Best 3000 Watt Amps RMS

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8 Best 3000 Watt Amps RMS (2023)

You’ve come to a good place if you’re looking for the best amp to fit your car stereo system. This article will explain everything you need to know about car amps.

It can be difficult to buy a car amplifier, especially if it is your first purchase. It’s normal to be confused about power ratings, impedances and crossover filters as well as wiring kits.

This article will provide all information about car amps. We’ll discuss the importance and characteristics of car amplifiers in car audio systems, as well as the differences between different types.

Because it is important to know the differences between advertised and actual power ratings, the largest portion of the introduction is dedicated power ratings. This article’s most fascinating section is the list of 8 Best 3000 Watt Amps RMS. Here you will find interesting suggestions.

The Importance and Usefulness of a Car Amp

An amp is required for every speaker in your car to function. Many cars today have some type of amp, but these amps are often very weak.

These may be the right match for your speakers but if they are not, you will need to get a new amp if you want them to sound better and louder.

Your new speakers won’t sound as good without an amp. They will sound exactly the same as their predecessors.

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It’s not worth upgrading your speakers if your car amp isn’t upgraded. Even if your speakers aren’t upgraded, connecting them with a more powerful amp can improve their performance.

A car amplifier is an integral part of any car’s audio system. A new amp is required for any upgrade, such as replacing speakers or adding subwoofers.

Different Types Of Car Amps

We can distinguish mono, stereo, and multichannel amps based on the number of channels (speaker outs).

Monoblocks and monoamps, also known as monoblocks or monoblocks, are 1-channel amps that are used to power subwoofers. Monoamps are very efficient and powerful.

Depending on which output configuration is used, one monoamp can power one, two or three subwoofers.

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Stereo amps, also known as 2-channel amps, have two speaker outputs. They can power two speakers or, if bridgeable (which it almost always is), one subwoofer in bridged modes.

Multichannel amps can power multiple speakers simultaneously. Although they may not be as powerful as stereo or mono amps , they can power multiple speakers more efficiently than two amps.

You can also divide car amplifiers based on the type of amplification. The most popular amp types are Class-AB amps and Class-D amps.

Mono amps are not permitted to use Class-D type for their efficiency, lower operating temperatures and good bass reproduction.

Because they offer better midrange and bass reproduction, Class-AB amps can be used with smaller speakers.

Class-AB amps perform better than Class-D amps in terms of operating temperatures (they heat up faster) and efficiency, but quality of sound is more important. That’s why Class AB amps can be used for mids and bass while class-D amplifiers can be used for bass.

Although Class-AB amps are capable of powering subwoofers, they can’t be used to provide reliable and stable performance. Class-D amps will deliver better results.

There are also hybrid multichannel amps that some manufacturers make. There are hybrid multichannel amps that have 5 speaker outputs and 1 output with a digital amplifier (amps such as Rockford Fosgate T1000X5ad).

The plans of your organization will determine which amp you choose. A mono amp is the best and most practical option if you are adding a subwoofer or speaker to your car’s stereo system.

A multichannel amp is better if you plan to replace other speakers. A two-channel amp will work best if you are replacing your front speakers only and don’t intend to upgrade.

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The easiest part of your search is choosing the right number of channels. Next, you need to search for impedances and matching power ratings.

Our Top Picks


Finding the Right Power Supply

It is easy to find the right amp for your speakers. It is important to verify the specs of your speakers (or any other speaker) and determine their RMS power rating and impedance.

You should then look for an amplifier with a matching or preferably higher RMS power output to match the impedance.

An amp with a lower impedance will cause excessive heating and not provide the desired results.

Clipping can also occur, which could cause damage to your speakers. A higher output amp is highly recommended. It will allow you to have more headroom, and will not cause damage to your speakers.

You don’t need a 3000W RMS monoamp to power a 1000W RMS subwoofer. You can choose between a 1200W RMS monoamp or a 1500W RMS monoamp.

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Things aren’t always so easy in practice. False advertising is the biggest problem. The biggest problem is the false advertising by some manufacturers, especially those who make cheap amps.

Some manufacturers use numbers that are not related to the actual outputs. Some manufacturers only provide the maximum values, which are less important than RMS values. Always look for RMS values. S

O, it is not enough to check the specs. It is important to dig deeper.

You can calculate the peak power output if you know the type and fuse ratings of the amplifier. This rating can be found in most user manuals.

Although we have said before that max output is less important than RMS output, this can still be true. However, it can help you to understand what to expect from an amp.

If the actual power output is lower than the advertised max, you can rest assured that the amp cannot deliver the advertised power output.

This equation is a practical version of Ohm’s Law. It can be used to calculate the estimated power output of any amp.

The CEA certification is another useful tool. CEA2006 defines the measurement procedures for RMS power outputs in car amplifiers. An amplifier with CEA-certified RMS ratings can guarantee that it can deliver the RMS power outputs.

You should search YouTube for amp dyno testing. These tests are the best way to determine the RMS outputs (certified test), but there are not amp dyno testing for every amp.

These tests can also provide a guideline for what you should expect from a particular brand. If there are multiple tests that are done on the same amp and the output values are consistent, then you can be confident in that manufacturer.

Now you’re familiar with the main facts, let’s move on to our list of 8 top 3000-Watt amplifiers.

This list contains amps that advertise as 3000-Watt amplifiers, but not all of them deliver the advertised outputs. Sometimes, the actual power outputs are much lower than advertised.

This list is broken down into three groups: best 3000-Watt amplifiers under $100, best 3000-Watt amplifiers under $200 and best 3000-Watt amps over $200.

It’s as easy as setting a budget and finding the right amp. One thing we can tell you is that amps should not exceed 3000W peak or RMS. This means you need to spend at least $100 and preferably $200.

Best 3000-Watt Amps Under $100

This category has only one amp, and it isn’t very good. Although it is better than the 3000-Watt budget amps, that doesn’t mean it’s good.

You will have to spend more if you want a decent 3000-Watt amp.

1. Planet Audio TR3000.1D

Editor’s Rating: (3.9 / 5)

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It is true that no cheap amp under $100 can deliver 3000W. Not even in bursts. Their power outputs are lower. Planet Audio TR3000.1D does not make exceptions. It is slightly less efficient than the other models. TR3000.1D is an amp that’s a mono-amp of Class-D.


Your TR3000.1D amp, wired remote for bass, mounting screws, user guide, and 1-year warranty are included in the package. The wiring kit is not included.

The amp looks stylish, compact, and a bit pricey (due to the plastic parts). It measures 13in in length, 10.7in width, and 2.4in high.

Only RCA inputs are available for the amp. The amp does not have speaker-level inputs. You will need an adapter to connect it with your factory receiver. You can also use the amp’s RCA line outputs to strapping.

TR3000.1D has variable low-pass and/or subsonic filters. The low-pass crossover range is between 50Hz and 250Hz, while the subsonic crossover spans between 15Hz-40Hz.

You can adjust the amp’s bass boost knob to increase your bass response up to 18dB. The bass remote can be installed if desired, but it is not necessary. You can also install the phase switch (0-180deg).

Although the amp’s maximum output is 3000W, it can’t exceed 3000W. This amp can power up to 700W according to our calculations. YouTube has one amp Dyno Test for this amp, which shows lower power outputs.

The specs state that the amp can output 2250W continuous at 1 (it’s1 stable), 1125W @ 2, and 563W @ 4.

These outputs are all a bit overrated. The amp could power a subwoofer of 300W RMS, but that’s likely its limit.


  • Design-friendly and compact
  • RCA line inputs and RCA outputs
  • Strapping capabilities
  • Variable low-pass filters (50Hz-250Hz), and subsonic filters (15Hz-40Hz).
  • Bass boost (0-18dB) & bass level remote
  • Stable at 1


  • The advertised power outputs do not match the actual power outputs

Best 3000-Watt Amps Under $200

Only one or maybe two amps in this class can push the 3000W advertised. Taramp’s HD3000 is our top choice for a 3000-Watt amp at a reasonable price.

This amp can continuously deliver 3000W. While the performance is decent for the price, the real power outputs of the amps are nowhere near 3000W.

2. BOSS Audio PT3000

Editor’s Rating: (4 / 5)

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BOSS is another amp manufacturer known for its high power ratings. Although their amps are decent for the price, they never delivered the promised power outputs. The PT3000 2-channel Class-AB amp is a beautiful looking model.


The PT3000 includes mounting screws, a wired bass knob, a user manual, as well as a 1-year warranty.

This amp is stylish thanks to the red lighting and backlit Boss logo. The PT3000 amp is large at 22in in length, 10.3in width, and 2.3in high.

PT3000 supports both high-level and low level inputs (RCA). If your factory receiver does not have RCA outputs, you won’t need an adapter.

The amp has variable high-pass, and low-pass filters. The crossover ranges are 50Hz to 250Hz.

You can choose the crossover mode based on which speakers are connected to your amp. Also, depending on which mode you select, either a low-pass filter (low/full/high), or a high-pass filter (high-pass filter). Adjusting crossover filters in full mode will not have any effect.

The bass boost knob allows you to adjust the response of your bass. You can increase the bass up to 18dB.

PT3000 has a fuse at 80A. It uses two 40A fuses. It’s an analog (Class-AB) fuse. Our calculations show that the amp can output 691W maximum. This is far below the 3000W advertised.

Although the RMS power output of this amp is advertised at 1125W x2 at 2, it could barely push more than 500W continuously (250Wx2 at 2 in stereo mode and 500W at 4 when in bridged mode).


  • Red illumination – stylish design
  • Inputs of high and low levels
  • Variable low- and high-pass crossover filter (50Hz-250Hz).
  • Stereo mode: Stable at 2-8
  • Bridged Mode: Stable at 1-4
  • Bass boost (0-18dB)
  • Bass level remote
  • Two 200W/2 speakers, or one 500W/4 Subwoofer provide stable performance


  • At 1 it is not stable
  • Actual power output is much lower than advertised

3. Rockville RXD-M2 3000 Watt

Editor’s Rating: (4.2 / 5)

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Rockville is another affordable brand, and it’s not as good as Audio Planet or BOSS Audio. But there’s something that makes Rockville amps the first choice for cheap amps.

Rockville amps comply with CEA standards so you know what to expect. Although the manufacturer can bloat the power ratings, it is not illegal. However, you should not take the advertised power ratings as a given. Your RXD-M2 is a Class-D monoamp.


An amp includes a wired remote for bass level, a user manual, mounting screws and a 1-year warranty. The package does not include a wiring kit.

RXD2-M2 is compact and stylish. It measures 13.7in in length, 8.6in width, and 2in high. It is very slim and easy to put together.

Only RCA inputs are available for the amp (no speaker-level inputs). You can also use the RCA preamp outputs to attach another amp if you require more power.

Both subsonic and low-pass filters are adjustable and can be adjusted. The subsonic range is between 15Hz and 55Hz, while the low-pass crossover spans 50Hz to 250Hz.

For additional convenience, the amp has a bass boost knob as well as a remote control for bass level. The amp can be tuned to increase the bass response up to 12dB.

RXD-M2 class-D amp with 80% efficiency. It’s fused at 80A and uses 2 external 40Afuses. This amp is capable of pushing 921W, which is quite a bit less than the 3000W advertised.

There are two sets of RMS ratings in the manual. We will however be focusing our attention on CEA certified outputs. Although the RMS ratings advertised are much higher, they are all exaggerated.

RXD-M2 is CEA-certified to push 750W continuously (at 1) and 550W continuously (2/2), respectively, and 400W (4/4). This amp is the perfect option if you are looking for a cheap way to power your 500W/2 subwoofer.

This amp is not recommended if you are looking for an amp to power two sub-12in (12in) (1000W RMS each).


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Low-level RCA inputs
  • RCA preamp outputs
  • Strapping capabilities
  • Variable low-pass filters (50Hz-250Hz), and subsonic (15Hz-60Hz) filters
  • Bass boost (0-12dB) & bass level remote
  • Stable at 1
  • RMS power outputs CEA-certified
  • A 500W/2 subwoofer provides stable performance


  • There are no high-level inputs
  • Actual power outputs are lower than advertised

4. Taramp’s HD 3000

Editor’s Rating: (4.7 / 5)

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Taramp’s Brazilian amp manufacturer. This company was founded in 1999 and is quite young. Although it is not the most well-known brand, it deserves your attention, especially if money is tight.

The amps are powerful, but also very affordable. Taramp amps are not inflated like many budget amps.

Numerous amp dyno videos on YouTube have shown that Taramp’s amps perform well – their power outputs match the advertised values. We present Taramp’s HD 3000 mono-amp, Class-D.


The amp also comes with a 1-year warranty and a user manual. This amp is not like other amps. It doesn’t have a bass level remote. However, the unit has a bass boost knob.

This amp is small for its power output and compact. It measures 9in in length, 7.3in width, and 2.6in high.

Taramp’s HD 3000 has only RCA inputs. It does not have high-level inputs. It doesn’t have RCA outputs like other monoamps.

Mono amps generally have a limited frequency response. They are often used to power subwoofers. Their frequency response is therefore limited to low frequencies (10Hz – 250Hz), but in this instance, it spans 10Hz-20kHz (this amp is full-range).

The amp has variable subsonic (10Hz to 80Hz) and low pass filters (80Hz to full).

HD 3000 has a bass boost knob that allows you to increase the bass level by as much as 10dB.

This amp is unique because of its power output. The W/$ ratio is unbeatable with this Taramp amp. It can deliver a maximum power output of 3575W.

Our calculations show that the maximum output is 3456W. However, amp dyno testing shows even higher levels.

The specs indicate that Taramp’s HD 3000 can produce 3000W continuously at 1, 2025W 2 and 1140W 4 respectively. The amp dyno tests have shown that HD 3000 has a higher RMS power output than any of these. Taramp’s HD 3000 is more expensive than you might expect for the price.


  • Compact and super-small
  • Low-level RCA inputs
  • Variable low-pass, subsonic and high-pass filters
  • Bass boost (0-10dB)
  • Amazing RMS power outputs
  • Excellent W/$ ratio


  • The amp does not have high-level inputs
  • It does not have RCA preamp outputs

5. DS18 GEN-X3000.1D

Editor’s Rating: (4.4 / 5)

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DS18 is a Korean manufacturer of amps. If you are unsure about Brazilian amps but still need something affordable, the DS18 GENX3000.1D is the perfect choice.

The DS18 GENX3000.1D mono-amp is a Class D mono amp that has a max power output of 3000W. Although the max output is somewhat exaggerated, the RMS values are very accurate.


Your DS18 GENX3000.1D amp, a bass level remote, user manual and mounting screws are all included in the package. The wiring kit is not included.

It is compact and stylish. It measures 15.4in in length, 7.5in width, and 2.4in high. The product is not the smallest available on the market. You will need to carefully consider the placement and layout, as well as the space available.

Only RCA inputs are available for the amp. You will need an adapter to connect your factory receiver with the amp. There are no high level inputs.

You can also use the RCA bridge-in or bridge-out ports to attach two amps together.

DS18 GENX3000.1D has variable low-pass and/or subsonic filters. The low-pass crossover range is between 40Hz-180Hz, while the subsonic range is from 17Hz-50Hz.

The amp’s bass boost knob (up to 12dB) and the remote can be used to increase the response. You can also choose the frequency to be boosted (30Hz-80Hz).

It is fused at 120A and uses 4 30A amps. 80%). Based on our calculations, this amp cannot push 3000W maximum.

It is likely that the peak power output is closer to 1500W. The peak power output is probably closer to 1500W. However, amp dyno testing for the amp’s bigger brother DS18 GENX6000.1D shows that while the max power outputs advertised are a bit high, the RMS power outputs listed in the user manual are spot on.

The DS18 GENX3000.1D can deliver 1000W continuously at 1, 700W or 430W at 2. You can strap the amp to another amp if you require more power.


  • Low-level RCA inputs
  • Bridge-in and bridge out RCA ports
  • Strapping capabilities
  • Crossover filters for variable low-pass (40Hz-180Hz), and subsonic (17Hz-50Hz).
  • Bass boost (0-12dB)
  • Selectable bass boost frequency (30Hz-80Hz)
  • Stable at 1
  • 1000W RMS power output (at 1)


  • The amp does not have high-level inputs

Best 3000-Watt Amps Over $200

Our top three picks are the next three amps. Audiopipe APCL30001D is our top choice in this category.

6. Hifonics BXX3000.1D

Editor’s Rating: (4.7 / 5)

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Hifonics is a brand that has been around for over 35 years. Hifonics amps were hugely popular in the 1990s. They were powerful, reliable, and very expensive.

Although Hifonics amps remain competitive, they are not as good as they once were. The Hifonics Class-D mono amplifier, the BXX3016.1D, has a power output of 3000W. This model is very similar in design to BRX3016.1D. Only difference is the slightly lower RMS power output.


An amplifier includes a remote control for bass, mounting screws, a user manual, and a warranty card. The wiring kit will cost extra. For the power terminals, you can use 1/0-gauge and for the speakers, 10-gauge.

Hifonics’ iconic design features are evident in the amp, including a shiny aluminum chassis and large heatsinks. The amp also has an illuminated logo, speaker outputs and a glowing logo. The amp measures 19in in length, 10in width, and 2.5in high.

Inputs are limited to RCA (low level) inputs. There are no high-level inputs. If you wish to connect two amps and achieve higher output, the amp has slave-in and master-out RCA ports.

BXX3000.1D has variable low-pass and/or subsonic filters. The subsonic range is between 15Hz and 35Hz, while the low-pass crossover range covers from 35Hz to 250Hz.

You can increase the bass to your liking by up to 10dB. The amp’s bass knob can be used, or you can use the included bass remote. If you need to adjust the bass response, you can use the phase switch.

250A inline fuse, amp fused at 250A. It’s class D fuses it to 80% efficiency. The equation in the introduction will give you the approximate. Maximum power output is 2880W

The specifications in the manual are vague. Although the manufacturer gives numbers, they don’t provide any information about the output type (RMS/Peak). These are all RMS values. We can conclude that the outputs are slightly overrated.

According to the manufacturer, BBX3000.1D is capable of pushing 3000W at 1, 1400W 2 and 700W 4 respectively. Although we couldn’t find any amp-dyno testing for this amp, our experience suggests that it can push 2500W continuously at 1.

Although it isn’t bad considering the price, it doesn’t have the same power output as the advertised. It can power one to two subwoofers of 1000W/2.


  • Low-level RCA inputs
  • Slave-in RCA outputs and Master-out RCA outputs
  • Strapping capabilities
  • Variable low-pass filters (35Hz-250Hz), and subsonic (15Hz-30Hz) filters
  • Bass boost (0-10dB) & phase switch (0-180deg).
  • Stable at 1
  • One or two subwoofers 1000W/2 provide reliable performance


  • The amp does not have high-level inputs
  • Actual power output is slightly lower that advertised

7. AudioPipe APCL 30001D

Editor’s Rating: (4.8 / 5)

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Audiopipe is our favourite when it comes down to price and performance. Audiopipe amps have powerful power ratings, are accurate in their advertised power ratings, and are extremely affordable.

APCL 30001D, the most reliable amp at 3000W under $400 is the best option. This is a Class-D monoamp with a RMS output of 3000W (at 2.). This amp’s only problem is its inability to stabilize at 1.


Your amp, remote control, manual and warranty card are included in the packaging. The wiring kit is not included. For power terminals, you can use either 1/0-gauge or 10/12 gauge wire.

The amplifier has the AudioPipe design, which includes a black aluminum housing and a silver grille underneath. There are also long heatsinks to the left and right. The amp measures 27.9in in length, 7in wide and 2.2in high. The amp is the longest 3000W amp on the market. It will need some planning.

APCL 30001D features RCA (low-level) inputs. This amp doesn’t feature high-level inputs and RCA preamp outputs. This amp does not have strapping capabilities.

Variable low-pass and subsonic filters are available on the amp. The low-pass crossover range is between 40Hz and 180Hz, while subsonic crossover spans between 5Hz and 50Hz.

You can increase the bass to 12dB if you enjoy bassy music. The amp comes with a bass remote and a bass boost knob. You can select the frequency that you wish to boost (30Hz-80Hz), and also change the phase (0-180deg).

The specs state that the amp can output 3000W continuously at 2 and 1800W at 4. Our calculations indicate a lower maximum power output value (2304W), however has an amp dyno that proves that APCL30001D can push 3000W under 2 loads.

The amp offers 4-way protection: overheat, overload and low voltage.


  • RCA (low-level) inputs
  • Compatible power terminals 1/0 gauge
  • Crossover filters for variable low-pass (40Hz to 180Hz) and subsonic (5Hz-50Hz).
  • Bass boost (0-12dB) or selectable frequency (30Hz-80Hz).
  • Adjustable phase
  • Reliable performance at 3000W RMS (at 2)
  • 4-way protection


  • No high-level inputs
  • No strapping abilities
  • At 1 it is not stable

8. Hifonics H35 3000.1D

Editor’s Rating: (4.6 / 5)

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Another amp by Hifonics. This amp is part of the special Hercules series, which celebrates the 35th anniversary for this amp manufacturer. Hifonics H35 performs slightly less than the BXX3000.1D. At 1., the maximum power output advertised is 3000W.


H35 is just like the previous Hifonics amplifier. It comes with a user manual, mounting screws and a bass level remote. The wiring kit is not included.

The amps of the Hercules series are better than those from the BRX or BXX series. This is due to the different color choices and heatsinks. H35 3000.1D measures 22.4in in length, 10in wide and 3.5in high.

The amp has RCA low-level inputs as well as RCA preamp outputs. The amp doesn’t feature high-level inputs.

Variable low-pass and subsonic crossfader filters are available. The low-pass crossover range is between 35Hz and 250Hz, and the subsonic range is between 15Hz and 35Hz.

You can increase the bass response by up to 9dB using the remote or the knob on the unit. Bass boost is located around 45Hz.

Our calculations show that the amp can output 2304W maximum (at the lowest permissible impedance). According to the manufacturer, it can reach 3000W.

Hifonics does not publish RMS power ratings, but amp Dyno Test shows that H35 3000.1D can produce 1500W+ continuously at 1, 750W+ 2 and 375W+ 4 respectively. The amp is quite affordable and delivers a good level of performance. This amp could power one subwoofer of 1000W/2.


  • Low-level inputs
  • RCA preamp outputs
  • Variable low-pass filters (35Hz-250Hz), and subsonic (15Hz-30Hz) filters
  • Bass boost (0-9dB)
  • Performance stable and reliable with 1500W RMS output (at one load)


  • No high-level inputs
  • Not too strappable

This is the end of our list of 8 best 3000-Watt amps. If there was nothing you liked on the list and if you want to keep searching, here’s a short buyer’s guide with some tips on what to look for when buying a car amp.

Buyer’s guide – Things to Think About When Buying an Amp


You will need to spend more than $100 if you want an amp capable of pushing 3000W. We have found that budget 3000-Watt amps, which are less than $100, are a fraud.

Manufacturers don’t disclose the specifications and power outputs are greatly exaggerated. The amps are affordable, but they don’t have the power output to deliver 3000W.

Taramp’s HD 3000 is the cheapest amp that can push 3000W continuously. This is a mono Class-D amp. Hifonics amps are worth looking at (Hifonics BXX3000.1D, Audiopipe APCL30001D).

Amplification Type

The channels have been discussed before so it’s not necessary to repeat them all. Let’s take a look at the channels.

There are many types of amps: mono amps and stereo amps. Choose the amp that best suits your needs.

A mono amp is sufficient to add subwoofers. You don’t need a multichannel amplifier. A 4-channel amplifier with matching power outputs is best if you are looking to upgrade your car’s stereo system (4 speakers).

There are many combinations you can make. You can purchase one mono amp to power the subwoofers, and one 4-channel amp to power the speakers. To make them all work together, you will need a mono amplifier with preamp RCA outputs.

In some cases, purchasing two amps of the exact same type (for example, two mono 1000W amps) can be cheaper than buying one 2000W amp.

You don’t have many options when it comes to amplifying type. The majority of multichannel amps (analog and digital) are Class-AB amps, while mono amps (digital) are mainly Class-D amps.

While digital amplification offers some important advantages over analog amplification (lower operating temperature, higher efficiency, and higher power output), the real draw for Class-AB amps is their final product (sound).

The midrange and treble reproduction of digital amps is not the same as that of analog amps. This is why manufacturers don’t make Class-D amps.

Class-D amps provide a very good and well-controlled bass reproduction, which is why the majority of monoamps are Class D amps.

Power outputs

This is one of the most confusing topics when it comes car amps. You can avoid purchasing the wrong amp by following these simple tips.

First, it is possible that it sounds too good to true. Budget amps that boast high outputs may not be as good as they claim. They are often quite poor and have power ratings that are far below the advertised outputs.

The CEA-certified RMS power ratings are second. These ratings are very useful and accurate. Sadly, CEA 2006 car amplifier standard is not obligatory and some excellent high-end amps may not be CEA-certified.

If you have the fuse rating and type of amplifier, you can calculate the approximate output. Although this calculation won’t give you the best power output, it can help to determine the true capabilities of an amp.

You can also search for amp dyno testing on YouTube. These tests are conducted by third parties (YouTube reviewsers) or, in certain cases, by the manufacturer.

These tests are extremely accurate and give you an idea of what to expect from an amp. Although there are more amp dyno testing available, not all amps have the same test.

Common features

You should pay attention to inputs (low-level and high-level), crossover filter (high-pass and low-pass), preamp outputs and strapping capabilities.

Two types of inputs are common: high-level (speaker-level) and low-level(RCA). The amp should be selected with the correct input type.

Preinstalled car receivers today don’t have RCA inputs, but most aftermarket receivers do.

Some amps can accept both input types. Some amps only have RCA inputs. If your amp has RCA inputs but your car receiver does not have RCA outputs you will need to purchase a high-to low adapter that includes the appropriate number of channels.

Multichannel amplifiers often have high-pass and low-pass crossover filter. These filters can be either fixed or variable, and allow you to choose the frequencies that are sent to specific speakers.

These filters allow you to choose which frequencies go to the subwoofer, and which to your stereo speakers. Low-pass and subsonic filters are common in mono amps. They can be either fixed or variable.

Some monoamps also have additional RCA outputs. These outputs can be used to connect another amp in some cases. You can pair a mono amp to power your subwoofer with a 2-channel or 4-channel amp to power the other speakers.

Mono amps can also be strappable. Strapping refers to the act of pairing two amps to achieve a higher power output.


Because you don’t have unlimited space, amp size is crucial. The available space is actually very limited. It is important to consider the dimensions of your amp.

Don’t forget to provide adequate ventilation. Good airflow is essential for a stable performance of amps that can heat up quickly.


Installation is the most difficult part of any job. It’s best to hire a professional. If you’re looking to install the wiring yourself, the kits are not included in the package. You will need to purchase them separately.

It is not a smart idea to try and save money on a wiring kit. There is a reason why the price difference between the most expensive and most expensive kits can reach up to $100.

CCA (copper-clad aluminium) kits are often very affordable, but they don’t offer the same level of performance as OFC.

OFC cables conduct better and don’t heat as much as CCA cables. OfC wiring kits are a must. The best OFC doesn’t necessarily have to be the most expensive. A decent OFC kit can be purchased for as low as $60

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