset testing tracks.

As we briefly mentioned in the first area, there are thin pads between the grill and drivers. You may notice a very somewhat reduced high end, depending on your own taste (and how detailed that suits you your treble to audio).

Some people choose to remove the foam pads in order to get more aspect in the upper range. Once again, performing your own modifications isn’t totally necessary. If you opt for cleaner highs – removing them is just one way you can open up them up a little bit more, (We wouldn’t recommend trying to revise them unless you know what you are doing.) They sound fantastic with or without the pads interior each ear cup but.

Should you feel they need a more detailed treble, you might want to try removing the foam, although they sound great out of the box. In the past, some people have described hearing a strange ringing edge at larger frequencies (around 5 kHz). This issue has since been resolved and usually tends to develop on defective models that have been released in the first influx of original models.

Soundstage & Imaging

The M1060 are significantly more open than most open cans which add even more precision and deepness to their deep and ample bass response. Their soundscape is significantly wider than the Sennheiser Hi-def 600 (which are known for having a somewhat narrow and condensed quality).

Over-all, the imaging accuracy is above-average however, not as laser-concentrated as you might like it to be. Exceptionally detailed center imaging is slightly lacking and what you get instead is more in-depth left, right, and accuracy and precision from behind you.

Depth Separation & Pairing Using A DAC/Amp

The amount of detail separation is audibly more elevated than usual, but not quite as spacious as other people. In the upper and lower selection, there is a good amount of detail separation but the bass reply is still the main focal point. They aren’t v-molded by any means and for the most part, keep on being fairly neutral and smooth.

In order to bring out each of the features mentioned above, it’s recommended that you match these with a quality DAC/amp. We advise trying the Audioquest Dragonfly Red or another DAC/amp that can easily generate most open headphones.

Would You Describe Their Overall Tone Signature?

If we had to summarize the overall sonic performance and sound trademark of these cans, here’s our very best shot: Their easy-going playback almost feels as though a cushion of music wrapping a warm quilt around your ears. (With a little luck, that makes sense.)

What we signify by that is that you won’t experience any listening tiredness AT ALL – even after a few hours of critical/typical listening. The fuzzy and warmer (like a blanket) tonal quality makes for an extremely enjoyable hearing experience.


Monolith M1060 planar headphone is a superb sounding headphone and it is obvious about it. The performance of your headphone is high end along with the sound quality is just perfect due to technology. It’s actually a fantastic buy in this price range mainly because it offers amazing features very.

Its truly comfortable and has now a great design. Fit wise too its perfect and there is no problem as such. This one is a apparent winner if you compare this headphone with other high-end headphones that are available.


Monolith M1060 planar headphones have made a perfect entry into the realm of planar headphones. And, quickly the headphone has definitely become popular. The available ear design of the earphone makes it a great choice at the same time. It offers excellent value for money on the price range and you must acquire this one for pure popular music experience.

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