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Beats Solo 2 Wireless Review

If you’re still undecided regarding Beats and believe that their music isn’t good due to the label’s “cool to hate’ attitude check out this Beats Solo 2 Wireless Review.

Bottom Line

In terms of sound The Solo 2 Wireless headphones are an excellent illustration of the kind of wireless headphone might be, however, it is weighed down by the discomfort and expensive price, making difficult to recommend them.

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The sequel of one of the more loved headphones ever made The Beats Solo 2 Wireless are exactly what a sequel ought to consist of: they’re better than the original! But their wireless version isn’t the best.

Let’s remove this from the way fast:

The Beats Solo 2 Wireless headphones aren’t good. They certainly were an excellent choice when they first came out.

But it’s been nearly five years since their release and, as of today they’ve got many issues to be the ideal purchase.

It doesn’t mean these headphones won’t be perfect for you, but let’s look at what these headphones can offer.


Name Solo 2 Wireless
Type On-ear headphones
Connection Wireless
Weight 0.47 pounds (0.215 kg)
Open/Closed Closed
Noise-isolation Passive


Reviews of headphones tend to be predominantly focused on sound for the largest portion, which is understandable because it’s the primary aspect to think about.

In the reviews, Beats have been infamous for their design-over-substance approach.

The phrase has been repeated repeatedly that you’d think this is the only thing that can be said about Beats headphones.

It’s not.

It was certainly the norm, but it changed when the Beats Solo 2 Wireless came and ended that stigma.

As we’ve mentioned, the headphones are an amazing improvement over the previous Solo headphones.

They’ve significantly decreased the margin of style-to-substance due to their better sound qualitywhile maintaining the amazing design of all of the Solos which were in existence and have since been released.

They are available in blue, red as well as black, white and red as well as identical accessory options to match each colour. If you’re looking for a more subtle style, the black one is probably the best choice.

If you’re looking for real eye-catching designs, choose the red. Beats has you covered in any case.

The Beats Solo 2 Wireless are available in many colors


Comparing these wireless headphones with their wired counterparts cannot be a good idea since they’re identical headphones in many ways. The difference is that Beats have made a few adjustments to the wireless model.

Wireless headphones tend to weigh more than wired models and this is noticeable when you own two variations of the identical model.

This isn’t a surprise in the least since wireless headphones need to accommodate the battery and many other technologies within the earpieces.

But, surprisingly, it’s surprising that the Solo 2 Wireless headphones weight just a little bit more than wired headphones.

It might not seem like anything significant however the fact that they’re this light will speak volumes about the lengths that engineers went in creating the headphones.

Also, we must mention it is true that Solo 2 Wireless headphones are mostly composed from plastic.

However, the plastic isn’t expensive at all by any stretch of the imagination.

It’s extremely bendy and twisty and doesn’t look like it’s going to break just by the idea dropping it…

… But it’s plastic. It’s sturdy enough for the majority of people, and you’ll definitely be able to carry these headphones around in your bag without worry However, If you’re at risk of dropping your headphones, then you’ll need to take a look at other options.

Additionally, they do not have active noise cancellation which is odd considering they were launched at just $300.

They’re in-ear isolation is good, but we’re not sure that you should settle for anything less than you’d want to do with the amount you do.


The design of the plastic was definitely used for the purpose of making headphones less heavy.

With 215 grams, it’s safe to claim that they’re among the lightest of competitors, but there’s more to comfort than weight.

The second factor to be considered following the mass is padding. The ear pads are attractive.

They are soft and strong and thicker than on an earphone wired model. The earcups pivot to give the most comfortable fitting. But they are uncomfortable.

What is the reason?

The problem is something that isn’t often thought of and, if it is, hasn’t actually printed with other specifications that pertain to clamping force.

The force of clamping on these headphones is incredibly strong.

We won’t sugarcoat it the fact that they can pinch! If you don’t particularly like the sensation of being pinched it’s unlikely that you’ll wear these for long periods.

They’re sturdy enough for you to run without worrying about the world, however that’s not exactly a benefit in the disadvantage of its population – everybody.


It could be a bit odd to devote a whole chapter to wireless cable headphones. However, there’s lots to discuss in this article. The first is that you’ll notice that Solo 2 Wireless headphones come with two cables.

One is your normal charging cable. It is inserted into the right earcup and it starts charging the battery. It’s pretty simple.

There’s a second cable you can plug into the left earcup.

It’s utilized to make the headphones wired. It includes an in-line remote that comes with all the features you would expect such as A microphone with volume control, pause/play, and skip tracks.

Additionally, in case you’re in doubt, you are entitled to all these functions even if you are using them wirelessly.

They’re all perfectly built into the earcup and you won’t be able to see it just from taking a look at the images.

The second cable is great in the event that your battery goes out of your system because you haven’t charged it.

The fact that you didn’t charge that battery will be the sole way you could see the battery suddenly dying in the first place and it’s not something to shrug off.

The battery’s lifespan is advertised as 12-hoursand this is what it provides. If you love listening to music while you commute then they should give for a week or more before you run low on juice.

If not, twelve hours is a acceptable number.

Also, there’s a cool LED light inside the earcup that tells how much battery have left. If you do lose it the battery is all yours.

Another thing worth a noting is the fact that this charging cord utilizes an micro USB port.

It is important to mention this because Beats for those who didn’t know that it is an Apple company, and therefore they are using Apple’s exclusive lightning port.

Although Solo 2 Wireless headphones Solo 2 Wireless headphones were released following their acquisition by Apple purchase however, they were designed before.

Therefore, If you’re desire for Beats but you aren’t an iPhone users, these headphones can be a great choice.


We now come to the quality of sound. It was once the case that the sound quality was the weakest link within Beats headphones. However, don’t fret that this won’t be a problem that you need to be concerned about when using Solo 2 Wireless.

Solo 2 Wireless. The best part is that the wireless headphones are exactly similar to the wired version and that’s almost not the case.

Audiophiles who are certified will notice the small compression, but in the end audiophiles with wireless headsets to be able to reproduce so as similar to their wired counterparts was an unprecedented feat.

For the sound, it’s not like Beats changed their sound however they definitely refined their distinctive sound.

Of of course, the bass is the predominant frequency however, it’s a relief that it’s not in the way of middles or highs. In general, this sound comes across more warm and more clearand can produce some impressive vocals.

There is some distortion, but you’ll have to raise the volume to levels that aren’t recommended to be able to hear the distortion.

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The issue is that competition is intense. They sound fantastic and, in actual fact, have the same quality as wired versions, but they’re 100 dollars more costly.

This is a significant amount of money just for Bluetooth particularly when you’re already paying to get the Beats logo. Furthermore, they’re not the most comfortable.

They’re simply not cost-effective. If they were viewed in isolation they’d be great however, there are numerous better headphones overall, or even headphones nearly as good and less money.

It’s not in good conscience that we’ll let them go since they’re not a problem except for a few issues of comfort however, if you’re planning to purchase them, try to find the lowest price possible since you can get much more value for the $300.


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