Best Speakers With RCA Input

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Best Speakers With RCA Input

You’ve found the best speakers with RCA input. This blog will discuss the advantages of RCA speakers as well as the top speakers available.

We have something for everyone, whether you are looking for a powerful home theatre system or portable speakers.

Continue reading to find out more about the best RCA speakers.

What are the Benefits of RCA Speakers

Powered speakers with RCA connectivity are able to receive audio signals via a wired connection.

There are many advantages to using RCA speakers, or any wired connection.

Wireless connectivity is convenient but wired connections will enhance sound quality. An RCA cable is less likely to be interfered than wireless connections.

This significantly lowers the likelihood of audio output having latency issues or reduced quality.

These are both common problems when streaming music via Bluetooth speakers. RCA cables are a great option for wired connectivity. RCA cables come with shielding to prevent interference.

Many audio and video equipment have RCA jacks.

RCA speakers are compatible with many different devices. Receivers, amplifiers, and televisions are all examples of devices that can use RCA inputs. RCA adapters allow you to connect to computer speakers or smartphones.

This adds to the variety of uses for RCA speakers. Speakers with RCA jacks can extend the battery life on your devices. Bluetooth connectivity does not affect sound quality. They can drain your smartphone’s battery.

Although the best RCA speakers have Bluetooth, it is nice to have RCA connectors. Your phone’s battery life will be a blessing.

Comparison Table: Best Speakers with RCA Input

Klipsch4.5Check Last Price
Edifier R1280DBs4.6Check Last Price
Audioengine A2+ Plus 4.6Check Last Price
Kanto YU64.4Check Last Price
Logitech Z6254.7Check Last Price
Edifier S350DB4.6Check Last Price

What Speakers have RCA Input?

There are many different types of RCA speakers. Powered Bookshelf Speakers are the most common form of RCA speakers.

Satellite speakers can also be made with RCA connectors. For speaker systems that are computer-oriented, smaller RCA speakers can be paired with a small subwoofer.

One thing all RCA speakers share is one thing. They can be powered or active speakers.

Powered speakers have an amplifier and a power cord. Wireless speakers are sometimes also called wireless speakers.

The way that audio signals are transmitted by wired and wireless speakers is different.

Passive and wired speakers transmit audio signals through speaker wire inputs at each binding.

Many wireless speakers offer Bluetooth connectivity but also wired inputs.

Unlike Bluetooth speakers, powered speakers with RCA jacks are larger and have better sound quality.

The 2022 Best RCA Speakers

Best Speakers with RCA Output: Klipsch

Check Last Price



  • Tons of inputs and Subwoofer Out
  • Excellent sound quality (wired and wireless).
  • High-quality design and build quality
  • Features that are useful (app, remote, and controls)


  • No Wi-Fi (Spotify Connect, Alexa, etc)
  • Price point is relatively high

Klipsch’s The Fives active speakers tick a lot of boxes.

These are our top choice and the best RCA speaker under $500. The Fives speaker system is compatible with RCA connectors.

It can also be connected via AUX and optical coax as well as Bluetooth and HDMI ARC.

USB playback is also possible. There are many digital and analog input options available that will please all users.

For those who want to add deep bass to their speaker system, a subwoofer output line can be purchased.

This price range also offers the best active speakers’ sound quality.

This includes Bluetooth functionality that is high-quality.

The onboard DAC can decode at 192 kHz/24 bit. You’ll enjoy great sound quality streaming from HiFi sources such as Tidal.

Two speakers, the Fives, have a 1” tweeter with a horn and a 4.5″ woofer.

They produce powerful audio and deep bass.

The bass is powerful and impactful, making it more powerful than many large bookshelf speakers.

Despite their thump, the Fives produce low frequencies that aren’t bloated when music is played back.

The vocals sound lively and clear. They are a delight to listen to, regardless of the application.

You can also make them quite loud, even before they reach maximum volume. This is great for people who need sound to fill large rooms.

The Fives also did a great job in design. The coverless black design is our favorite over the brown.

This is despite The Fives having some of the most beautiful speaker covers available for bookshelf speakers.

The active speaker design is a joy to look at. You can connect to the speaker via a convenient remote control or app.

The remote can control power, volume, input, playback, and playback.

Although the app is not very useful, it can be used for controlling the treble or bass.

These speakers are powerful and can connect to any device. They also have a unique design.

The Fives speaker system can be used for both desktop and small home theater installations.

Runner Up: Edifier S1000W

Edifier produces some of the most high-quality active speakers available.

The S1000W is their latest offering. This is an upgrade to the S1000DB, with the most significant addition being Wi-Fi capabilities. This allows you to connect directly with third-party services such as Spotify Connect, Apple Airplay and Alexa.

This is one of the most important features in Klipsh’s The Fives Speakers system.

Hi-Res wireless audio (24bit/192kHz), high-fidelity audio output, wired connectivity options and an internal amplifier are all still available on the Edifier S1000W. RCA connectors, optical, coaxial and AUX are all available.

Remote and onboard controls can also be purchased.

The Edifier S1000W, which is similar in price, is a good substitute for Klipsch’s speaker system.

You should also consider the Audioengine due to its great design, connectivity options and Hi-Fi sound.

Best Budget RCA Speakers: Edifier R1280DBs

Check Last Price


  • Amazing value for the money
  • RCA, Bluetooth and optical inputs
  • Amazing sound and subwoofer
  • Beautiful and sophisticated design


  • No hi-fi wireless features
  • Bass is a little thin, but without sub

The Edifier R1280DBs may be the solution for those looking for RCA connectivity at a reasonable price.

Even though it lacks the large feature set of higher-end active speakers, it brings a lot to the table. The best part?

The Edifier R1280DBs bookshelf speaker sells for around $150. Our review of this stereo speaker reviewed how impressive the sound quality was for the price.

The internal amplifier has 60 Watts peak power and the 4” bass speaker won’t produce any forceful low frequencies. The speaker does have some low-end, but it doesn’t sound muddy.

These lower frequencies are definitely better than the average Bluetooth speaker.

Despite their small size, the R1280DBs-powered speakers can deliver full audio.

It can avoid music sounding small and shrill, unlike many other small speakers.

You can also add an active woofer to your system. As an easy way to get a 2.1 speaker system, a subwoofer line is included.

This speaker shines when it comes to connectivity. The Edifier R1280DBs have a lot of audio inputs.

You get more than just powered speakers with RCA connectors.

Bluetooth connectivity allows users to stream wireless audio from their smartphone, tablet or computer.

You don’t have to worry if you prefer listening over a wired connection.

The Edifier R1280DBs also have RCA jacks. They also have optical and coax connectivity.

An RCA-to-AUX cable is included, making it possible to add AUX input.

The Edifier R1280DBs is compact in size and have a simple design.

You can also choose from a wood grain design in brown or black.

It doesn’t seem like Edifier has cut corners on components, despite its low price.

Dials are built into the wooden housing of the R1280DB main speaker. The volume control dial is included with the dials for bass, treble and volume.

These dials are extremely useful for certain uses, such as computer speakers.

It’s a huge advantage to be able to adjust the volume and settings as needed.

A remote control is available for those occasions when you are far from home.

Although it is made of plastic, it can be used for input and volume control, as well as playback.

These active speakers are very affordable.

There is no HiFi codec support, but Bluetooth is available.

However, speakers with these features are more expensive than other speakers.

The Edifier R1280DBs is a great choice for those looking for affordable speakers with RCA input.

These speakers can be used as either computer speakers or as small music-listening devices.

Runner Up: Edifier R1850DB

The Edifier R1850DB is slightly more expensive, but it offers slightly better audio quality and a black gloss design.

The R1850DB-powered speakers will provide a refined listening experience compared to R1280DBs.

The stereo imaging is better and the treble is slightly higher. The R1280DBs still offer the best features.

This includes the subwoofer output, onboard controls and wireless remote control.

There are RCA inputs as well as Bluetooth connectivity and coaxial, optical, or AUX.

They are also solid options, such as the Moukey-powered speakers.

These are also more affordable than the Edifier R1280DBs. You won’t find a Bluetooth speaker that is cheaper than this model.

Best Small Speakers with RCA Input: A2+

Check Last Price


  • RCA and wireless inputs plus many other features
  • Attractive and compact design
  • Dynamic EQ and subwoofer out
  • Bluetooth aptX + 16-bit DAC


  • If you have a small budget, there are cheaper options
  • There is no remote control, only a volume dial.

The Audioengine A2+ wireless speaker is a favorite of ours.

We love this small RCA speaker and it is our favorite.

These powered speakers are compact and elegant and have great sound quality. They can also be connected via Bluetooth.

These bookshelf speakers are powered and have Bluetooth aptX capability to provide better wireless audio.

A2+ comes with an amplifier and a 16-bit DAC for better-quality audio.

The built-in DAC processes are audio from USB signals that are received by the A2+ speakers. Audio input can be made via RCA, AUX and USB. RCA output is also possible. It is possible to easily add a subwoofer.

These little stereo speakers can still be used as connectivity powerhouses, even though Wi-Fi is not available.

The Audioengine A2+ is a great choice for connectivity.

However, the Audioengine A2+ also excels at the sound quality.

The small bookshelf speakers are equipped with an amplifier that can output 60 Watts of peak power (30 RMS).

Each speaker features a 2.75″ aramid woofer with a 3/4″ silk dome tweeter.

These speakers will quickly prove to be more powerful than their weight when they are turned on. It’s difficult to believe that audio can be so loud at maximum volume.

The bass is a little thin, but that’s to be expected from such a small driver.

Subwoofer output capability can be added to provide a lot more bass.

These powered speakers sound crisp and detailed at higher frequencies. This clarity allows for clearer dialogue and vocals in podcasts or videos.

Each A2+ speaker measures just 6 inches high and weighs in at just 7 pounds.

It is smaller than any Bluetooth speaker, and it’s not much bigger than A2+-powered speakers. As far as controls, there is only one volume knob.

A2+ speakers are a great design with options in black, red and white.

The unique design allows them to blend into most environments.

These active speakers are very portable and easy to set up. We love the A2 Plus speaker for its great design, incredible connectivity and pristine sound.

Best Turntable Speakers with RCA Input: Kanto YU6

Check Last Price



  • Phono preamp + Subwoofer out
  • Loud (200W) and deep bass
  • Many inputs – RCA, Bluetooth (aptx), etc.
  • Auto standby mode + charges devices


  • Although the price is high, there are only a few hi-fi options.
  • No-Wifi support

Many of our top picks are great for listening to music on a record player.

The Kanto YU6-powered speakers have been included for a few reasons.

You can often find it for less than our top picks, and it comes with an integrated preamp.

What does this all mean? These speakers can be used with any record player without a preamp.

These turntables produce a weak phono signal that is too weak to provide proper sound to speakers. This won’t be an issue with the Kanto YU6 phono amplifier.

The switch at the rear panel allows you to switch between Line In and Phono. If you’re using a record player with no preamp, make sure it is switched to Phono.

Each Kanto YU6 powered speaker has a 5.25″ kevlar woofer and a 1″ silk dome tweeter.

The Kanto YU6’s powered speakers have 200 Watts peak power and a solid frequency range of 50 Hz to 20,000 Hz.

These speakers are a good choice for standalone use because they have both power and frequency response.

These speakers can produce loud music and thumping bass, but they won’t replace subwoofers.

The YU6s also verify connectivity boxes, including RCA connectivity.

Bluetooth aptX and optical inputs as well as subwoofer output are other connectivity features. The USB port at the back of the speakers can only be used to charge other devices. We are big fans of minimalism in design.

This kind of explains Kanto’s design, but it can also be a bit boring. The speakers can be ordered in several colors, which is a good thing. Remote control and auto standby are also options.

You can use the remote to change inputs and playback. The remote can also be used to control volume, bass, or treble.

The Kanto YU6 is a great addition to your turntable speaker collection. It has a lot more value than the standard Kanto YU6 and some very specific features.

This is a great option for anyone who needs RCA speakers to play vinyl records.

Best Computer Speakers with RCA Input – Logitech

Check Last Price



  • Ideal 2.1 system for computer speaker
  • The subwoofer is included and provides powerful bass
  • Clear and detailed sound, + THX certified
  • Great value at a great price!


  • Soundstage and drivers with smaller sizes

Many of the RCA speakers mentioned above will be compatible with computers.

The Logitech Z625 computer speaker system is designed for desktop use. They also have optical, AUX and RCA inputs.

The Logitech Z625 computer speaker comes equipped with a subwoofer, which produces powerful, deep bass and better low-frequency production.

This is a pre-made 2.1 computer speaker system with a larger frequency response than any of the others on this list.

It’s affordable at less than $200 so it’s easy for anyone to appreciate its appeal. It is important to understand the differences between this speaker system and other speakers.

Logitech Z625 is distinguished by its design and form factors. Stereo satellite speakers are much smaller and have more powerful drivers. They can easily be moved around on a desk due to their small footprint.

With a keyboard, monitor and computer, there is often very little space left on a desk.

Because of their small size, this is possible.

Some smaller desks have no room for bookshelf speakers. Placement can be a problem even if a desk is large enough. Speaker stands are often required for powered speakers to project sound at the optimal height.

This is why the Z625 speakers are slightly higher than others.

The volume and bass controls are located right in front of you, unlike other powered speakers. For headphones, the AUX port can be found on the right speaker.

Logitech Z625’s subwoofer is the real wildcard. Lower frequencies are not as important as directional sound.

It can be placed in the corner of a desk, or at the front and center.

You can place it on the ground. The Z625 speakers have a subwoofer 7” with an amplifier that produces 400 peak watts (200 RMS) and a subwoofer 7”.

The subwoofer is small enough to cause a disturbance in your neighbors, despite its size.

Stereo speakers get some of the power. This results in speakers that can produce detailed, dynamic sound with stereo imaging and without the need for larger drivers. This is not important if the listening area is small.

A computer speaker system can be a good compromise for the right users.

This is especially true when you consider the powerful and deep bass.

This functional trade-off is perfectly executed by the Logitech Z625.

They are considered the best RCA computer speaker for the money. The price is also a bargain.

If you are looking for a compact, 2.1-speaker system that can be used on a desktop, this should be your first choice.

Best 2.1 Home Theater Speakers With RCA Input – Edifier S350DB

Check Last Price


  • Plug-and-play system 2.1 for small home theaters
  • Sub for movies/tv programs is a much-needed sub
  • There are many inputs to choose from
  • Remote and onboard controls


  • If you are patient, you can get a better 2.1 setup for a bit more.

Passive speakers are the best option for building a home theatre system.

Sometimes, people prefer a simple 2.1 system to build smaller home theater systems.

Active speakers are a good choice for TV audio systems that you won’t be upgrading. This category includes the Edifier S350DB.

Stereo speakers have a 3.5″ mid-bass driver and a 3/4″ dome tweeter.

The pair is paired with an 8-inch subwoofer. The small package packs 150 Watts (RMS) power and produces high-quality sound.

The external amplifier is no longer required.

A subwoofer with an 8″ output can boost low frequencies, and the S350DB does just that. The S350DB’s deep bass is not a strength, so this is a welcome sight.

The mid-range is full-bodied with crisp treble.

There are many connectivity options available, including optical, coaxial and RCA connectivity.

Qualcomm aptX enhances Bluetooth connectivity for better wireless transmission.

There are many control options. You will find the volume, bass, and treble controls on the side of your main speaker.

You can switch inputs and have the power button, playback control, volume, and power buttons all on the round wireless remote. The Edifier S350DB2.1 speaker system is a great deal.

It is a great choice for anyone looking for a small 2.1 home theatre system with RCA connectivity.

Tips for Buying the Best RCA Speakers

Sound Quality

Audiophiles know that sound quality is very important. This is true for speakers with RCA input.

The sound quality of your speakers can make a big difference in how you listen to your favorite music or watch a movie in your home theatre. Even the best music can sound flat and distorted if it is not sounding great.

However, good sound quality can take you to another place. Speakers are crucial for sound quality.

Speakers that reproduce music accurately will make you feel as if you are in the same room with the artist.

If you want to get the best listening experience, sound quality is key.

This means that you should test speakers and look for LDAC or aptX wireless connectivity.

Connectivity Options

Although wired and RCA connections can be great for sound quality, there are other options.

Wireless connectivity offers the greatest convenience. Wireless connectivity is the best option.

No more tangled cables or tripping over wires. You and your music are free to move on air.

Other connectivity options are available for many speakers that have RCA input.

This includes Bluetooth, optical, and an AUX option. It’s great to have options, whether you want to stream music from your phone or watch a movie on TV.

A sub-outline is perhaps the second most important option for connectivity, after Bluetooth.

You can connect a subwoofer directly to your stereo speakers to create a 2.1 set up.

This adds important functionality to your source device if it doesn’t already have a subwoofer.

Use the Case

In your search for speakers with RCA connectivity, you should consider the use case.

Some people may use RCA speakers to play music. Some people may use them as speakers for their computers.

These factors will affect how important certain features are.

Some wireless speakers that have RCA inputs include onboard dials for volume and treble.

This is important for computer speakers. For someone who isn’t going to be using the speakers, a quality remote may be more convenient. For smaller home theater setups, powered speakers with RCA input are a good choice.

They should have a subwoofer output.

It is essential to include a sub in order to play low-frequency scenes.

Passive speakers are better if you’re looking to create a bigger home theater system.

Passive speakers are easier to connect with AV receivers, which are required for high-quality surround sound codecs such as Dolby atmos.

Bluetooth Speakers vs. Powered Speakers

The majority of the options are powered bookshelf speakers that have multiple connectivity and input options.

It is important to know the difference. These powered speakers are capable of producing better stereo imaging.

They will be larger than Bluetooth speakers and have a wider frequency response. However, powered bookshelf speakers don’t have RCA connectivity. Satellite speakers, soundbars, and even soundbars may have RCA jacks.

Their form factor will make the difference. These speakers are smaller than traditional bookshelf speakers.

This means that they have smaller drivers. They can work in certain situations, but they are not as good as bookshelf speakers.

Studio monitors can be used with RCA connectors. Studio monitors have a more precise EQ that is useful for music production.

In conclusion: Speakers with RCA Connectivity

These are some things to remember if you’re looking for a new pair of RCA speakers.

It is important to do your research before you make a decision.

This will ensure that you get the right pair of speakers for you.

Are you familiar with RCA speakers? How was it? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

FAQs: Everything You Need to Know About RCA Speakers

Can I use RCA Speakers?

Yes. Yes. RCA cables are standard balanced audio cables that can be used for speaker connections. To output via RCA, you will need a receiver, TV, or amplifier. You can use your smartphone/computer with a 3.5-to-AUX cable.

Soundbars have RCA inputs

Yes. Yes. Many soundbars can be connected to RCA via Bluetooth, HDMI, and other connectivity. Although RCA inputs may not be the most common option, they can still be used by many devices.

Which speaker is best for sound quality?

Passive loudspeakers are the most affordable and will produce the best sound quality. Although powered speakers sound great, the amplifiers add to the price.

How do I connect my RCA to my Soundbar?

RCA cables can be run directly from your TV to the soundbar. You can purchase an optical, HDMI adapter, or an HDMI cable adapter if your device does not have RCA output.



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