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Beats Mixr Vs Beats Solo 2

If you’re interested in trying Beats headphones, but without spending too much , you should consider an old model. Which one is better? The Mixr or the Solo2? Let’s find out.

Beats Mixr Vs Beats Solo 2

If we leave out the hit-or miss high-bass-intensity audio profile that the Beats headphones are well-known for, the company has had only one constant criticism since its beginning that is the cost. Its sound profile, though not a popular choice by audiophiles, doesn’t pose a disadvantage.

It’s an extra feature!

This isn’t a feature that’s suitable for all However, there are plenty of who love it. However, the conclusion is that Beats headsets are priced too high as well. The brand on the earcups makes the minimum of $50 of the total cost.

Beats Mixr
Beats Mixr

But it’s been a while since the most reputable models from Beats came out that their price shouldn’t be an issue if you don’t want to buy the most current models. In this article, we’ll compare Beats Mixr and the  and the Beats Solo 2 headphones to determine which of these older models is the most suitable choice for you if you want to get a feel for what Beats are about for affordable prices. reasonable price.

Beats Mixr Vs Beats Solo 2 Advantages Compare

Beats Solo 2 Advantages Beats Mixr Advantages
Has removable audio cable with Control Talk+ Better option for DJs
More emphasis on mid-range and high-range More emphasis on bass
Generally less expensive.
Performs well across music genres


The two headphones on ear perform a great deal similar to each other, which isn’t surprising considering there’s only a year gap between the two. Both are on-ear headphones which were created with the same emphasis on aesthetics along with the portability as on audio. Therefore, if you’re judged on looks it’s hard to pick a clear winner in this case. They’re both pretty attractive and offer plenty of choices of colors to satisfy the needs of any person.

The Mixr looks more distinctive in particular due to the rotating ear cups however, it’s not any significant change from the iconic Beats appearance which are the ones that the Solo 2 has going for it. In the end, which one you prefer will come down to personal preferences, but considering that they both look amazing and are both stylish, we don’t believe it’s an issue.


But, the same cannot be said of the quality of the build. It’s true that the Mixr isn’t a cheap or cheap headphone, however, it’s not quite as great as it’s sibling, the Solo 2, which is the only thing we’re concerned about in this piece.

The Mixr is a bit of toughness that it can boast of due to the few metal components and strong-feeling plastic but it didn’t really impress us. Its Solo 2, on the contrary, might appear similar, especially is it made of mostly plastic that has a handful of metallic elements however, it certainly isn’t as sturdy that the other.

Don’t think they’re imperviousto damage, but it’s very unlikely that you will damage your Solo 2 unless you really decide to do it and make an effort. If they’re not damaged, they’ll stand up to the test and endure wear and tear with ease. They’re flexible and twisted in addition to the headband can withstand the 140 degree angle. It’s not that it’s required however, it could.

We’re going to stress that the gap in quality between them isn’t that huge. Also, the Mixr is not an expensive piece of plastic that will snap if you take an eye at it, however we must give a slight edge to Solo 2. Solo 2 as far as the durability is in the matter.

However, what distinguishes them is isolation of sound. Both of them come with an active noise-cancellation feature However, Solo 2 is the most exceptional. Solo 2 is genuinely exceptional in this respect as the Mixr is just so and so.

This is an enormous benefit when you enjoy listening to music outside or in a crowd because it’ll ensure you’re not causing trouble and that they don’t disturb you. But, of course, if, like me, you prefer to play music within a peaceful home, you are free to turn off this feature should the Mixr’s design and style make you want to buy it.


Although there are superior headphones that you can buy for use them for your daily use in your apartment as we’ve said, a lot of work was put into making these headphones. Both are that are portable and suitable to be used outdoors. And one of these is the stronger-than-average clamping force with which the Mixr and the Solo 2 grip your head.

If you’re on the move you’ll need this essential and appreciated feature that will help keep the headphones securely on your head as you run, walk, or even while working out.

But, if you live more of a sedentary life and can often be found at the couch or at your computer with headphones in and you’re sure to enjoy wearing headphones that won’t cause as much stress on your ears.

The greater clamping force isn’t the only concession these headphones have made to make them more mobile. For instance, the Beats Mixr, for example have the elastic headband which is great for locking the headphones in place, but doesn’t provide in your comfort.

Solo 2 Solo 2 doesn’t fare much better. Both models have decent cushioning, but not enough to compensate for the other things.

It’s important to be clear that these aren’t defects – they’re just amazing features in reality when we think about what they’re designed to do. If you’re not a fan of the way these sound and you don’t like the sound, it’s because chances are you’re searching for headphones that can be used on the go. They’re not uncomfortable to wear, in contrary!

But you’re not taking advantage of their strengths if you’re not thinking of taking benefit of the portability and if you’re not tapping to the strengths of these headphones, don’t purchase these headphones in the first in the first.


Also, it is important to know that both headsets have been wired using the typical 3.5 millimeter audio wire. This is crucial since it is important to note that the Solo 2 headphones also have the option of wireless which is more expensive and has a different sound.

What we love in both Mixr along with Solo 2 Solo 2 is that they feature cable that can be detached. If you damage or lose the cable, you can change it without buying a new pair of headphones.

This is a great feature, but the Mixr goes one step further by putting port on each earcup in order to connect them to whichever you prefer. This will also lets you use the daisy chaining perk.

The Mixr also has additional cables and options for connectivity as compared to Solo 2. Solo 2, but many of them aren’t important to the typical consumer. It’s still a great feature and the 1/4 adapter certainly doesn’t hurt.


In the end that none of these aspects are as crucial as the sound. They’re both Beats headphones, so naturally both feature their own heavy bass design But how do they compare one another?

It’s crucial to point out the fact that these two headphones were designed during the time when the Beats headphones were actually getting better.

The first Solo headphones could be considered to be among the best loved headphones, but this popularity can be explained by its marketing strategies more than any other factor. Particularly, even though they had a heavy bass and loud, the bass of the first Solos was extremely loud and muddy.

It’s the Solo 2, however, is equipped with an crisp bass that doesn’t have to make you believe it’s excellent by being extremely loud. It’s got great clarity even at lower levels. While the bass is the predominant sound, the treble is excellent in this.

As you’d expect as expected, the mids are the part that the Solo 2 skipped. They’re cut to make room for the excellent treble as well as the amazing bass, simple and straightforward. There’s no reason to think that the mids are bad and there’s even some clarity and clarity within these but they’re the weak link in the system.

If you’re a fan of music with a heavy accent is given to the vocals, you’ll probably not do yourself any favors choosing this Solo2. But then again the Mixr isn’t the best choice for vocals .

If this is the kind of music that you’re looking for We strongly suggest that you leave Beats completely and instead try audio-technica headphones for instance the top-quality Audio-Technica ATH MSR7.

But we digress. How can the Beats Mixr stack against is the Solo 2 has to offer? It’s really not all the same however, it’s slightly more intense. The bass of the Mixr could very well be the most intense bass you can find in headphones at the price. It’s not surprising, considering that the Mixr was developed by collaborating with David Guetta.

It’s powerful, but it doesn’t do so at the cost of clarity and depth. There’s anything else you can get from the Mixr. The treble is superior than Solo 2. Solo 2 and, although the mids might not be better in isolation (and there’s clarity) However, they’re more obscured by the huge bass which means that you’ll not be able to discern the clear vocals.

Overall, it’s evident it’s true that the Mixr was created by a DJ and designed for DJs. If you’re in the ‘bass-heads only club, we believe that the Solo 2 sound will appeal to those who are more.


Overall they both Mixr as well as Solo 2 are both great. Solo 2 are great at their job and their approach is similar. Both offer the best bass-heavy sound available with a small, portable size. The Mixr comes with greater bass power and offers greater connectivity options, while Solo 2 is more versatile. Solo 2 gives a more balanced listening experience, has more durability, and is better-fitting.

But the main factor that will determine the cost effectiveness of each one of these headphones will obviously be the cost.

When they first came out, at the time of their respective launch at the time of their respective launches, the Mixr priced higher however, it offered greater value by offering a variety of connectivity and cables, as well as an unpretentious design for a couple of things. Solo 2, on the other hand, felt more expensive. Solo 2, by comparison was a decent $50 too much.

But, both headphones are old-fashioned in the present and are available for purchase at less than half of the cost originally So all you have to do is choose which one is more in line with your needs more precisely.


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