JBL EON ONE vs Bose L1 Model 1S

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PA Systems Comparison: JBL EON ONE vs Bose L1 Model 1S

Which Of These Portable Pa Systems Gives The Best Sound?

JBL EON ONE vs Bose L1 Model 1S

If you’re a live performer or public speaker,

you’ll desire a public address system that can deliver the best sound top quality to your audience.

When looking for PA systems, you’ll come across a number of choices to select from.

One of the most difficult options you might need to make is selecting between JBL Years One Vs Bose L1 Compact.

These two PA systems are a few of the very best options in the marketplace today.

They’re highly portable as they consist of speaker motorists, a speaker, and a power amp built into one device.

They’re most suitable for entertainers that are constantly on the move and also those

that execute in smaller sized places such as small clubs or cafes.

Likewise, they’re suitable for resolving target markets in the workplace, schools, and little groups.

Although they’re both portable PA systems, they have specific distinctions that may make you choose one over the other.

For instance, when buying a PA system, you’ll require to consider numerous elements such as dimension,

power, wired or wireless microphone, performance, connection alternatives, and whether it’s battery-powered or AC-powered.

In this short article, we’ll discuss Bose L1 Compact vs JBL Eon One to help you in making an informed choice in between both.

Quick Comparison

Bluetooth Enabled
Yes No
Peak Power
380 watts
Number Of Speakers
2 3
Minimum Frequency Response
37.5 Hz 40 Hz
Maximum Frequency Response
18.5 kHz 12 kHz
23.3 in. 79.4 in.
Weight40.8 lbs. 75.1 lbs.
14.5 in. 26 in.
17 in. 27.2 in.
Number Of Channels
6 3
Manufacturer Warranty
5 year(s)1 year(s)
LF Driver Size
10 in. 10 in.

How To Choose A Portable Pa System

# 1 Size

Although they’re called mobile, they still have different weights and also sizes amongst them.

Exactly how large or tiny you desire your PA system to be may rely on how often you’ll be hauling them.

Likewise, how much extra tools can you take care of?

If you’re delivering various other tools, you might want something that’ll fit into your setting of transport.

Functions like small instances, telescoping deals with, as well as wheels can boost a PA system’s transportability.

Think about picking something as mobile as possible without jeopardizing on the sound quality as well as protection you need.

# 2 Protection

Portable public address systems are not loud enough for banging performances.

However, they’re best for small to medium-sized places with a target market of 50 to 1000.

You’ll want a PA system that can cover your kind of event.

You would desire your pick to depend on the dimension of your target market as well as your area of coverage.

If you’re uncertain concerning your coverage and audience dimension, it’s finest to overestimate the total number.

When selecting with protection in mind, more is much better than much less.

# 3 Power

Power is an essential factor to consider, and its measurement is in watts.

The power value of portable PA systems vary from 60-1500 watts and like coverage, you can never ever have excessive power.

Power also establishes audio levels, whose measurement remains in decibels. It utilizes RMS (Root mean square) as well as Peak values to show power degrees.

While RMS is the ordinary power you’ll obtain throughout use, Top is the maximum watts from brief ruptureds of sound.

The RMS worth is what you’ll require. Additionally, power demands enhance as protection boosts.

For instance, outside settings as well as interior ones with high ceilings require more boosting.

Bigger locations likewise need even more boosting.

# 4 Elements and Connectivity

The regular components you’ll locate in a portable PA system are a microphone, amplifier, as well as speaker.

Nonetheless, you can obtain a system with more components depending on your needs.

Numerous PA systems have a built-in mixer, numerous microphone ports, and much more than one speaker.

A wide variety of connectivity choices is also feasible on some.

There are attributes like Bluetooth capability and a Jack for instruments.

You can additionally locate audio resource ports to play data from DVD, USB, or SD card in some PA systems.

# 5 Application

The kind of application, either speech or music shipment, likewise matters in your selection.

Music recreation requires even more wattage than speech delivery as a result of a wider range of regularities.

Besides high power, the speaker ought to have a good woofer for radio frequency, horn for mid-range, as well as tweeter for high frequency.

Some manufacturers also integrate reverb capacity, stereo audios, as well as audio speakers, particularly for music applications.

For delivering speeches, a mono speaker might be enough.

# 6 Sort of Microphone

You can select a portable PA system that either has a wireless microphone or a wired microphone.

With a wireless mic, you’ll have the freedom to walk around.

Nevertheless, some wired microphones supply smoother noises without any disturbance.

# 7 Anti-feedback Choice

When an audio speaker sends an audio, the microphone can pick it as well as send it back to the speaker.

The scenario leads to the shrill tone, called comments.

Similar to every sound system established, comments can occur with portable public address systems.

However, some portable PA systems have an anti-feedback feature to prevent a microphone from choosing audio speaker signals.

If you’re concerned concerning audio precision as well as accuracy, which you must be, pick a PA system with an anti-feedback alternative.

# 8 Battery or Non-battery Powered

If you make use of venues with offered power sockets, a non-battery powered PA system is preferable.

It’s likewise lighter without the added weight of a battery.

Nonetheless, if you’ll be making use of areas without power source, specifically specific outdoor events, opt for a battery-powered system. Additionally, it has a quicker set-up procedure.

JBL Professional EON ONE

The JBL Ages One PA system has numerous preferable functions. Let’s assess it thoroughly below.

Power and efficiency:

The JBL Years features one speaker and also 6 audio speaker vehicle drivers.

The 10-inch speaker in this PA audio speaker system supplies accurate reduced and also midrange frequencies whereas the 6 2-inch speaker vehicle drivers provide clear high frequencies.

The speaker has a power output of 250 watts whereas the 6 speaker drivers deliver a power outcome of 120 watts.

With this PA system, you’re guaranteed of obtaining full-range audio.

The audio speaker includes a frequency action of between 37.5 Hz to 18 kHz.

That implies it has the ability to duplicate most distinct reduced, midrange, as well as high frequencies.

The PA system features an integrated amplifier with a power outcome of 380 watts.

It provides clear and loud noise rated at 118 dB maximum.

In addition, the amp is developed as a Course D amp for improved power outcome.

Sound forecast:

The speaker system features a straight variety arrangement that ensures that each speaker motorist has its optimized area and is angled in such a way that it supplies wonderful audio outcome throughout it.

Thus, your audience will get clear audio despite their listening position from the speaker.

Moreover, it’s developed in a way that it projects audio to three paying attention placements around it despite the atmosphere you’re using it.

Connectivity alternatives:

One more terrific attribute of this sound system is its built-in 6-channel mixer.

You can conveniently control the mixer utilizing the onboard controls.

The mixer will enable you to adjust the tone, change the volume from multiple inputs, and also ensure all the inputs audio fantastic with each other for distinct sound outcome.

The mixer also includes an equalizer, which will certainly enable you to separate particular regularities or reduced or improve them as required.

It sustains Bluetooth connection for cordless streaming.

In this way, you can connect it to any mobile phone that supports Bluetooth connection.

It additionally includes a 3.5 mm input for linking tools that sustain 3.5 mm jack wired connections.

Although it doesn’t included a microphone, you can attach your microphone with the microphone input port.

It also features a line-level input, two XLR inputs, and two RCA inputs.


The JBL Ages audio speaker system is fairly light. It evaluates 40.8 extra pounds.

Although it’s larger than some PA systems, it’s still more portable than a lot of AC-powered audio speakers.

Its density and direct variety design still make it a mobile option.

It additionally features a height room that can be changed as required.

You can retract the adjustable column down into the base of the audio speaker system to make it an extra small system for easier transportation. It’s still possible to bring the speaker system with your hand.

Wonderful layout
Effective mix
Onboard controls
Great for numerous applications

Its bass outcome isn’t very loud
Doesn’t featured a mic

Best for:

The JBL Eon One audio speaker jobs appear flawlessly from the sides as well as the front. It’s suitable for both speech as well as music applications.



Bose L1 Compact

The Bose L1 Compact is yet one more excellent PA audio speaker system. Here’s its testimonial and most notable functions.

Power and efficiency:

When contrasting JBL Ages One vs Bose compact, you’ll see that Bose Compact also includes 2 audio speaker sets consisting of one speaker as well as 6 vehicle drivers, much like the JBL Years.

The 6 speaker chauffeurs gauge 2-inches each whereas the bass chauffeur steps 8 inches.

The combination of the speaker vehicle drivers and bass driver permit low, mid-range, as well as high frequency feedback.

As a matter of fact, the speaker system has a regularity response of between 65 Hz to 14 kHz.

Overall, the speaker system supplies a power output of approximately 200 watts, thanks to the powerful integrated amplifier.

Audio estimate:

The Bose L1 Compact speaker system includes an unique layout that enables vast sound projection to an angle of up to 180 degrees.

This wide audio diffusion enables clear audio in the place.

The speaker can be positioned on the side or behind for your audience to get the very best sound experience.

Likewise, you can make use of the audio speaker system with the column prolonged or broke down relying on the type of audio forecast you desire.

Connection alternatives:

The Bose L1 PA system comes with 2 tone-match networks and also 6 I/O controls.

The 2 predetermined channels permit you to personalize the audio when making use of a guitar as well as a mic.

It likewise comes with an equalizer on the mic channel.

The speaker system features one XLR input port, 2 RCA inputs, one 1/4 inch TRS input, and also one 3.5 mm input.

It likewise features 2 RCA result ports and one 1/4 inch TRS output.

It supports cordless connectivity alternatives such as Wi-Fi and also Bluetooth songs streaming.


Its cordless songs streaming capacities enhance portability. Besides, it just considers 29.2 pounds.

Its marginal weight makes it very portable.

You can collapse the column to make it a solitary, small audio speaker system for easier transport.

You can fit it in the trunk or rear seats of your automobile throughout transport.

Decreases feedback
Terrific audio protection
Lightweight and also portable
Loud bass outcome

Lacks reverb
The equalizer is only designed for one channel
Does not come with a mic

Best for:

Its layout and also performance make it perfect for duo or solo efficiencies in smaller sized bars and also clubs.



Which Is Much Better Between Bose L1 Compact Vs Jbl Eon?

Both Bose L1 as well as JBL Ages are portable PA systems. Although they’re created for the exact same objective, they have significant differences.

As an example, JBL Ages confirms to be much more powerful considering it has a 380 watts amplifier whereas Bose L1 has a 200 watts amplifier. That implies that the JBL Years is much more excellent for dispersing audio to a bigger crowd or place than Bose L1.

On the other hand, Bose L1 is lighter than JBL Years. Bose L1 only weighs 29.2 extra pounds while JBL Eon One considers 40.8 extra pounds.

Therefore, you’ll locate it much easier to lug the Bose L1 speaker system than the JBL Ages audio speaker.

Both speaker systems include 6 controls for I/O attributes.

Although both assistance Bluetooth connection, the Bose L1 audio speaker has an added attribute for sustaining Wi-Fi songs streaming.

Likewise, JBL Ages features a reverb attribute yet Bose L1 lacks reverb.

JBL has a smoother bass and also treble crossover than Bose L1 Compact. Also, Bose L1 uses louder bass than JBL.


Final Ideas

Considering their distinctions, both carry out magnificently depending on the area of application.

Therefore, your best option should generally depend on the location of application as well as the type of attributes and sound result you need. As an example, if you’re a performer in larger groups, the JBL Ages One would certainly be your far better selection.

On the other hand, Bose L1 is preferable for louder bass output and for anyone that’s constantly on the move as a result of its lighter weight. Also, JBL Eon covers a bigger regularity variety than Bose L1.

Despite the selection you make between these 2 PA systems,

you’ll need to purchase a separate microphone as they do not come with one. Likewise, they’re not battery-powered such that you have to connect them to an a/c power electrical outlet.

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