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AKG Y500 Review

The AKG Y500 is a wireless headphone made by the renowned brand, AKG. Are these the headphones you’re searching for? Let’s find out.

AKG Y500 Review

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Bottom Line

Like other AKG headphones models, the Y500 offers a lot to offer the right person, but will not be very popular unless you make use of its strengths.

These headphones on-ear are best for those who wish to carry their music wherever they go. This is because they have the ability to take advantage of the battery’s incredible life span and enjoy the full advantages of the compact and lightweight design.


AKG isn’t a well-known brand however, it’s considered to be highly respected in the eyes of the audiophiles as well as music lovers. The audio equipment that AKG produces is superb regardless of the model, but it’s also quite limited in its use.

Since they don’t need to reach out to a large public as Beats does, AKG is free to create headphones that excel in particular aspects. For instance they have the K701 is among the coziest headphones that have ever been created, but they’re headphones that are studio and open back models in particular, and therefore not something with widespread appeal.

The same is true for the latest wireless offering from the company which is the AKG The Y500.

We already know that they’re good headphones However, they’re not for everyone. Only the right kind of person will be able to take advantage of everything they can provide.

If you’re wondering if you might be this kind of buyer, keep reading!


Name AKG Y500
Type On-ear headphones
Connection Wireless (with wired option)
Color options Green, black, pink and blue
Size of the driver 40 millimeters
Response to frequency 16Hz – 22kHz

32 ohms
Bluetooth version 4.2
Weight 230 grams


The package for the AKG Y500

From the moment you open it The AKG Y500 has a sleek and stylish design that’s sure to make you feel at ease whatever your taste. The numerous color options available help with this massively. The headphones may appear to appear small initially, but be confident that they can are sized for a mature head.

However, don’t take our word for it. It’s true that the AKG Y500 has won the the IF-design award.

It’s obvious from the images that it’s not obvious from the pictures, but AKG Y500 is a pair of headphones that are on-ear. In the past, we’ve not been hugely a fan of headphones that are on-ears. They aren’t as comfortable as counterparts that are over-ear and they’re less effective at separating the sound. But those who love on-ears will discover a lot to appreciate about these headphones.

The thing that impressed us most was the strong but adaptable frame. From the outside at first, this AKG Y500 may look all plastic, but the design includes a mix of metal and plastic that is not often seen in this price range. For durability, this Y500 is a shrewd choice with its durability in abundance. The quality along with the fashionable design makes it perfect for outdoor use and that’s where we believe these headphones shine most.

Other features that increase the performance outdoors of these headphones are the adjustable, foldable ear cups. This flexibility is not just a way to locate a suitable size whatever the size or shape of your head however, it also means that you are able to carry the headphones in a variety of ways. They’re as easy to wear around your neck , with the ear cushion placed on your chest, as they are small and compactly packed in bags.


A closer look at the AKG Y500 headphones

You’ll also be happy to learn that the Y500 is loaded with useful and practical features, beginning with the numerous controls that are located on the earcups.

One earcup has a pause/play button, as well as the volume control up and down. This is the standard stuff that is often ignored but neglected when not present. It’s also the location where the 2.5-millimeter input is. The other earcup is home to buttons for the Bluetooth turn-on and off button, along with a Micro USB connector to allow charging as well as an Ambient Mode button.

Let’s break this all into pieces.

The 2.5-millimeter input lets users to connect the Y500 using the connected wire which is useful when you’re running out of battery or need to boost the quality of the audio. It’s not often that you’ll require it to connect it, however, as the headphones boast 33 hours of battery life with them, as well as a quick-charge option that will give you one hour of playback in just five mins of charge.

The Bluetooth button itself requires to be explained, but we need to clarify the type of Bluetooth connection that you are likely to receive. The headphones are using an SBC Bluetooth codec which isn’t the best for audio quality. The headphones also don’t have the support of AptX Bluetooth (AAC is supported). This is something that we believe any potential buyers ought to keep in mind, as many of the competitors offers superior Bluetooth.

The Y500 offers the advantage that coming with a multipoint connection that lets you connect it with two other sources. It allows you to effortlessly change between devices which makes it an ideal choice for those who travel with a laptop and smartphone. If this feature can outweigh the disadvantages of uninspiring Bluetooth is a matter of debate, but there are some instances when it could be. The decision is entirely dependent on the individual user.

The next step is to take a look at next, the ambient modes. Typically, this feature is available on headphones that are over-ear and makes use of a microphone to record your surroundings and play them to the music you are listening to. The Y500’s ambient mode can do nothing of the sort, it only reduces the volume that the headphones emit. The reduction is based on the volume of the speaker and it’s generally simpler to press this button instead of manually reducing the volume, however, the effect is the same.

The last thing we’d like to emphasize is the automatic feature of pause and resume. The feature works by stopping the playback once it realizes that you’ve removed the headphones and then resumes it once you’ve put them back on.

It’s not completely reliable with regard to these kinds of recognitions. Our suggestion is to secure the headphones back on your head instead of sliding them in to allow this feature to perform more regularly and effectively. However, overall, it’s a great feature that’s sure to increase the battery life of the already excellent headphones to a greater extent over the long haul.


The AKG Y500 is flexible

A battery that lasts for 33 hours is a great idea, but it becomes a distant memory when the headphones are uncomfortable to wear.

Fortunately, the Y500 isn’t afflicted by this problem. Yes, it’s an in-ear model but the level of comfort isn’t as high as over-ear models, but they’re nevertheless quite comfy. We’ve already mentioned that the range of motion the ear cups allow allows everyone to get the right size.

These headphones also happen to be light and help with this tremendously. Although the padding made of rubber on the headband might appear uncomfortable, since rubber is typically not a material that is comfortable and there’s not much of it, it isn’t a problem with the headphones. The lightweight design of the headphones can help to reduce weight, but it’s the fact that they place more weight on the tension of the ear cups to ensure stability as opposed to the headband.

Do you think this is a good thing?

We don’t want being a break-up record but on-ear-headphones are likely to be more uncomfortable than the competition If you boost the force of clamping it’s not difficult to see the possibility of things getting messy. The people at AKG have this in mind better than anybody else, which is why they weren’t enticed by the trap.

Therefore, they still employ the regular clamping force but do not benefit significantly from the headband’s stabilization. Their Memory foam cushions and also a good amount of padding which is a great benefit. To claim that the Y500 sits awkwardly on your head is a clear fake, but due to this, they’re not the most durable headphones.

Add in the slippery effects that can result from ear sweating and you’ll have an earphone that feels as if it could be ripped off if you were to be swayed into dancing to the music.

Do you think this is superior to a pair of headphones that are more uncomfortable but sit on your head more securely? It’s up to you to decide. Our role is to provide a brief overview of the problem.


What do you think about the sound quality of the AKG Y500?

To sum it all up simply, this is divisive.

It’s clear that AKG was looking for a more balanced sound when designing the Y500. It’s an audiophile pair that will be appropriate for all kinds of music and won’t be able to artificially excel in any genre.

The sentiment might sound positive to it, but that’s due to the fact that we’ve framed it in a positive way. You could have said it as follows: Y500 has a dull and boring sound.

Both of these assertions are true , it’s just about your attitude in their direction.

If you’ve never heard of headphones that produce a balanced tone which means they don’t have a heavy bass and don’t enhance any frequency or even boost any frequency and you’ll not find the Y500 exciting. If however, you’re searching for headphones that play music in the exact how it’s recorded the Y500 gets more attractive.

These aren’t the best headphones for audiophiles in any way by the imagination, but the Bluetooth codec recognized this, however, they’re an excellent model for transitioning that can take the listener from casual to an audiophile if you allow them. The wired connection can improve the overall quality of sound to some degree, but because these are wireless headphones, we’ll evaluate the quality of their wireless audio.

In terms of frequency, our experience was quite amazing. It’s not loud but maintained in a precise and precise way. On the other hand, the sub-bass is virtually absent and you should keep this in your head. In terms of the mids as well as their highs nothing to say. They perform admirably but don’t stand out.


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Overall, this model AKG Y500 has the potential for greatness however, it requires an individual type of user to fully appreciate the potential. If you’re seeking on-ear headphones that have an even sound the Y500 is an appealing option.

If, in addition to this, you listen to your music outside or while driving They easily become one of the most reliable alternatives available due to their strong yet lightweight design as well as great battery performance.

However, if you’re seeking a good-sounding pair of headphones and sound quality, the Y500 isn’t the best option. At this point the competition is fierce and many models offer higher Bluetooth as well as better sound quality and greater overall comfort, particularly when they’re over-ear models.

We tend to judge headphones on the basis of what they’re trying achieve but keep on your toes that, regardless of their high score they’re not seeking to achieve the goals you’re trying to achieve.


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