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Best Closed Back Headphones For Recording Vocals

Closed-back headphones comprise much of the studio’s headphone field mostly due to their use in the recording. Closed-back headphones of high-quality make an ear-sealing sealing seal that stops back tracks and clicks to enter the mic during recording.

The Best Closed Back Headphones for Recording Vocals

Award is given to an Audio-Technica ATHR70x Professional Open Back due to its huge audio volume and ergonomic design.

They also allow the artists recording to listen more clearly, leading to a better self-monitoring process and more efficient recording. They also have a fantastic track record in mixing.

The January 2022 edition we’ve seen some major adjustments to the top headsets as consumers shift in favor of different headphones. The latest pick is the Vic Firth’s headphones. Vic Firth originally targeted towards drummers who record. However, they have been awash with applications that record vocals.

The headphones are available in the designs that feature a circumaural (they completely protect all ears) and were developed to be used in studio settings rather than for everyday usage by consumers, although audiophiles have been described as admirers of a handful the models.

What kind of headphones for recording Are You Are You Using?

Now, which type of headphone are the best for voice-overs?

As a rule, pros prefer circumaural ‘closed-back’ devices. Closed-back is the term used to describe the exterior of the headphone cups which are solid, while open-back headphones allow behind the cups clear of obstruction.

A closed enclosure that’s tough is the better choice as it prevents audio leaks and impedes background noises which are picked up by the microphone.

The sound of open-back headphones is more expansive and natural, and could be useful in certain scenarios and recording studios.

In this short review, I’ll show two models of headphones from the studio so that you can assess them for yourself and figure out which features will work best for your specific needs.

What are the top Studio Headphones?

This is the complete guide to the most effective recording headphones:

1. Sennheiser HD280PRO

Sennheiser HD

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Power users keep their ears on the move. The Sennheiser HD280PRO as the benchmark in the market. This might be the case according to me. That’s why we’ve chosen it as the best choice for the best studio headphones you can buy.

Are you searching for an active closed-back pair of headphones? HD280 is a fantastic choice.

What’s inside?

  • Earcups that fold inwards to make it simple and safe to transport.
  • It is made of a strong cable with a single-sided design for easy manage.
  • Linear sound reproduction that is low-ambient noise attenuation.

Why I picked it:

  • The light weight, the ergonomics, and the great design and feel.
  • Natural warm sound, without any other devices or devices .
  • One of the most affordable prices you can find in terms of quality and price.
  • Ambient noise attenuation provides fantastic benefit because it allows natural sounds similar to human voice, however the reproduction of sound is non-colored and neutral.
  • Sennheiser is one of the most popular names in the world of audio professional. It has a long history of manufacturing top quality equipment.

The best choice to use for :

  • Budget-conscious studio owners.
  • Vocalists who perform at more than one venue.
  • Voice-over talents require the highest quality monitoring in-location.

They’re the ultimate in comfort. A fashionable design for around the ears with earcups that are unique -… practically speaking.

Here’s a short review of the film HD280PRO. The review provides the most significant tech features, apps and purchasing suggestions:

2. Sennheiser HD 650

Sennheiser HD 650

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An openback that can bring the most discriminating audiophiles content, Sennheiser HD 650 is an absolute favorite among professionals, and also meets the demands of the amateur.

What’s inside?

  • Neodymium magnets that have the highest power, ensuring maximum efficiency.
  • Lightweight voice coils to provide quick transient response.
  • Hand-picked A set of response units which have tiny tolerances of +1dB.
  • Detachable cables designed to block out signals using extremely conductive OFC copper.

Why I picked it:

  • High-end real , and everything that goes with it.
  • Incredible dynamic range.
  • Fantastic mids and bass and clear, clear highs.
  • Great expansion and soundstage enhancement frequency response between 10 and 39.500Hz (-10 DB).
  • Acoustic silk, which is designed specifically for you, can reduce distortion caused by harmonics to not more than 0.05 percent.

Great for:

  • Audiophiles who want top-quality playback.
  • Voice-over artists who play various the different roles.
  • Professionals in the studio searching for headphones made to give you a clear, transient sound.

Do you want a soft stroke on your ears? You got it!

Check out the video and consider your own reasons the reason they are believed to be the best headphones for studio use. They are available:

3. Sony MDR7506

Sony MDR7506

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A more professional option, Sony MDR7506 offers equal blend of low, medium and higher tones. It is a great option for studio headphones to record at home.

What’s inside?

  • The case comes with a carry-case and protection and gold-plated adaptor.
  • It is able to be connected to audio and recording devices to allow working on the move.
  • The system can handle frequencies of up to 20 kHz.
  • Mid-range prices are the ideal location for studios that offer voice-over at home.

Why I picked it:

  • The overall design makes great impressions. The headband can be used to suit any taste and the earcups are soft and comfortable.
  • Sound leakage isn’t an issue with excellent noise reduction. Great overall quality of sound. The response ranges from 10Hz to 20kHz.
  • Flexible connection options available to be used in voice-over production as well as to enjoy personal listening pleasure.

Great for:

  • Voice-over artists require an easy and fast monitoring program that is able to be linked to different kinds of equipment.
  • Home recording studio engineers.
  • Vocal artists on budgets that are tight and wish to cut their costs.

The headphones fold up easily should you’re required to carry the headphones on a journey or even to store them with a tiny footprint’.

Need more details? Have a look at this review video made by Hifi Heaven which describes the benefits for the MDR7506 studio headphones by Sony.

4. Sony MDRXB800Sony MDRXB800

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Its Sony Version provides an advantage over the competition in the low-tone range and more!

What’s inside?

  • Ear cups that are cushioned provide the comfort needed for long listening sessions.
  • The headband that has a hinge makes it convenient to store and transport.
  • The frequency response is reduced to 3Hz according to Sony.

Why I picked it:

  • Cheap, stylish, foldable, smart construction (earpiece-earpiece design-over-the-head) – what else could you ask for?
  • Its length is 3.94 feet. The frequency of the highest response is 28 kHz.
  • Natural sound, real bass, real BASS, If you’re interested.

Perfect for:

  • Professionals who work in vocal recording who want to work with several devices.
  • Engineers working in industries of recording who want to utilize consumer headphones.
  • Baritone voice-over artists seeking extra-strength bass.

What is the difference in its design from the one used by the MDR7506? Learn more details from a popular YouTuber:

5. Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO

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It is available for purchase at a reasonable price, Beyerdynamic’s closed-back DT780 Pro can be the most popular option of the best headphones for recording voiceovers. It has high-quality audio and a more powerful bass response.

What’s inside?

  • Circumaural technology provides natural sound when recording , as well as when recording on mobile devices.
  • Full frequency response, and neutral tuning, which reproduces sharp tops and deep bass.
  • Headband made from spring steel to provide greater ease of use and flexibility. The ear cups are cushioned to provide comfort and comfort throughout long hours.
  • Single-sided cables can reduce mess and mess.

Why I picked it:

  • A perfect compromise between top quality features and an affordable price.
  • A stylish design and robust headband construction.
  • Comfort and relaxation with single-sided cables.
  • Incredible mid- and top-end reproduction.
  • Two-year warranty if purchased from an official retailer.

The most suitable option for:

  • Voice-over artists record their performances while they travel.
  • Engineers working in recording need headphones that monitor both music and vocals.
  • Voice-over artists who work from their home.

Learn more about the HomeTracks headphones about this HomeTracks review, and then think about these headphones to record at your home.

6. Beyerdynamic DT 990-Pro 250

beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro 250 ohm Over-Ear Studio Headphones

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An experienced performer at the top of the market The Beyerdynamic DT-990 Pro 250 open back model by Beyerdynamic offers a wide frequency range and more!

What’s inside?

  • 250-ohm drivers that have excellent audio reproduction.
  • The diaphragm is lightweight and offers exceptional performance.
  • Pro models come with an oily cable which makes more efficient management and less clutter.
  • The ears cups and the headband is comfortable and comfortable without causing tension.
  • The open-back design helps reduce the impact of the pressure as well as artificial bass which ensures neutrality.

Why I picked it:

  • Like the DT770 this model has an adjustable, padded headband which is soft for your ears due to the soft earpads made of Velour.
  • This is all covered under the standard warranty of two years for manufacturers.
  • Excellent audio quality for voice-overs as well as mixing music.
  • Wide stereo audio permits precise panning, and mixing voice adds to the other audio.
  • Low cost, but with top-of-the-line results.

The most suitable choice for:

  • Professional recording engineers and Home Studio Engineers.
  • Voice-over artists are ready go beyond the earphones admiring listeners.
  • Podcasters in search of a cost-effective professional system for monitoring.

Find out more about this review, decide which Beyerdynamic product is best suited to your needs:

7. Shure SRH1540

Shure SRH1540 Premium Closed-Back Headphones

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Excuse the pun, but it’s the headset is one that you are certain about. Close-ear headphones such as those of the Shure SRH1540 are simply breathtaking and will never be disappointing with regard to audio quality, regardless of voice-overs or anything else you imagine.

What’s inside?

  • Steel driver frame for improved the linearity of the driver, eliminate internal resonance and smooth performance on number of levels.
  • Carbon fiber construction provides the durability necessary to last for a long time and is durable.
  • 40mm neodymium drivers offer large soundstages, with deep bass and crisp high-end.
  • It is equipped with a closed-back style that improves isolation while still delivering full sound.
  • It comes with a storage container and the replacement earpads. An adapator that has threads as well as an additional replacement cable.

Why I picked it:

  • It’s the perfect combination of fashionable looks and top-quality audio, and the highest audio quality.
  • The headphones have been praised with many favorable reviews from experts in audiophiles and voice-over as well as premium enthusiasts and fans from all over the world. They aren’t wrong, and I’m 100% with them.
  • A huge soundstage, crisp tops as well as warm, rich bass.
  • Classic design with closed backs to help reduce background noise.
  • A comfortable with fully adjustable and flexible headband that can make sure that you have the best experience.

Great for:

  • Studio engineers at home and professional engineers.
  • Voice-over artists who want to record their performances in full-range.
  • For those who sing, headphones must will last for long period of time.

Find out more about this in-depth video clip from Z Review:

8. Shure SRH1840

Shure SRH1840

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A stunning pair of headphones The Model SRH1840 Open Back model sets the bar to deliver a full, real, immersive and absorbing audio.

What’s inside?

  • Open-back design lets you listen to music without the heaviness of bass or sudden shifts.
  • Included are new velour earpads and a carrying case, along with new adaptor and cable with threads.
  • Full sound with no tuning, making it ideal to mix mastering, monitoring and mixing.

Why I selected it:

  • Its design for horns in the circumaural area provides natural sound aswell as large stereo and greater field depth.
  • The outside noises aside the sound is well-balanced and has good bass. mids that are in the proper range, and crisp, bright, clear highs.
  • The compact, yet strong it’s a formidable alternative to the SRH1540 model!

The best option for:

  • Studio engineers that require the same sound quality.
  • Voice-over professionals seeking monitoring solutions that will bring the voice-overs that are natural.
  • Recording professionals are prepared to upgrade from middle-of-the-road cost.

A fantastic review by Damir Franc. He’ll provide more information about the headphones!

9. AKG K 240 MK II

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AKG are well-known for their famous K1000 headphones designed for studio use. The latest open model, the K240 version is an extension of this renowned tradition and comes with numerous additional features.

What’s inside?

  • Transducers with XXL’s 30mm dia. to reproduce the natural sound without over-tuning lows and highs.
  • The design on the back is semi-open, which allows natural clarity and isolation to give better clarity.
  • The mini-XLR cable included is perfect for connecting to professional recording equipment in your home studio or while on the move.

Why I selected it:

  • This design provides you a sensation of awe regardless of whether it takes you a long time to talk.
  • Listen to the track and appreciate the deep bass as well as the wide highs and the expansive dynamic range.
  • It is possible to adjust the headband’s length in order to suit the individual’s needs.

The best option for:

  • AKG is without doubt the most adored standards for studios, orchestras, and stages.
  • A great option for audiophiles and professionals all over the world.
  • Vocalists who are interested in listening to everything that is happening around them while they sing

To take a look at the unboxing as well as some thoughts about the model, watch this video review of the model:

10. Audio-Technica ATH-R70x 

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The focus is on largeness and deep sound. These award-winning studio headphones from AT will keep many audiophiles with discerning tastes satisfied.

What’s inside?

  • The model is equipped with attractive magnets as well as a pure-alloy circuit, which helps to reduce distortion and increase high-frequency responses.
  • Acoustically transparent housings reduce unnecessary colors and reproduce natural sounds
  • It features a detachable dual-sided cable that can be used to adjust the audio experience
  • Utilizes carbon composite resin to get rid of any bites that are temporary.
  • Durable and light weight for added security and comfort

Why I selected it:

  • Light and comfortable to wear with big, comfortable cups The ATH R70x will provide the best level of comfort for long sessions of recording.
  • The earpads are soft and breathable.
  • For audio quality it’s highest quality with clear and crisp sound.
  • The open-back design has unidirectional feedback that allows the neutral monitoring of recordings and mixing vocals with different vocal tracks.
  • All this for an approximate weight that is 0.5 tons/220 grams.

The best option for:

  • Professional studio engineers
  • Voice-over artists who have the skills for upgrading to high-quality audio at a price
  • Engineers who record must be conscious of subtle and complex vocals

Do you require proof by video? You got it! Learn how these headphones perform in real-world settings and find out why the reviewer thinks they stand out from other headphones:

11. Status Audio CB-1

Status Audio CB-1 Closed Back Studio Monitor Headphones


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Status Audio CB-1 is created for professional use. It is able to fulfill the voice-over requirements from A to. The features you want are all included in these headphones for studio use which are closed back. noise leaks or sound or squeaks, and there are no issues with audio.

What’s inside?

  • It is equipped with 50mm drivers and a closed-back design. It offers the listener with a neutral experience in mixing the vocal track
  • Detachable cable for an organized and tidy space in the studio
  • 3.5mm plug is able to be changed to 1/4″ for use with a wide range different hardware gadgets.

Why I selected it:

  • In addition to a superb noise cancellation feature, Status excels in durability.
  • However you choose to stretch this band , you should be aware of cracks or breaks. It’s sturdy, yet flexible.
  • The earpads are comfortable and easy to use. They are comfortable, and offer the same or more comfort than others in the list.
  • The headphones also can fold. Looking for a smaller form factor? All you need is a slight stroke and they’ll fold.
  • The kit comes with a good cable, two detachable cables both straight and coil, and with twist-locks.

The most suitable choice for:

  • Voice-over artists are seeking a reasonable monitoring system.
  • Music lovers that need an affordable pair of headphones with a closed-back
  • Studio owners who wish to record their homes are researching the recording process and the best way to engineer recordings

A CLE Tech review suggests this may be the most expensive headphones available for just $100. Watch the video and then make your own thoughts.

Selecting the best Studio Headphones for You

The best headphones for voice-over or home studios is an issue. What are the choices I should consider? Is there a most crucial aspect I’m looking for? What are the effects of the price or the brand?

It is a good thing that finding the best studio headphones is easy if you follow these simple suggestions:

1. Find out what you need to know.

The purpose of headphones could be used to monitor vocals while recording but they’re usually not the most effective choice for mixing and mastering recordings.

Thus, you should look for headphones with flat responses to ensure you can get an accurate recording of your voice while recording. Audiophiles who have an extremely high level of listening to bass sounds could produce a sound that is not natural and muddy tone , which could impact the EQ and mastering.

High-quality headphones are able to mix and master so they’re made for neutrality in design.

2. Be aware of your comfort

The amount of time required to create a top-quality voice-over is contingent on a number of variables such as the duration of the voiceover as well as the amount of steps needed to create the perfect voice-over.

It means that you might wear headphones in the studio for various durations like the entire day, for instance, of recording voice-overs in longer-running video.

If you’re wearing uncomfortable headphones for recording constantly it’s possible that you’re not equipped to deliver the best performance. Therefore, choose headphones for studios that have features for comfort like an adjustable clamp that tightens the clamp, cup extenders and over-the-ear cups that are cushioned.

3. The price doesn’t define the most effective For You

In reality the majority of times, you get what you pay for in budget. It is possible to think that the most expensive headphones with voiceovers will give the best performance, however, this might not be true.

In the end, it’s all about recording requirements and the best way to use Studio’s headsets.

The most expensive Studio headphones specifically developed to simulate surround sound can be more expensive than headphones designed specifically to monitor vocals, however the headphones for monitoring vocals are likely to be more suitable for your needs.

4. Think about the connectivity

Typically, headphones used when recording are connected to an audio workstation that is digital, as well as recording equipment using extensions cords and the jack.

Even though this method of recording is the preferred choice for professional studios, it is not the most efficient method for amateurs. Wireless technology is making major advances in recent times to give listeners similar experiences with extremely low latency recording of vocals.

Consider the kind of connection that you’ll need between your studio headphones use and your recording equipment prior to making a decision.

Consider the future and where you imagine the industry will evolve regarding wired contrasted to. wireless options down the road. It is important to be aware of the fact that technologies are always changing , and it’s advantageous to stick with stable connections until you’ve had chance to assess what’s coming next prior to investing in an innovation that will only last two years at the most.

5. It is advisable to think about adding equipment

If you’re starting to buy headphones to record or voice-overs you may think that studio headphones function like regular headphones that connect to a music source that can be used to listen to music. Although this could be true, the majority the studio-style headphones especially ones that are at the top of the price scale, require amplifying process to make the most out of them.

Schiit Magni 3 Headphone Amp

A headphone amplifier might be a different device that could be used to regulate the quantity of material that is fed into the headphones. It can also be used to power an amplifier included in the headphones.

An amplifier is also employed to decrease background noise to produce the clearest, most pure sound feasible. Before purchasing a pair of audio-over headphones, you should be aware that you’ll need an amplifier or another piece of equipment to ensure you’re able to record and track and blend your recordings from the start.

9 Best High-end Closed Back Audiophile Headphones Actually Worth Buying


What are the most commonly used type that are available? Studio headphones?

There are numerous kinds of studio headphones which can be used to record:

  • Over-ear headphones that have a closed-back design.
  • Over-ear, open-back headphones
  • In-ear headphones

While closed-back studio headphones are the most popular choice for recording, different models come with a number of benefits , such as the ease of use.

What’s the distinction between studio and normal headphones?

You’re thinking about using your regular headphones to record?

Regular headphones don’t provide the same functionality as studio headphones, and they do not have the quality of audio you need to record. They’re not designed to mix and typically include different enhancements.

Studio headphones are made to let you be aware of all the happenings in your sound. This means you’ll be able to discern certain details that need to be removed or refined. This will result in a final product will be of higher quality for your listeners to.

Additionally that, the most powerful studio headphones are also more sturdy and durable than standard headphones, which means that they will last longer and have the best sound quality to meet mixing and recording needs.

What price of Studio headphones?

Recording headphones can be purchased at various costs. Higher priced headphones don’t necessarily suggest better quality. It is possible to spend anywhere between $100 to $300 or more for use in studios, depending on the requirements of your.

A Last Note on the Best Studio Headphones

After I’ve shared some my top picks and guided you through the process of selecting the top Studio headset for your needs, it’s time to conduct an evaluation.

Since we have the most excellent headphones for recording voiceovers and vocals using in our ears, it’s only natural that we would prefer closed-backs. But, some open-back headphones are so stunning and breathtaking that we’re going to give them the praise they deserve.

The award for closed-back headphones is presented to the headphones of the Sennheiser HD280 Pro and as in addition to the Beyerdynamic Pro . Both are fantastic. The first is noted for its outstanding quality and comfort as well for its incredible bass response for price that is the lowest.

This Open Back Headphones Award is given to an Audio-Technica ATHR70x Professional Open Back due to its huge audio volume and ergonomic design.

Have I missed a particular model of studio headphone that deserves the consideration of others? Please contact me! Feedback is always welcomed.

Have you got any questions regarding the right studio headphones for recording at your home? Leave a comment below.



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