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Jaybird X2 Reviews

Are you uncertain about whether Jaybird X2 earbuds are something worth considering? We’ve examined a pair of the earbuds and below is what we’ve discovered about.

Jaybird X2 Reviews

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Bottom Line

The Jaybird X2 earbuds are very robust and give you a lot of value for the money you spend. Overall, they’re a safe purchase, and we’d highly recommend.

You’re thinking of buying any of these Jaybird X2 headphones?

The sound of your preferred songs playing on the background can be a fantastic method to increase your mood and get an extra boost in the gym or in the extra lap you run. The positive impact of music on fitness performance doesn’t only apply to brothers; it’s been proven repeatedly.

However, it’s generally not as easy as it seems when you have to utilize headphones, which the majority of us have. They are not ideal for use at your exercise center and are at a most, not the best for running. You also need headphones that won’t move when you insert them into your ears.

In actuality, Wireless solutions aren’t always perfect, because the signal from lower-cost models can be a mess when there are lots of movement.

We’ve found the perfect headphones that don’t get bogged down by the above.

Then, enter Jaybird X2:

Name Jaybird X2
Type In-ear headphones
Connection Wireless
Dimensions 7.3 2. 4.8 inches (18.5 5x 12.2 cm)
Weight 0.66 pounds (0.3 kg)
Size of the driver 6 mm
Wireless technology Bluetooth 2.1

Design Philosophy

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Jaybird X2 Jaybird X2 is a revision of the well-loved Jaybird Bluebuds X, a set of in-ear wireless sports headphones that took on competitors when they first came out in 2012. Three years later, and the team at Jaybird decided that it was the perfect moment to change their product.

After winning in the initial Bluebuds X, the company took the decision to adopt their “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” design principle. They retained the features that had been popular, but they made changes when they could make room for enhancement. The majority of the adjustments came to interiors of the headphones. This included the swapping of older technology in favor of the most modern modelsthat were developed in the period between the introduction of the two models.

A more detailed look at Jaybird X2 earbuds. Jaybird X2 earbuds

Two headphones have been evaluated against each other, and it’s apparent they are similar in appearance. Bluebuds X and the X2 appear very similar but it’s not like there was any noticeable differences. The X2 headphones come with five colors. five colors as opposed to the original’s binary options and also the glossy finish has been replaced with a sleek one. The new colors are distinctive and sporty, but not too flashy.

The additional equipment included with the latest version is more efficient.

This new transport case has received a needed improvement, as the previous one had an Ear clamping mechanism that was difficult to use. But what’s more important is that apart from the three sets the ear tips, you’ll receive three pairs of silicone and three pairs of ear tips as well as Comply Tips, one of each is available in small, large and medium sizes.

The contents of the package of this box are Jaybird X2 box

A Tight Fit

As we’ve previously mentioned, they are designed for use in sports. It is vital to ensure a snug fit is crucial for headphones that are in-ear to ensure the best isolation of sound and consequently the best sound quality all-around. For sport headphones this issue is stressed because the headphones need to be sturdy despite the jerking, shaking, and jumping around.

Jaybird came with adjustable ear fins for ear that have a specific size and eartips to give you a advantage. That means the vast majority of consumers will be able to find the ideal fitting for their requirements however the process of trying to determine the best one could be exhausting. Once they’re installed, no vibration will knock the headphones out of your ear.

There’s a possibility you won’t find the right fit for you regardless of fin and tip combination but this is not often.

The Jaybird X2 is available in several colors, and is a perfect and comfortable fit


Durability is the primary element when it comes down to headphones for sports which is why the X2 isn’t one to miss. The outer shell is robust enough to stand up to being dropped during time. They are water-resistant and water-proof. In addition, they come with a life-long guarantee against sweatand you’ll have a product that will last for years to come.

Additionally, the battery duration that the product has is awe-inspiring. 8.8 hours may not sound like a lot when it comes to wireless headphones that are on or over-ear however, considering they’re in-ear headphones that need batteries that are squeezed in tiny metal earbuds to the right. this is truly amazing.

Furthermore, it takes only 2 to 3 hours to recharge your micro USB device that can be conveniently placed within one earbud. It’s different depending on the device that you plug the other end of the cable to, as it doesn’t come with its own power source.

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The Cable

The last item we’d like to get rid of before we can move on to audio quality is the cables. Naturally they’re wireless, and therefore there’s no need to talk about the 3.5 millimeter cable as well as the USB mic charger cable. The cable we’re discussing is the cable that connects the right earbud with that on one on the left.

There’s a reason why it’s unclear as to the length of the 540 millimeters. It’s not a huge deal however with over half an inch or 2 feet if fortunate there’s bound be an surplus of cable that’s just there to sit around. You can buy cables clips to use to stack the cables, but it’s not the best solution. The best part is the fact that this cable is resistant to knots.

The cable comes with an exquisite line-controller situated near the right earbud. It has a microphone and three buttons to control making calls, putting them back down, not taking calls, altering the volume, changing songs and, of course, turning the headphones on and off.

Sound Quality

If you’ve owned a Bluebud X then you pretty know what you can expect regarding the audio quality. It’s not like there’s anything new in this instance and that’s something we should be grateful for. The sound signature is evident through the whole track, without becoming boring.

Its bass is enhanced but not overly. If you’re not fond of music being played through your chest , it should not be a problem. It keeps your middles in the right place It was the best option.

The most frequent issue is that mids get missing. This isn’t something to be concerned about in the X2 as there’s an equally distributed frequency distribution throughout all frequencies. Furthermore, the highs are outstanding. There’s a slight roll-off, however as these are in-ear headphones and all, however, they’re within the acceptable range which isn’t something that can be said for the majority of models that use in-ear headphones.

The strength of the signal is amazing, effortlessly reaching three feet. If your mobile is in your pocket or close to. There shouldn’t be any problems with interference even if you’re bouncing around in the fitness center.

With these points in mind we can evaluate the sound at 9/10. But it’s only possible to get the best sound that is a perfect fit. If it’s not, the bass will definitely be slowed and the rest of the sound will be impossible to use.


What makes the Jaybird X2 the best wireless sports headphones? It’s not the sound quality although it’s present. It’s not the incredible battery life, but the durability even although they’re definitely not harmful. The reason isn’t even the lengths that Jaybird’s engineers Jaybird went to make sure that the headphones are comfortable enough to be able to fit the biggest ears.

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The Jaybird X2 had all of these features and more when it was priced at $200. They were expensive headphones for sports, but the price was clear from the start. But, the cost that you can buy these headphones for around half the price really make them one of the most inexpensive wireless headsets you can work out with.

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