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7 Effective Alternatives to Earplugs for Sleeping You Should Consider

While earplugs are often the go-to solution for undisturbed sleep, some individuals may find them uncomfortable. Herein, we'll explore:

  • The problems faced by individuals using earplugs for sleeping
  • A range of alternative solutions to earplugs
  • The ideal solution based on individual preferences and requirements

Exploring Earplug Alternatives for Peaceful Sleep

White Noise Machines for a Serene Sleep Ambiance

One method that has proven effective in masking environmental noise, such as deep bass from a car subwoofer, is the use of white noise machines. The key is to select the right machine that matches your sound preference and noise-cancellation requirements.

Malleable Earplugs: Wax or Silicone Putty

If traditional foam earplugs are uncomfortable, consider moldable wax or silicone putty earplugs. They're user-friendly, comfortable, and significantly effective in reducing noise, even louder ones like a subwoofer enclosure type.

Active Noise-Canceling Headphones: Ideal for Back Sleepers

For those who sleep on their backs, active noise-canceling headphones could be a great alternative. These headphones are especially adept at reducing low-frequency noise like the bass from your subwoofer.

Sleep Headphones: Combining Comfort with Sound Blocking

Sleep headphones, equipped with flat, soft speaker inserts, offer both comfort and noise reduction. Combining these headphones with earplugs can result in even better noise blocking, which can be helpful for loud environments.

Sleep Earbuds: Moderate Noise Masking

Sleep earbuds, made of soft silicone, provide a moderate noise masking solution. However, they might not be suitable for extremely noisy environments like loud snoring or intense street noise.

Passive Noise-Canceling Earmuffs: Blocking Daytime Noise

Passive noise-canceling earmuffs are another alternative, perfect for blocking daytime noise. Slim-profile earmuffs are also available for side sleepers, providing comfort alongside noise reduction.

Comparison of Earplug Alternatives

Here's a brief comparison of the alternatives to earplugs:

Earplug Alternative Ideal For Noise Reduction Capability Comfort Level
White Noise Machines Environmental Noise High NA
Malleable Earplugs All Sleepers Moderate to High High
Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones Back Sleepers, Low-frequency Noise High Moderate
Sleep Headphones All Sleepers Moderate to High High
Sleep Earbuds Moderate Noise Moderate High
Passive Noise-Cancelling Earmuffs Daytime Noise, Side Sleepers Moderate to High High


For many, the perfect solution to undisturbed sleep may be a combination of foam earplugs and a white noise machine. However, there are various other alternatives that depend on individual needs and preferences. Also, check out our other articles such as best bookshelf speakers under 1000, best floor-standing speakers under 1000, and best stereo speakers for more valuable information.

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