Best Budget Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones For Working Out

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Best Budget Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones For Working Out 2023– Are They Really Worse Than Wired?

Best Budget Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones For Working Out

Scroll below to compare the best Bluetooth headphones you can get right now.

We reviewed only Over-Ear and On-Ear headphones here.

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Bluetooth is becoming better at transmitting high-quality sound.

Below are some of the best Bluetooth models with different prices, sizes and sound signatures.

There’s a model for you too. Check the comparison table below.

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Best Bluetooth Headphones Comparison

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless (Top Pick)22h$ ($300-$500)Over-Ear+
Bose QuietComfort 3520h
40h wired
$ ($300-$500)Over-Ear-
V-MODA Crossfade Wireless12h$ ($200-$300)Over-Ear-
Bose SoundLink (Top Portable Pick)15h$ ($200-$300)On-Ear-
Sony MDR-ZX770BN13h$ ($200-$300)Over-Ear+
Beats Solo 2 Wireless12h$ ($120-$200)On-Ear-
Plantronics BackBeat PRO24h$ ($120-$200)Over-Ear+
Sony MDRXB950BT/B20h$ ($120-$200)Over-Ear+
Sony MDRXB950BT/B17h$ ($80-$120)Over-Ear+
Skullcandy Grind Bluetooth12h$ ($80-$120)On-Ear-
Photive BTH312h$ ($30-$80)Over-Ear-
August EP65010h$ ($30-$80)Over-Ear+
Skullcandy Uproar10h$ ($30-$80)On-Ear-
MEE Audio Runaway 4.015h$ ($30-$80)On-Ear-
Creative Sound Blaster Jam12h$ ($30-$80)On-Ear-

Best Bluetooth Headphones Reviewed

1-top-pickSennheiser Momentum 2.0





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The new Sennheiser Momentum Wireless now called Momentum 2.0 have improved in basically all categories from the previous model.

Sure the price is steep…

…but the combination of superb sound quality, comfort, durability, noise canceling, and Bluetooth connection…

…makes these the best Bluetooth headphones you can get right now.

If you want to connect your smartphone wirelessly and enjoy the best sound possible, Momentum 2.0 should be your pick.

No other headphones offer a better combination of everything portable headphones with Bluetooth need to have.

What’s in the box?

  • Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless headphones
  • A soft pouch
  • USB to micro-USB charging cable (can also be used for audio with a laptop/PC, smartphone or tablets)
  • 2.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable with an in-line remote for wired use
  • A flight adapter
  • A Quick guide
  • Soft zipper carrying case that fits everything in


Bluetooth – Battery

The Momentum 2.0 Wireless offer up to 22 hours of playtime with ANC and Bluetooth powered on. There is no way to use ANC only meaning with Bluetooth off.

The battery is charged with the included micro-USB to USB cable. You can, of course, use them in the wired passive mode for as long as you want even with an empty battery.

You can check the battery status, in idle mode, with the built-in controls.

They use Bluetooth 4.0 which is more stable and uses less power than the older version. You will get the standard connection range of 30ft (10m) depending on the obstacles in between.

Additionally, you can connect them via NFC as well. Just bring 2 Bluetooth enabled devices close together and they’ll connect automatically.

Since they are high-end Bluetooth headphones they come with aptX support for best possible sound quality over air. Check the sound review below for more info.


Immediately, once you take them out of the box you’ll notice they’re built to last. The rather classical design is well thought through.

Headphone headband is metal with strong joints and nicely hidden screws that keep the foldable structure together. It’s covered by leather to offer premium comfort.

The earcups are bigger than with the previous model so they fit people with bigger ears and heads better.

The earpads are thick, made out of memory foam and covered with real leather. Once they get worn out you can replace them with a new pair. A big plus for durability.

2 year warranty by Sennheiser also protects you from getting a defect model. You can get it replaced or repaired for free.


As you can imagine from seeing them, they are very comfortable headphones.

Comparatively, not as comfy as the Bose QuietComfort 35 but Momentums are better built and use better materials.

You can make the headphones fit bigger heads by sliding the earcups along the slid inside the metal headband.

It’s easy to wear them for hours on end without discomfort. The only annoyance might be the leather.

If you wear them in a hot environment you might start sweating around you ears since leather doesn’t allow your skin to breathe enough.


Apart from Bluetooth connectivity, there are quite a few additional goodies you get.

The first one that comes to mind is active noise cancelling or NoiseGard as Sennheiser calls it.

It gets activated automatically when you turn on the headphones and there is no way to turn it off unless you turn the headphones off as well.

It’s very effective at cancelling out background noise as you’d expect for this price, yet…

… if you’re looking for noise cancelling above else, pick Bose QC 35. It’s slightly better.

You can fold the headphones to make them easier to carry around. They fit into the carrying case nicely.

The earcups also feature built-in controls and microphones. The controls are on the right earcup. They offer solid response and are easy and intuitive to use.

The microphones are used for ANC technology as well as making calls. They also cancel out the noise for clearer calls and compared to other headphones, the call quality is superb.

You can easily use them for long talks without the other person knowing you’re using headphones instead of your phone.

The included audio cable with the in-line remote and microphone also functions in a similar way. It uses twist-on-lock technology for a stable fit. The control buttons can be used for controlling songs (skip, previous and fast-forward, fast-back), volume change, powering up and connecting via Bluetooth.

Triple-click when not listening to music also informs you of the battery status. It has everything you’d expect from a premium set of cans.

Keep in mind the audio changes when headphones are turned on because of internal DAC. The sound is usually better with headphones active when you’re connecting them with a small device like a smartphone.

If you’re using the wired connection with your own amplifier then you can turn the headphones off. They’ll sound at least as good if not better.

There is one more way of connecting the headphones to a music device. You can use the USB to micro-USB cable for music as well.

Just connect it to your laptop, open up your favorite music program and let the fun begin, at the same time as charging your headphones. Pretty cool.

Unfortunately, the microphone doesn’t work this way, it’s just one-way audio transmission.


Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless is the best sounding Bluetooth headphones on the market right now.

Sure they still lack some detail and clarity compared to wired headphones in the same price group… but no other wireless headphones offer the same flexible sound quality.

AptX support for the best Bluetooth sound transmission makes a real difference.

You can either connect them to your home amplifier or just wirelessly connect them to your smartphone on the go and enjoy the sound even if you’re an audiophile.

The sound signature is balanced with a bit of an emphasis on sub-bass compared to the previous model. This doesn’t mean they are bass-heavy, just tad bit colored, but dynamic and enjoyable.

Bass goes low well into sub-bass regions, offers a good mid-bass kick all the while keeping it clean and controlled. No muddiness or overpowering other ranges.

The middle ranges are represented very well. Very organic and natural sounds that create that intimate connection with the singer. They create a great “body” for the other ranges.

They’re very rich, clear and detailed. Something you won’t find in other Bluetooth headphones.

The high sounds or treble is equally great. They are just loud enough not to be tiring while being very detailed, warm, and clear. There is no sibilance or harshness to it so you can easily enjoy the music for hours on end.

Instrument separation is the best in class as well. Just keep them activated as the soundstage gets worse in offline mode.

You can easily distinguish where the sounds are coming from. Basically, this is the closest any Bluetooth headphones have come to replicating amazing soundstage of high-end wired headphones.

Overall, the sound signature is balanced, warm and natural with a bit of “color” in the bass.

The source of your music is important in the overall experience so keep that in mind when first using them.

For an audiophile who wants the closest thing possible to wired, high-end headphones, Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless are the top pick.



  • Stable Bluetooth connection
  • Very sturdy with metal headband and leather (German engineering)
  • Foldable design
  • Very comfortable with bigger earcups and memory foam earpads
  • Nice set of accessories & features
  • Good battery life (22h)
  • Best sound of all Bluetooth headphones
  • Audiophile sound quality, can compare to wired high-end models
  • No real competition in Bluetooth category


  • Expensive compared to alternatives (but worth it)

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Bose QuietComfort 35(best noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones)

Bose QuietComfort 35 ($300-$500)

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Bose QuietComfort 35 are the best noise-canceling headphones you can get right now.

And because they also support Bluetooth they are included in this “Best Bluetooth Headphones” list.

Bose is an absolute leader when it comes to ANC and no other competitor gets close. At least at the moment.

What’s in the box?

  • Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones
  • 3.5mm audio cable
  • Micro-USB to USB charging cable
  • Hard, zipper carrying case
  • Airplane adapter
  • User manual

Bluetooth – Battery

The headphones support Bluetooth and NFC connection. This means you can easily wirelessly connect them with any smartphone, tablet or laptop. iOS, Android and Windows are all supported.

The connection stays stable for the usual 30ft (10m) after which any obstacles will interfere with it. Bluetooth 4.1 helps to keep it stable and in open spaces you can get better than average range.

You can connect 2 music devices simultaneously.

In the package, you also get a 2.5mm to 3.5mm cable which you can use in wired mode. You don’t need the battery to use them with the audio cable.

In Bluetooth and ANC mode, you’ll get up to 20 hours of battery life. In the wired mode with ANC only, up to 40h.


The headphones are made out of sturdy plastics. You can feel they don’t have top-notch durability but it’s good enough. For the price, they could put a bit more effort into picking better materials.

I guess the only way to make headphones flexible and lightweight is to use plastics.

Build quality is not one of the strengths of Bose QuietComfort 35 but doesn’t disappoint either.

As long as you use them for intended purposes they should work for at least a couple of years.


Immediately, once you put Bose QC 35 on, you know these are one of the most comfortable headphones ever made.

All of the Bose headphones are known for having top notch comfort and this model is no different.

Super lightweight design, very flexible headband, and just big enough earcups make them very comfy.

The earpads are made out of memory foam that adjusts to the shape of your ears and head. The headband is padded with Alcantara and flexible enough to fit even the biggest heads.

While the headphones aren’t very big they “stretch” very well and can easily be worn even by people with big heads for hours.

They are intended for the long 12h+ plane flights and excel at that. If you’re a frequent flyer, these are a no brainer.


The Bose QC 35 feature built-in controls on the right earcup. They’re big and give solid feedback.

You can change volume, skip songs forward and back, pause the music, control ANC, and wireless connection.

In the package, you also get a nice, hard carrying bag with a zipper. You can pack everything in, audio cable, charging cable and folded headphones.


Sound quality is great too, as long as you don’t compare them to wired, high-end, audiophile headphones.

These are Bluetooth headphones so they can’t sound as good as wired models of similar price. But compared to the previous model, these are an improvement.

They have slightly more emphasis on the bass so they aren’t so bass light as the older iterations of this brand.

The highs and mids are clear and precise without any distortion, except at unhealthy high volumes.

The soundstage is pretty good as well. Instrument separation is much better and you can far better distinguish where the sounds are coming from.

They make for a great dynamic and fun experience no matter the music genre you’re listening to.

The only thing missing is the aptX support which is a shame as this would make them almost perfect. Nonetheless, you still get AAC support and a quality pair of drivers.

Overall, for a non-audiophile user, these will sound great and more than justify the price.

For the best noise cancelling headphones with Bluetooth, Bose QuietComfort 35 are a no-brainer.



  • You get the best noise cancelling developed by humanity
  • Top notch comfort, perfect for long plane flights
  • Small enough to be a good portable option
  • Plasticy, but solid build quality with a premium feel
  • Much improved battery life (20h BT & ANC, 40h ANC only)
  • Great sound quality with slight emphasis on bass


  • Expensive (you do get top notch ANC though)
  • No aptX support in Bluetooth mode

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V-Moda Crossfade Wireless

V Moda Crossfade Wireless ($200-$300)

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V-Moda is known for their M-100 model which is probably the best model they make. They’re very popular with DJs.

The new Crossfade Wireless are basically the same headphones but also featuring wireless (Bluetooth) connectivity.

The wired V-Modas are one of the best value for money headphones when considering the whole package and it’s not much different with the wireless model.

If you want high-end Bluetooth headphones that sound good and are made to last, pick these.

What’s in the box?

  • V-Moda Crossfade Wireless headphones
  • Strong hard carrying case
  • 3.5mm audio cable with remote and microphone
  • A carabiner hook
  • Micro-USB to USB charging cable
  • User manual
  • A V-Moda sticker

Bluetooth – Battery

Connecting via Bluetooth is as simple as pressing a button. The connection stays stable and strong without distortion up to the standard 30ft (10m) range.

The moment you put walls in between the music device and the headphones you will start experiencing range and connection issues. But this is a problem of Bluetooth, not headphones.

You can connect up to 2 devices at the same time.

The battery life will last you up to 12 hours depending on how loud you listen to them and in what kind of environment. Generally, 12 hours is long enough for most users.

For the cases when the battery dies you can use them in analog wired mode as it doesn’t need any power. The 3.5mm audio cable is included.


When it comes to build-quality V-Moda Crossfade Wireless belong to the best of the best. “Built like a tank”, comes to mind.

Metal plates on the earcups, metal headband, top quality plastics and strong bolts make them very durable. The added 3.5mm audio cable is Kevlar reinforced.

If these headphones die on you because of abuse then all other headphones will die sooner.

Additionally, you get a 1 year warranty by V-Moda. After the first year, you get “Immortal life program” which basically means you can get a new pair of headphones for half the price.

This tells a lot about the confidence of the brand in their products. No shortcomings here.


Because of all the metal in the headphones, they are quite heavy, but thanks to generous cushioning, feel comfy nonetheless.

They can’t compare to the likes of Bose QC 35 but do a good job of offering comfort for hours on end.

Ergonomic memory foam earpads offer a lot of strain relief. They’re covered by pleather and it gives it a premium feel. The over-ear earcups are big enough to fit all ear sizes. They aren’t the biggest but should suffice most people.

Passive noise isolation is also quite good, isolating a lot of background noise. Because of that, they are great for use at home as well. You can plug them in your PC/laptop and use them as a headset.

Check:Best Isolation Headphones.


Built-in controls & mic, wired mode, cool metal plates for custom look.

On the right earcup, there are 3 built-in buttons. They’re big and sturdy just like the rest of the headphones. The functions are very intuitive and you’ll soon get used to them.

Supposedly the people creating them needed 6 months to finish the built-in buttons to their satisfaction.

They also have a built-in microphone that performs rather well. You can easily make calls without distortion and without the other person knowing you’re using headphones.

As said before, you can use the headphones in the wired mode without the use of the battery. Just plug in the audio cable and you have a pair of great wired, over-ear headphones.

The earcups have bolted metal plates on them which you can replace with another color or a custom plate. That’s a pretty cool feature if you want to stand out.


High quality, bass heavy for bassheads.

V-Moda Crossfade Wireless don’t disappoint when it comes to sound either. True, they don’t support aptX but still deliver.

Similarly to their wired M-100 brother they produce a warm but high-quality sound.

Bass is strong and overpowering, suitable for bassheads. Even with its power it stays detailed and avoids bloat. It’s good bass by all standards.

Mids are quite neutral or even overpowered by the bass at times. But don’t be afraid, they’re still there and can be well heard.

Treble is clear and detailed. No sibilance or harshness. Overall, an enjoyable treble signature.

Soundstage isn’t bad either, in fact, considering these are closed-back Bluetooth headphones, it’s very good.

Instrument separation might not be as good as with Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless but doesn’t fall far behind. You can hear where the sounds come from quite well, creating spacious sound.

If you’re looking for tank-like Bluetooth headphones with bass boosted (basshead) high-quality sound, get V-Moda Crossfade Wireless.


  • Tank-like build quality, top notch durability
  • Can be used in wired mode without battery (in-line remote & mic)
  • Good comfort, big ad plush earpads
  • Customization options (changing metal plates on earcups)
  • High quality sound with boosted bass, basshead friendly


  • No aptX support
  • Bassy sound signature, not for audiophiles

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Bose SoundLink (best portable Bluetooth headphones)

Bose SoundLink ($200-$300)

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The second Bluetooth model from Bose, a smaller one.

Bose SoundLink are on-ear headphones which offer more portability for on-the-go use.

They’re a top pick for portable Bluetooth headphones. Pricey, but worth it.

What’s in the box?

  • Bose SoundLink on-ear headphones
  • Zipper carrying case
  • 2.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable (47.2 inches – 120cm)
  • USB to Micro-USB charging cable (12 inches – 30.5cm)
  • User manual

Bluetooth – Battery

Connecting to your Bluetooth devices is as easy as pressing a button. You can connect to 2 devices simultaneously.

This means you can listen to your music with your laptop but also accept calls with your phone. When someone calls you the music stop automatically so you can do the call in peace.

The Bluetooth connection has the standard range of around 30ft (10m). Just make sure you don’t put too many obstacles in between. Thick walls tend to shorten the range.

The battery will give you up to 15 hours of playtime. This is pretty good for such small and lightweight headphones.

To charge fully you need about 1.5 hours and if you’re in a hurry you get 2 hours out of a 15-minute charge. Pretty nice!

The wired mode is also an option. In this case, you don’t need any battery power and just use the audio cable to connect to your device. The audio cable is included in the package.


Bose SoundLink on-ear headphones aren’t much different from other Bose models.

If you’re familiar with the newer products from this company you know what to expect.

Built quality is not top notch but it definitely has that premium feel.

The materials used are very light to keep down weight, but this also means some compromise has been made on durability. They’re plastic all around and the earpads are made out of memory foam covered by pleather.

Note: For the top range of gaming headphones, click here.

Not that they are badly built, it’s just that you will find better built headphones on the market.

Nonetheless, they are built for portable use and as long as you don’t abuse them with water (not sweat-proof), they’ll survive the wear and tear of everyday use.

They can also survive a fall on the floor one in a while, just don’t overdo it.


Comfort is great for on-ear headphones. The thick memory foam earpads adjust to the shape of your ears nicely. The earcups rotate to give a better fit.

Because they’re lightweight they don’t put a lot of pressure on your head either.

Overall, comfort can compare to the best of them. Bose is known for that.

Noise isolation is quite good as well. Since they are closed back and use thick earpads noise doesn’t bother you too much. Still, you can’t expect IEM (in-ear monitor) performance.

You will be able to hear some noise, especially at lower volumes.

They don’t have any active noise cancelling technology. Look for QuietComfort models for that. You can find ANC models here.


There’s a voice prompt that tells you when the headphones are connected and how much battery you have left. It also tells you the name of the caller when you’re using it with a phone.

The 3 built-in buttons on the earcups are big enough even for people with bigger fingers. You can control volume, play/pause, next/previous songs and accept calls.

Three presses of the same button are required to skip to next song which isn’t the most user-friendly but does the job nonetheless.

The built-in microphones are supposedly more advanced and offer better sound quality. We’d agree it’s better than average but nothing revolutionary. You can make calls with confidence without people being annoyed or knowing you’re using headphones.

The carrying case is on the softer side but can pack all of the things that come in the package. This way you are always ready for when the battery runs out or when you want to use them in wired mode.


Sound quality is surprisingly good for Bluetooth headphones that don’t support aptX.

aptX is a more efficient Bluetooth compression that doesn’t completely ruin the sound quality. It’s almost a must-have for Bluetooth headphones nowadays.

But Bose SoundLink on-ear headphones deliver more than what you’d expect. The sound quality isn’t audiophile-like but good enough to enjoy even for a more demanding user.

The highs are clear and precise without having a lot of sibilance or being fatiguing. The middle ranges are on the warmed side while still offering enough detail and richness to be enjoyable.

Bass is also quite good. Not for bassheads as it’s not overpowering other ranges, but it has a nice punch to it.

The soundstage is about average, as you’d expect from most on-ear headphones. It isn’t bad but isn’t great either.

Overall, they offer a very enjoyable and dynamic, although colored, sound. Recommended for more demanding users, just not hardcore audiophiles.

If you’re looking for portable, comfortable headphones with great usability and enjoyable sound, Bose SoundLink on-ear headphones are your top pick.



  • Very comfortable for hours (lightweight, memory foam earpads)
  • Great portability for on-the-go (foldable design, wired mode possible, light)
  • Can connect to 2 devices at the same time
  • Good call sound quality
  • Enjoyable sound quality, rather balanced but colored sound signature


  • Not for hardcore audiophiles
  • Expensive
  • No aptX support

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Sony MDR-ZX770BN

Sony MDR-ZX770BN ($200-$300)

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A great offering from Sony that offers pretty much all the technology you’d need out of modern, up-to-date Bluetooth headphones.

You get great all-around wireless headphones which can be appreciated by everyone.

They aren’t as “flashy” as some of the competition, but enjoyable nonetheless.

What’s in the box?

  • Sony MDR-ZX770BN headphones
  • Micro-USB to USB charging cable
  • 3.5mm audio cable for wired mode
  • Soft carrying bag
  • User manual

Bluetooth – Battery

You can connect them to any Bluetooth enabled device the manual way or with one-click NFC function. The range is the standard 33ft (10m) which varies depending on obstacles in between.

The connection is stable and works as you’d expect.

The battery is good as you can get up to 13 hours (ANC) of playtime per charge. 19 hours without ANC. This is plenty for even the most demanding users.


Build quality is good as is normal from Sony. Every part is well molded and fit in the whole structure.

The headband and earcups are made out of high-quality plastics and metal. The cushioning and earpads are covered by pleather with soft foam inside.

The headphones are surprisingly light which might give you the impression that they’re badly made. This isn’t the case though. They function well in everyday use and have good durability.


Because the headphones are so light, they’re very comfortable. Thick foam earpads fit even the biggest ears and provide good passive noise isolation.

The clamping force isn’t so strong so these aren’t suitable for working out or running.

The only problem seems to be the pleather earpads which tend to heat up and make you sweat, but this happens with all the earpads of this type.

Overall, they’re very comfortable headphones, perfect for enjoying music for hours.


Active noise cancelling (ANC) is the feature most other Bluetooth Sony headphones don’t have.

It’s quite effective at cancelling out background noises though if you want ANC above else, get Bose instead. It’s better.

Note: Here you can find the best noise cancelling earbuds.

The earcups swivel for easier storage as is custom with Sony models. Would be better if they could be folded for portable use, but that’s not the case.

You can use them in wired mode with the added 3.5mm audio cable. This is very useful when the headphones die out and you’re stuck on a plane for example.

The built-in controls are intuitive and easy to use. On the right side, you can control volume and songs. On the left side, you get the power button and ANC on/off button.

You also get built-in microphones which do the job of accepting calls easy. The voice quality is good enough to be usable but it won’t win any awards.


The sound quality is pretty good too. It’s rather balanced in wired and wireless mode. Keep in mind the wireless mode doesn’t sound as good as wired to an educated ear.

For an average user, you won’t hear the difference. And that’s ok because these are meant to be enjoyed by everyone on the go.

They support aptX so you can get better sound quality with an aptX enabled music device.

The funny thing is headphones don’t use the highest quality Bluetooth codec out of the box. You need to check the user manual to set it up.

Basically, when turned off, hold the “+” volume button and then turn and hold the power button.

The bass comes out quite strong.

It has good definition and clarity but slightly lacks in extension. It’s just the right amount of bass without being annoying.

The mids are best represented with good detail and clarity. They’re producing dynamic, warmer tones that fit well with all music genres.

The highs (treble) don’t disappoint either. They have good clarity and power to make any music more lively and at the same time not being too aggressive. There are no problems with the sibilance.

The soundstage is decent. You get good instrument separation that makes it that much more fun.

Overall, it’s a mid-centric quality sound that will be enjoyed by anyone who isn’t looking for heavy bass or perfect sonic fidelity.

If you’re looking for solid Bluetooth headphones that offer everything modern models can, get Sony MDR-ZX770BN.



  • Good comfort, lightweight and soft, big earpads
  • Good durability as usual for Sony
  • Can use in wired mode
  • Lots of technology (ANC,AAC, aptX, NFC)
  • Solid battery life, up to 13 hours with ANC
  • Rather balanced high quality sound anyone can appreciate


  • Don’t use highest quality Bluetooth codec out of the box
  • Not audiophile type headphones
  • Good at everything, great at nothing

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Best Bluetooth Headphones under 200 Reviewed

Beats Solo2 Wireless

Beats Solo2 Wireless ($120-$200)

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One of the better models Beats ever created.

The second version of Solos is much improved over the predecessor.

In fact they even got included on the InnerFidelity “Wall of Fame”which is quite a privilege for any headphones.

You can’t get them under $200 all the time, but you can still get them if you aren’t picky about colors.

Read the rest of the review below.

What’s in the box?

  • Beats Solo2 Wireless headphones
  • Soft zipper carrying bag
  • 3.5mm audio cable with in-line remote
  • USB to Micro-USB charging cable
  • Quick start guide

Bluetooth – Battery

The wireless model of Solo2 uses Bluetooth to connect to music devices. Connecting is a simple as pressing a button and it works without a hassle. Compatible with iOS, Android or Windows devices.

The wireless range is around 30ft (10m) which is the standard for Bluetooth devices. You can connect your phone with them and use the built-in microphone for making calls.

When it comes to battery, it lasts for solid 12 hours on full charge. This is comparable to other on-ear headphones.

12 hours should be long enough to last you your whole workday or a couple of fitness sessions per charge. LED indicator on the right earcup shows you when the headphones need a new charge.


The structure of the headphones is mostly plastic. The headband is metal covered in plastic and soft cushioning.

Headphones fold up nicely for easier storage. Immediately when you take them in your hands you’ll notice they feel premium and well built.

They’re not built like a tank but fare better than your average headphones. With decent care, they should last you a long time.


While on-ear headphones aren’t known for their good comfort Solo2 Wireless do a good job.

Thickly cushioned earpads sit nicely on your ears. The discomfort that you can feel with other on-ear headphones is not present.

The headphones are very lightweight thanks to their plastic structure.

You can wear them comfortably even during sweaty workouts. The fit is tight enough for most exercises, as long as you’re not doing gymnastics.

Passive noise isolation is good too. It does attenuate pretty well but obviously can’t compare to IEMs or good over-ear headphones.


Beats Solo2 Wireless headphones come with a 3.5mm audio cable. The 3.5mm cable (L-plug) has an in-line remote control that is intuitive and very easy to use. Just keep in mind Beats don’t guarantee compatibility with all devices except iOS.

The headphones don’t need to have any power when used in wired mode.

The built-in microphones are good enough for making calls on the go without people knowing you’re using headphones.

There are also built-in controls on the earcup. You can check the instruction manual or just play with them a bit to figure out how they work. It becomes very simple quickly.

Now you don’t have to touch your music device to change volume, songs or pause.


The sound is astonishingly good. Some bass boost is still present so the sound is still colored.

The previous model of the Beats Solo was pretty bad, but this one is a different animal.

Highs or treble is good albeit a bit veiled sounding. There are no spikes or harshness. In general, clarity is good enough to be enjoyable.

Mids don’t disappoint either with good clarity and presence.

Bass is, as expected, thick and impactful. Maybe a bit too thick at times, but this what the general audience likes.

The soundstage is about average. Nothing special compared to other headphones in the same category.

Generally, they’re fun and dynamic headphones perfect for more modern, bass heavier music genres.

If you’re looking for solid headphones with good sound that also look and feel good, Beats Solo2 Wireless are your best pick.



  • Solid durability
  • Fashionable & foldable design (Great for portable use)
  • Great comfort (lightweight, soft earpads)
  • Good, dynamic and enjoyable sound with bass boost


  1. Not for audiophiles wanting balanced, uncolored sound
  2. Design might be too fashionable for some tastes

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Plantronics BackBeat PRO

Plantronics BackBeat PRO ($120-$200)

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Plantronics BackBeat PRO deliver more than what you’d expect.

Just by looking at them they don’t seem anything special. The Plantronics brand has been around for a while but isn’t as known as Bose or Beats.

Yet when you compare them to the rest of Bluetooth over-ear headphones, BackBeat PRO stand as one of the best in the category.

Packed full of features and great performance.

Read below to find out more.

What’s in the box?

  • Plantronics BackBeat PRO headphones
  • Micro-USB to USB charging cable
  • 3.5mm audio cable with in-line remote & mic
  • Soft Nylon carrying pouch

Bluetooth – Battery

Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC make it easy to connect wirelessly with any Bluetooth-enabled device. The range you will usually get is up to 100ft (30m) give or take on how many and how thick the obstacles in between.

This is much longer range than other Bluetooth headphones because Plantronics BackBeat PRO use Class 1 Bluetooth. But keep in mind you also need a Class 1 Bluetooth music device to get the maximum range.

Supposedly you can get 330ft of range, though we didn’t test this.

With the Multipoint feature, you can connect 2 devices at the same time. This means you can listen to music with your laptop and still accept calls with your cell phone. When you get the call the music stops automatically so you can do your call in peace.

The battery life is great at up to 24hours per charge. Very few headphones deliver this much juice on one battery.

This should be plenty of time for even the most demanding users. The positive thing about good battery life is, you don’t have to deal with charging all the time.

There is a LED indicator on the earcup that shows you how much battery you have left. Plus there is a voice prompt telling you your battery is low. The empty battery will never surprise you.


They are made out of strong plastics and they overall feel like a premium product. The plastics and the rest of the structure give them quite some heft. Usually not a bad sign for durability.

The headband is flexible and gives good feedback. The earpads are covered with pleather or artificial leather for good protection against water and mechanical damage.

Overall, you can use them with confidence, as they’re really well-built headphones.


Comfort doesn’t disappoint either. The earcups are big enough to fit all adults. They are big and soft and offer good sound isolation as well.

Earcups rotate 90 degrees for better comfort and so you can fold them flat for easier storage but can’t fully fold them.

They’re very comfortable headphones but maybe not as comfy as Bose QC 35. Some dislike their heavier weight though if you’re used to wearing “serious” headphones you won’t mind.

Wearing them for hours on end is not a problem at all.


The music stops playing automatically when you take them off. A cool feature that saves battery and time. No need having to find the song you listened to the last.

Built-in microphones are better than average in performance. Maybe they can’t compare to professional monophones with ANC microphone, but the call quality is more than good enough.

Calling your friends or boss won’t be an issue. You won’t have to be embarrassed because of voice quality.

There are built-in controls on both earcups. With the right ring, you control volume, with the left one song selection. If you want to pause the music just tap the left button.

Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) can be powered on the left earcup. Turn on/off button is on the right side.

It’s all very intuitive and practical. Buttons feel solid with good feedback.

ANC is another cool feature of Plantronics BackBeat PRO. It’s quite effective at cancelling out noise so you can enjoy your music in peace.

There’s a button that enables you to hear environment sounds without having to put your headphones off. Very useful when trying to talk to people. They’ve really thought of everything and made it easy.


Of course, all the features don’t mean much if the sound is lacking. But it’s not.

Plantronics BackBeat PRO offer great sound quality for the price.

They are slightly warmer, meaning the bass or low ranges are a bit boosted. This isn’t a bad thing for those liking a bit more oomph in their music, but won’t satisfy those looking for a balanced signature.

Since they support aptX and with an aptX supported music device you can enjoy the best sound quality over Bluetooth. This is especially clear when you can compare a high-quality recording with and without aptX.

As said before, the bass is a bit boosted. Has a nice punch and is very controlled and detailed. The quality of the lows is very high which makes them very enjoyable.

Keep in mind these aren’t basshead headphones as they lack the boom and quantity of the lows.

The mids are a bit shy or lacking, but this comes down to personal preference. They’re still clear, detailed and present to make any music genre sound good.

The highs have great power and clarity. Some people might find them a bit too aggressive at times, but in the era of smartphone EQ, this isn’t a big issue.

If you want treble you can get plenty of it.

The soundstage is really amazing too. It’s big and spacious and can easily compare to headphones many times the price. If you want to hear good instrument separation and which direction the sounds are coming from, BackBeat PRO will make you happy.

Overall, the sound quality is superb, especially considering they’re Bluetooth headphones.

If you’re looking for over-ear Bluetooth headphones full of features and great sound quality with a small boost to bass, get Plantronics BackBeat PRO.



  • Good built quality, sturdy plastics
  • Great battery life, up to 24h per charge
  • Lots of features (BT, NFC, ANC, Multipoint…)
  • Great value for money
  • Effective noise cancelling and noise isolation
  • Very comfortable headphones even though a bit heavier
  • Great sound quality with small boost to bass (aptX)


  • Jack of all trades but a master of none

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Sony MDR-XB950BT/B Extra Bass

Sony MDR-XB950BT Extra Bass ($120-$200)

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A great pair of Bluetooth Sony headphones that every basshead must have.

If you like deep, strong bass, to the point of overpowering other ranges, these headphones are for you.

Together with a good battery, comfort, and decent built, they are one of the best wireless headphones you can get right now. Especially considering the price.

They usually cost a bit over $100, but can be bought for less if you’re lucky.

What’s in the box?

  • Sony MDR-XB950BT headphones
  • Micro-USB to USB charging cable
  • 3.5mm audio cable (4ft-1.2m)
  • User manual (warranty card, quick start guide, instructions)

Bluetooth – Battery

You can connect them with Bluetooth supporting NFC. The range you get it solid 33ft (10m), give or take depending on obstacles in between the music device and headphones.

Connecting is as simple as enabling the Bluetooth on both devices and getting them close together. Press the NFC button and you’re connected.

The battery life is very good as well. You’ll get up to 20 hours of playtime on one charge. This is more than most wireless headphones have.

In case the battery runs out, just plug in the 3.5mm audio cable and use the headphones in wired, “passive” mode.


When looking at them the headphones look quite bulky but are surprisingly light.

They’re made of high-quality plastics and metal internal structure. You can expect the usual Sony build quality which is quite high.

We did notice a possible strain point at the headband and earcups joint, though as long as you don’t abuse them they should last you a long time.

They aren’t “tanklike” but pretty close. For portable wireless headphones, good built-quality is almost a must-have. Sony MDR XB950BT don’t disappoint.


Comfort is good too. The over-ear earcups are quite big and deep. Most of your ears won’t touch the inside of the earcups.

Earpads are thick and soft. Made out of foam and covered with artificial leather. This also means you get quite good noise isolation.

Maybe you want to Check: Best Isolation Headphones.

The earcups also rotate so it’s easier to get them in a position that is comfortable for your head shape.


The headphones can be folded flat for easier storage. You get them folded in the original package they come with.

This doesn’t make them the best portable headphones but it’s better than nothing.

The built-in microphones work as you’d expect. You can easily make hands-free calls with your friends and family when connected to your smartphone. (iPhone, Android and Windows compatible)

Built-in earcup controls are easy to reach and very intuitive. You can accept and end calls, enable/disable Bass Boost technology and change songs and volume. Sony has the buttons figured out on all their headphones.


As you can probably assume from the name, Sony MDR Xb950BT Extra Bass these are bass boosted headphones.

Even if you don’t use the Bass Boost technology there is still a lot of emphasis on the lows.

In fact, there is so much bass it’s overpowering other ranges so highs and mids come out a bit weak. But if you’re a basshead, that’s exactly what you want.

These aren’t suitable for audiophiles or those looking for uncolored sound, these are pure basshead headphones.

Electronic bass boost gives all music genres extra boost by just pressing a button.

Since these are aptX supported you’ll get better sound quality out of them than most Bluetooth headphones. As long as you understand they are bass heavy.

The soundstage is decent to good and can be improved with a bit of equalizing. The level of details is also quite good, though would be even better without the boosted bass.

Overall, they’re one of the best basshead Bluetooth headphones you can get.

If you like heavy bass and good comfort, all packed in affordable wireless headphones, get Sony MDR-XB950BT and you won’t be disappointed.



  • Good battery life, up to 20h per charge
  • Good comfort, big soft, rotating earcups
  • aptX support with NFC, AAC and reliable Bluetooth
  • Bass heavy sound signature, basshead friendly


  • Too much bass for audiophiles
  • Bass overpowers mids and highs

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Best Bluetooth Headphones under 100 Reviewed

Skullcandy Grind Wireless

Skullcandy Grind Wireless($80-$120)

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Skullcandy might still have some bad reputation among audiophiles, but Grind model is absolutely great.

The value you get from these on-ear headphones is much bigger than what you’d expect. They’re a great pick for anyone who likes smaller, on-ear designs and a dynamic, fun sound.

Not to mention a cool selection of colors.

What’s in the box?

  • Skullcandy Grind Wireless headphones
  • 3.5mm audio cable, L plug
  • Micro-USB to USB charging cable
  • User manual

Bluetooth – Battery

Since this is the wireless version it uses Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone, tablet or laptop. The range is the standard 33ft (10m) and varies depending on how many walls, obstacles are in between.

The battery life is solid 12 hours per full charge. This is more than enough for most users. It’s actually quite long considering these are smaller, on-ear headphones.


Immediately when taking them into your hands you know they’re durable. The headband is basically full metal and covered by cushioning on the top.

The earcups are fully plastic but well put together. They’re not flimsy and there’s no cracking.

The padding on earcups is soft and covered by pleather. Overall, they’re solid and you can feel it.

You can confidently take them with you anywhere you go.


Comfort is great. For on-ear headphones that is.

They are super light and have soft earpads, perfect for long listening.

The clamping force isn’t too strong, not weak either, just right. You can use them for working out too.

Once you put them on, the earpads put very little pressure on your ears, then you just forget them. That’s pretty much everything you can ask from on-ear headphones.

They’re very comfortable.

The only bad thing is the sound leakage. This isn’t a problem of Skullcandy Grind headphones, but rather their on-ear design. They leak a bit more sound and noises than over-ear or in-ear headphones. It’s not horrible, but it’s noticeable.

So don’t use them in your work office, you don’t want to bother your colleagues.


Apart from the wireless Bluetooth mode, you can use them in the wired mode when the battery runs out. Just plug in the audio cable from the package and you’re ready to go.

On the earcups, there are big buttons which control the music. The 3 buttons are well made and give good feedback. You can control volume, songs (play/pause, skip) and accept/end calls, the usual.

Additionally, you also get a built-in microphone for making calls on the go. This is great if you’re in the gym and just get a call from your friend. Not need to stop with the workout, just press a button and talk.


The sound quality is good too. If you like a bit more “oomph” in your music, these are for you.

They have a rather balanced sound signature but with a slight emphasis on the bass. This is good, making the sound more dynamic and fun while not making it fatiguing.

Bass is a bit boosted, but clear and detailed nonetheless. It’s not muddy or overpowering. It’s just enough to give music a bit of an edge.

These are not real basshead headphones, but a great fit for anyone who likes a bit stronger lows.

The mids and highs are clear and detailed too. They aren’t as prominent as the lows but create an enjoyable, fun sound that can be taken anywhere.

Considering the price, they sound better than expected.

For great bang for your buck, get Skullcandy Grind Wireless with great comfort, durability, features and sound quality all for an affordable price.



  • Great comfort, lightweight, soft earpads
  • Good durability, metal and quality plastic
  • Decent battery life, up to 12 hours
  • Cool color choices
  • Great value for money
  • Great sound, with slight emphasis on bass


  • No carrying bag or case
  • Some sound leakage (normal for on-ear design)
  • Not for audiophiles looking for balanced sound

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MEE Audio Matrix2 (best value for money Bluetooth headphones)

MEE Audio Matrix2 ($30-$80)

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MEE Audio Matrix2 over-ear Bluetooth headphones are the best value for money you can get right now in our opinion.

A number of features and functionality you get for an affordable price is unbeatable. No other model comes close.

If you want to get the best Bluetooth headphones little money can buy, check these out.

What’s in the box?

  • MEE Audio Matrix2 headphones
  • Hard carrying case with nice “carbon fiber” finish
  • 3.5mm audio cable
  • Micro-USB to USB charging cable
  • User manual

Bluetooth – Battery

Matrix2 use Bluetooth 4.0 which is one of the latest editions, it’s more stable and generally works better. They also support NFC for hassle-free connectivity.

Get them close to your music device, press the NFC button and you’re connected. It really is that simple.

You can connect 2 devices at the same time because of Multipoint support. Useful when you want to listen to music from your laptop but also want to accept calls at the same time.

The connection range is the standard 33ft (10m), sometimes more, sometimes less depending on obstacles between your headphones and music device.

The battery is amazing. It uses a built-in rechargeable battery that will give you up to 22 hours of playtime. That is a very big capacity and can compare to the best Bluetooth headphones.

This is enough time to last you for more than just a few sessions. The Bigger battery is always more convenient.

Auto turn-off feature helps with keeping the battery charged. When you don’t use the headphones for a while, they turn off automatically.


Build quality is very good. The headphones feel sturdy and well put together. They’re mostly made out of quality plastics with a matte finish. This keeps those nasty fingertips away.

The headband is metal inside and feels solid with good flexibility and no clanking.

You can fold the headphones flat for easier storage.

The earpad cushioning is covered by pleather and doesn’t seem to be of the cheap kind.


Comfort is also very good.

The over-ear earpads are big, soft and thick enough to fit all adult sized ears. The earcups also swivel so you can adjust them to your head shape.

The weight isn’t a problem either as they’re still mostly made out of plastics.

Wearing them for hours on end is not a problem as these are soft and relatively light headphones. The headband adjusts to different lengths to fit even the biggest heads.

The clamping force isn’t the strongest and that’s great for comfort, but not for passive noise isolation.

Check: Best Isolation Headphones.

Noise isolation is about average. There is some sound leakage on higher volumes, but it isn’t too bad. Expect average performance in this regard.


Sure they don’t have active noise cancellation (ANC) but they have everything else.

Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, aptX, AAC, multipoint, they fold flat, can be used in wired more and have built-in control and mic.

This is a lot of features for such an affordable headphones.

The wired mode doesn’t’ require any battery. If it dies, just plug in the 3.5mm audio cable and you’re ready to listen indefinitely.

Both earcups offer built-in controls. On the left earcup, you control volume, power on/off and calls. The right earcup has buttons for skipping songs next/previous and play/pause.

The buttons are easy to distinguish from each other without having to look at them due to their different design. It’s intuitive and becomes second hand soon.

The built-in microphone sound quality is good. The mic works just like other built-in microphones. It’s good enough for calling friends and family, but not for making high-quality recordings.


MEE Audio Matrix2 support the aptX codec. This means you can get the best sound quality over Bluetooth possible, of course, you need aptX supporting music device too.

There is very little difference in sound quality if you compare wireless and wired. Only the most discerning people will be able to hear the difference.

Bluetooth sound performance is very good. An average user won’t even spot any difference.

The sound signature is balanced without any ranges being too strong.

Bass goes well into sub-bass territory and with nice strength and detail. It’s not fatiguing or overpowering. These aren’t basshead headphones.

The mids are slightly on the warmer side but detailed and clear. They make a nice bridge between the lows and highs.

Treble is precise and detailed too without any sibilance.

Overall they’re very good sounding Bluetooth headphones, though not as good as high-end models, but very close.

The soundstage is good, not great, but still, creates enjoyable special sound with good instrument separation. More expensive models will be better at this, but this is the best you can get at this price.

For the best bang for your buck, MEE Audio Matrix2 offer great comfort, durability, lots of features and high-quality Bluetooth sound all for an affordable price.



  • Best value-for-money Bluetooth headphones
  • Very affordable price
  • Amazing battery life (up to 22h)
  • Lot of features and technology (Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, AAC, aptX, Multipoint, fold flat, wired mode, built-in controls & mic)
  • Good comfort with adjustable headband and over-ear earcups, soft cushioning
  • Good durability, quality matte plastic, metal headband
  • Hard “carbon fiber” carrying case & sleek design
  • High quality sound, balanced signature


  • Great at everything, best at nothing

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Best Bluetooth Headphones under 50 Reviewed

Photive BTH3

Photive BTH3 ($30-$80)

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Photive isn’t a well-known brand but their latest models have been getting more attention lately. Especially their budget offerings are a great value for money.

“Photive PH-BTH3” is no different.

You get a lot of technology and features in a nice design, all for an affordable price.

What’s in the box?

  • Photive BTH3 headphones
  • Micro-USB to USB charging cable
  • 3.5mm audio cable
  • Hard, zipper carrying case
  • User manual

Bluetooth – Battery

Photive BTH3 use 4.0 Bluetooth which is quite new, so you’re getting a stable and hassle-free wireless connection.

The connection range you can expect is the average 33ft (10m). Of course, it varies depending on the environment you’re using it in. In open areas, you might get better range, in closed places shorter…

The battery last for solid 12 hours of play time per full charge. This is more than enough for an average user. Charging usually lasts less than 3 hours.

If you work 8 hours a day and commute to work for 2 hours you still have 2 more hours for relaxation at home or a movie.

In any case, you can always use the headphones in wired mode and not worry about it.


They’re made out of rubbery plastic. The built-quality is OK. Not great but not bad either. It’s what you’d expect from a budget model.

They don’t feel premium but also don’t feel very cheap either.

Take decent care of them and they should give you more than enough value to justify the price.


To sum it up, the headphones are comfortable.

The earcups aren’t the biggest but big enough to fit adult ears. They also swivel flat (90 degrees) for easier storage in the carrying case.

Additionally, earpads are covered by pleather which gives optimal performance. You do get a bit warmer ears after a while, but this is more or less standard.

The structure is lightweight with puts less pressure on your head and ears.

Overall, their comfort is nothing to write home about but good enough.

There is also some sound leakage. To continue, many people say they leak a lot of sound but this isn’t really true.

Sure you can’t listen to them at max volume in a quiet office, but listening on normal volume won’t bother others. The headphones can get quite loud which is probably the reason why people report they have bad noise isolation. It’s average and that’s OK.

Keep the volume to normal levels and you’ll be fine.


On the left earcup, you get all the built-in controls for music. You can control play/pause, next/go back, skip and rewind. On the right earcup, you get the volume control and power button.

The buttons are easy to use and seem strong enough to last.

You also get a built-in microphone for hands-free calling. It’s decent quality, more than enough to make calls with friends and family, just don’t do any important business calls.

The wired mode always comes handy when the battery runs out. You can use any 3.5mm audio cable, doesn’t have to be the one included.

The hard zipper carrying case is also very nice. It offers good protection from damage and you can easily store the headphones and all the cables inside. You’d expect a cheap soft pouch at the price.

Note: Find top budget headphones here.


The sound quality is better than expected. They really sound more like $100 headphones.

The sound signature is rather balanced so no tones are getting out of their way which makes for enjoyable listening of all genres.

Bass is strong and punchy enough to give the music some power and energy. Might be a bit muddy to an audiophile ear but others won’t notice.

The mids are very clear and have enough presence to bridge between the bass and treble.

Treble (lows) go really high without being too aggressive. Sibilance is generally not an issue.

Overall, they sound much better than the price would tell and for a lot of people this is good enough.

Keep in mind these are budget Bluetooth headphones so of course, they don’t sound as good as high-end wired models.

All in all, for great combination of comfort, sound quality and wireless technology with accessories, Photive BTH3 are very hard to beat.



  • Good comfort, lightweight
  • Great value for money
  • Hard zipper bag, 3.5mm audio cable
  • Good sound quality, balanced signature, better than alternatives at the same price


  • Budget model has its shortcomings
  • Average built-quality
  • Average passive noise isolation
  • Not audiophile sound

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August EP650

August EP650 ($30-$80)

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Note: Usually cost around $50, sometimes under $50 if you shop at the righ3.t time.

August EP650 are perfect Bluetooth headphones for those wanting comfort and deep bass.

They aren’t trying to compete with high-end headphones in the wireless category. They instead stand alone as one of the better choices in affordable Bluetooth headphones.

Read below why.

What’s in the box?

  • August EP650 folded headphones
  • 3.5mm audio cable
  • Micro-USB to USB charging cable (can be used for music too)
  • User manual

Bluetooth – Battery

August EP650 sure are budget headphones, but they use Bluetooth 4.1 which is one of the later generations. Connecting is very easy as they support NFC as well. Just get your two Bluetooth devices closer and press the NFC button. Viola! You’re ready to go.

The range you’ll usually get is the standard 33ft (10m). Sometimes more and sometimes less, depending on obstacles in between.

The battery will last you up to 10 hours which is a bit less than most Bluetooth headphones we compared but probably enough for an average user. Charge time is around 2 hours.

Even if you work 8 hours a day, they will last you longer than the whole work time.

For such a low price you can’t really expect better battery, this would surely increase their price.


Built quality is good. It’s not spectacular but not bad either. They’re made out of flexible plastic with a matte finish. Well, you can actually choose from a few different colors.

They feel solid when held in hands. The folding mechanism works well and doesn’t feel cheap.

True, these don’t feel premium and durability probably isn’t top notch, but it’s still solid.

Don’t abuse them too much and they should last you more than long enough.


Officially these are classified as over-ear but the earcups are a bit small. At least the width could be a problem for people with big ears.

If you know you have bigger ears and have problems finding headphones that fit you comfortably, August EP650 are probably not for you.

For anyone else, they’ll be comfortable for hours on end. The earpads are plush and deep enough for most people.

Earcups also swivel so you can easily find a position that fits your head size.

Because of their plastic structure, they’re quite lightweight. This helps when wearing for a long time as they don’t put a lot of pressure on your head.

Overall, comfort is good as long as you don’t have big ears.

Passive noise isolation is decent. If you ramp up the volume though, you will leak sound, keep that in mind.


Even though they’re a budget model they have all the technology other, more expensive, headphones have.

They fold up so it easy to store them.

Built-in controls are big and intuitive. You can play/pause, control song selection and volume as well as accept/end calls.

On the same earcup, there is a LED Bluetooth indicator. It shows you when headphones are connected, but this is a bit annoying. The LED keeps flashing as long as you’re connected which means you’ll look like an alien in a dark room.

Maybe this is a good thing for partying or standing out, but if you’re just using them at home in a dark room, it gets a bit annoying.

They also have a built-in microphone for making calls. Voice quality is decent to good. You can easily make phone calls just don’t expect to make high-quality recordings with it. You won’t get good results.

In case the battery dies out you can use them in wired mode, either with 3.5mm audio cable or with the Micro-USB cable. This is a nice feature many high-end Bluetooth headphones don’t have.


Sound quality doesn’t disappoint either. The soundstage is nothing spectacular, but they surprise when it comes to bass.

These are pretty much basshead headphones. Yes, the mids and highs are quite clear and detailed in non-bassy songs, but if the bass is present it will overpower other ranges.

The bass has a lot of density and at times it’s a bit muddy. But as long as you understand these are budget headphones, they, in fact, sound better than many headphones 2 times the price. Plus they support the aptX codec.

August EP650 are best for bass heavy songs. Modern genres like Hip Hop, Dance, R&B sound great, while for classical lack a bit of detail compared to alternatives.

They’re a lot of fun because they make all songs sound a bit more lively and with fuller bass.

But if you don’t like heavy bass, avoid them.

Want affordable Bluetooth basshead headphones that make music sound fun and dynamic? Get August EP650.



  • Cheap price
  • Great value for money
  • Lots features (folding, NFC, aptX, Bluetooth, wired mode)
  • Good, bass heavy sound, good for bassheads


  • Not for audiophiles
  • Annoying LED indicator

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Skullcandy Uproar Wireless

Skullcandy Uproar Wireless ($30-$80)

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Here is another Skullcandy model that is great value for money. Keep in mind these are on the low-end of Bluetooth headphones so you can’t expect too much.

Nevertheless, Skullcandy Uproar provide a great Bluetooth user experience for an affordable price.

What’s in the box?

  • Skullcandy Uproar Wireless headphones
  • Micro-USB to USB charging cable
  • User manual

Bluetooth – Battery

These budget on-ear headphones use Bluetooth technology to connect to any music device in vicinity wirelessly. They don’t support NFC, but that’s OK since these are a lower-end model.

The Bluetooth connection is stable and works well in the average range of about 33ft (10m).

The battery lasts for about 10 hours which isn’t great, but should be enough for an average user. Usually, you’ll get about 8 hours or so which is still solid. You can just charge them up every day so you always have a full battery available.

Unfortunately, they don’t come with an audio cable because they don’t support wired mode. If the battery runs out, you’ll just have to charge them before using them again.


They’re fully plastic with a matte finish. You can choose from a few different colors to match you styling which is nice.

Build quality is decent. They don’t feel completely cheap which is common for wireless headphones at this price. The headband is flexible enough to remove the need to be careful with them.

The earpads are made out of pleather with soft cushioning and all the parts seem to fit together nicely.

They’re durable enough to justify the price, but nothing special.


Comfort is very good. On-ear pads are bigger than with a lot of other headphones in the same category.

The cushioning is soft and because they are very light they don’t irritate your ears too much.

Once put on, the fit is stable and strong enough for workouts as well. Just keep in mind that most on-ear headphones create a bit of an irritating feeling after hours of use.

They can’t really be compared to over-ear or in-ear headphones, but compared to other on-ear headphones they are very comfortable.

Passive noise isolation is decent. Generally, on-ear headphones aren’t so good at keeping your music in and blocking out the environment noises. You can expect some noise isolation but keep your expectations low. It’s a problem of the on-ear design, not this specific model.


When it comes to features, they don’t offer a lot. But that is to be expected since they’re budget headphones.

Skullcandy Uproar Wireless have built-in controls on the right earcup. You get big buttons for changing the volume/songs and one multi-function button for everything else.

Once you figure out how the buttons work it becomes very simple and intuitive to use them. You can change volume, change songs, play/pause, accept/end calls, control Bluetooth and power them on/off.

They also feature a built-in microphone for hands-free calling. It works as expected. The voice quality is good enough to make calls with, but not great and definitely not suitable for making a quality recording. Nonetheless, it works well for its intended use.


Sound quality doesn’t disappoint either… if you’re looking for fun, dynamic sound with strong bass. Basshead sound signature basically.

That doesn’t mean they are bass monsters, but definitely bass boosted.

Every song you have listened to will now sound different. There’s going to be a lot more bass.

The highs and mids are strong and clear enough to create an enjoyable sound, though there’s no doubt the bass is king here.

Soundstage is about average which isn’t bad in any case.

If you like strong lows and enjoy the more modern music genres on the go, these are a great choice.

For an affordable Bluetooth on-ear headphones with “basshead-like” sound signature, Skullcandy Uproar Wireless are one of the best choices.



  • Cheap price makes good features great
  • Good value for money
  • Cool choice of colors
  • Bass boosted sound signature, great for some easy wireless fun on the streets


  • Budget model that can’t compare to mid-level and higher-end models
  • Not for audiophiles

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MEE Audio Runaway (AF32)

MEE Audio Runaway ($30-$80)

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MEE Audio Runaway (AF32) are great Bluetooth on-ear headphones for everyday use.

Since these are a budget model they can’t really compare to high-end wireless headphones, but do better than you’d expect.

If you’re looking for affordable and comfortable Bluetooth headphones these are a great pick.

What’s in the box?

  • MEE Audio Runaway headphones
  • 3.5mm audio cable
  • Micro-USB to USB charging cable
  • Soft carrying pouch
  • User manual

Bluetooth – Battery

The headphones use Bluetooth to connect wirelessly to any music device in vicinity. They’re compatible with iOS, Android and Windows devices.

Connecting is as simple as pressing a button. You get the average range of around 33ft (10m). With walls in between, you will usually get less.

The battery is supposed to hold for up to 15 hours of playtime. You’ll probably get a little less since battery life is measured at lower volumes.

Anyways, the 10h+ is more than enough for even a demanding user. The charging takes about 4 hours.

In case the battery runs out you can simply plug in the 3.5mm audio cable and use them as wired headphones. No battery needed in that case.


Build quality is solid. They aren’t made like a tank, but considering they’re fully plastic they feel rather well made.

Most headphones in this price range have worse durability.

The earpads are covered by pleather with soft cushioning that adapts to your ears. The folding mechanism and headband are metal on the inside.

As long as you keep decent care of them they’ll serve you for a long time.


Comfort is very good. Because of mostly plastic design, they don’t weight a lot.

When you put them on your head they feel light and soft. The cushioning is thick enough to adjust to your ear shape well.

The clamping force is quite strong as well. You can use them for some light jogging without fearing they’ll fall off.

Passive noise isolation is quite good too. It seems the earpads covered the ears well and don’t let a lot of outside noise in or your music out. This is good to know when you’re not alone in the room.

At higher volumes, there is still some noise leakage, but less than with comparable models.


MEE Audio Runaway headphones fold for easier storage. This makes them good for portable use.

On the right earcup there are built-in controls where you can control volume, song selection, accept/end calls, Bluetooth connection and powering on/off.

Once you remember the buttons and what they do it becomes a breeze to use them.

They also have a built-in microphone for making calls. The voice quality is better than average, though still not studio quality. You can confidently make phone calls on the go without worrying about sound quality.


For budget Bluetooth headphones MEE Audio Runaway sound great. The overall sound signature is rather balanced without any range standing out.

The bass is controlled and punchy. They’re not bass heavy at all, but reproduce the lows in a way that makes it easy and fun to listen for hours.

The mids are quite accurate and a bit on a warmer sound.

Treble is great too, very detailed and accurate. There’s no harshness or sibilance, just pure joy of high pitches.

Soundstage is about average as these are closed-back on-ear headphones and you can’t expect luxuriously wide sound space.

Overall, they sound great for the price and create a much better sound quality than you’d expect from them

For a balanced sound signature, portable design with great comfort and an unbeatable low price for Bluetooth headphones, MEE Audio Runaway are the best pick.



  1. Cheap price
  2. Great value for money
  3. Nice features for budget model (wired mode, folding, Bluetooth, microphone, earcup controls)
  4. Very comfortable, lightweight
  5. Good passive noise isolation
  6. High quality, balanced sound signature


  • Budget model has its shortcomings (average durability)
  • Can’t compare to high-end in anything

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Creative Sound Blaster JAM

Creative Sound Blaster JAM ($30-$80)

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Creative Sound Blaster JAM are headphones targeting the ultra-lightweight and wireless category.

They don’t have the most features nor do they sound much better than their price would assume.

What they do offer though is comfortable portable experience with a very conservative look for an affordable price.

If you’re looking for something like that check out this review.

What’s in the box?

  • Creative Sound Blaster JAM headphones
  • Micro-USB to USB charging cable (for music too)
  • User manual

Bluetooth – Battery

The headphones support Bluetooth and NFC connectivity. You’re supposed to get around 33ft (10m) range though you will start experiencing connectivity issues at around 20ft (6m).

It’s nice that they have NFC so it’s very easy to connect them, just get your music device close and press the NFC button. Viola, you’re ready.

The battery life is good for this budget model. You can reasonably expect up to 12 hours of playtime. Remember, the louder the volume, the faster the battery drain.

Another cool thing is it’s charging cable (Micro USB-USB cable) which can be used for music as well.

They don’t have a 3.5mm cable support but instead can be connected to any device with a USB. You can connect them to your laptop or PC and listen to music while charging.


Build-quality is exactly as you’d expect for the price. It’s is OK but that’s about it. The headphones are fully plastic and because of that feel a bit flimsy and very lightweight.

It’s true Creative probably tried keeping the weight to a minimum to improve comfort and portability, but this means they don’t have a very sturdy feel.

Overall, don’t abuse them and keep good care of their plastic moving parts and they should be fine. They’re quite cheap so you have to take that into account.


The comfort is very good. The super-lightweight design might be a problem for durability but help with comfort.

They’re so light you’ll soon forget you’re wearing them. The earpads are soft and thick enough to fit your ears nicely. The clamping force isn’t strong enough for working out.

You can wear them for hours without feeling discomfort.

The only beef is that the earcups don’t swivel and the headband cushioning is non-existent.

Because it’s hard to get a perfect fit with them the noise isolation isn’t great either. At higher volumes, they leak quite a lot of sound which might be an issue for some.

Check: Best Isolation Headphones.

On another hand, it’s good to hear the noises around you so you can react to possible dangers when outside. Since these are meant for portable use keeping aware of your surroundings is important.


Creative Sound Blaster JAM have built-in buttons on the right earcup. You can control the volume, play/pause, accept/end calls, NFC connectivity but no forward/previous songs selection. This is a bit of shame as it’s pretty much standard with Bluetooth headphones.

Additionally, you get an extra bass button which artificially boosts the low ranges. Its impact can be easily heard and boosts lower mid tones the most.

The built-in microphone is also present and works as intended. It’s nothing special but good enough for calls with friends and family.


Sound quality is good but nothing special. The sound signature is balanced with rather detailed and clear highs and mids. The bass is present but not too strong.

To say they sound simple or even cheap wouldn’t be too far from the truth. Nonetheless, the sound is enjoyable and is not plagued by any major grievances.

There is no sibilance in the highs and listening to them is non-fatiguing.

The soundstage is about average for on-ear headphones which means it’s not particularly big. You still get good instrument separation though.

In the end, if you care the most about comfort, wireless connectivity and portable design for a cheap price then Creative Sound Blaster JAM are a great choice.



  • Very cheap for Bluetooth headphones
  • Can be used as wired headphones (via USB charging cable)
  • Very comfortable, lightweight, not a lot of ear pressure
  • Good battery (up to 12h)
  • Good environment awareness, leak sound in&out (could be a con)
  • Balanced sound signature, no sibilance


  • Simple, budget sound
  • Lacking durability, fully plastic
  • No song selection buttons

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Is Sound Quality Really Worse with Bluetooth?

In short, yes.

The problem with Bluetooth, no matter which version you have, is that it always compresses sound to a certain degree.

With compression comes sound quality loss.

Currently, the best codec is aptX which is already supported by many newer music devices and headphones.

For the best sound quality over Bluetooth, make sure your music device; smartphone and your headphones support aptX.

Another thing to look at is AAC support which is basically an audio coding standard slightly better than MP3.

If you have AAC music and your Bluetooth headphones support it you’ll get better sound quality than with regular MP3s.

Thankfully, the wireless audio technology is advancing very fast. With the newer Bluetooth headphones, you won’t be able to hear any differences in sound quality compared to wired models unless you have a very discerning ear.

Maybe you want to check: Best Bass Earbuds For Budget.

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