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Sennheiser HD600 vs HD650 vs HD660S: Review and Comparison

Who doesn’t love to put on headphones and groove to their favorite music, while obstructing the outside world?

Yes, I know!

Premium headphones are essential if you want to get the best music experience possible to truly feel the beat.

Low-quality headphones won’t provide the same audio quality as premium ones. You will also be amazed at how much more detail you hear when you listen to music with lower-quality headphones than with better-quality ones.

Sennheiser offer a premium sound experience. Sennheiser’s outstanding products have made a lasting impression on the music market over the years.

This article will be all about headphones. Three outstanding headphones made by the Sennheiser audio company are highlighted.

Today, we will tell the story of three Sennheiser: Sennheiser HD600 vs HD650 vs HD660S

Sennheiser HD600See It Now
Sennheiser HD650See It Now
Sennheiser HD660SSee It Now

All About Sennheiser
Sennheiser HD600 vs HD650 vs HD660S

Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG, a German audio company, was founded in 1945 by Dr. Fritz Sennheiser, a German inventor, and entrepreneur.

Sennheiser is made up of two distinct units: the professional audio division and the consumer division.

The consumer division makes a variety of headphones and home entertainment devices for consumers. However, the professional division manufactures audio devices for conferences and business presentations.

Sennheiser is a well-known company for producing high-quality headsets, microphones, headsets, and accessories for telephones. Sennheiser’s long-standing excellence has earned it respectable awards like the Audio Engineering Society’s Gold Medal and the Primetime Emmy Engineering Award (2013).

Sennheiser Electronics continues to be admired for its innovative technology, superior craftsmanship, and high-quality audio products.

HTML 600, HD650, and HD660S are compared at a glance

Let’s first compare the headphones before we get into the details. Before you can choose the best one for you, you will need to be familiar with the specs and features.

For your convenience, we have created a table comparing the features of these headphones.

To quickly see the differences and similarities, you can look at the table.

Features HD 600 HD 650 HD 660S
Pairing of eardrums Over-ear (circumaural) Over-ear (circumaural) Over-ear (circumaural)
Weight 260 grams 260 grams 260 grams
Transducer Open, dynamic and open Open, dynamic and open Open, dynamic and open
Features HD 600 HD 650 HD 660S
Frequency response 12-40500 Hz 10-39500 Hz 10-41000 Hz
Impedance 300 Ohms 300 Ohms 150 Ohms
Sensitivity 97 dB 103 dB 104 dB
Maximum power handling 200 mega Watt 500 mega Watt 500 mega Watt
Total harmonic distortion <0.01% <0.05% <0.04%

The table shows that all three headphones are over-ear. Also known as circumaural open-back headphones, Each Sennheiser weighs in at 260g, which is lighter than other headphones.

These headphones have a dynamic, open transducer principle.

Nevertheless, each model has its own unique features when we examine the differences.

The HD 600S and HD 660S have a wider frequency range than the HD 650.

The HD 600 and HD 650 have an impedance between 300 Ohms and 300 Ohms respectively, but the HD 660S has a lower impedance at 150 Ohms. HD 660S is more sensitive.

The HD 600 is not as powerful as it could be.

Now that you’ve seen the differences, let us get into the details.

Sennheiser HD600

See It Now


The HD 600 professional stereo headphone is audiophile-friendly and high-quality.

These headphones are not only dynamic in sound quality but also very comfortable to wear.


Weight 260 g
Frequency Response 12-40500 Hz
Maximum power handling 200 mega Watt
Impedance 300 Ohms
Sensitivity 97 dB
Total harmonic distortion <0.04%


The HD 600 circumaural is made of plastic and has the nineties feel with its steel blue marble exterior.

Plastic is often a generic term that we associate with cheap.

This headphone has a premium quality plastic that is superior to other headphones on the market.

The headphone weighs in at 260g and is very lightweight. It is light but strong and durable.

Each piece of foam is approximately 1.5 cm thick. You can adjust the headband to fit different head sizes.

The earpads consist of velour wrapped in foam and are soft and comfortable.

The oval earpads are 2.5mm thick and provide great comfort. If they become worn, these ear pads can be easily replaced or restored.

Let’s now take a look at some of the cool features these headphones offer.

A premium quality metal mesh grill covers the enclosure of the driver.

This allows for a clear and transparent sound. The external grilles are easy to replace, even though they can be bent under pressure.

A neodymium-ferrous magnet is used by the driver to enhance sound sensitivity and provide a dynamic bass response.

The HD 600 employs a duopoly 2-layer diaphragm that minimizes sound distortion.

This technology reduces standing waves and lowers surface-born resonance.

The lead cable connects to the headphone and has detachable, rigid plugs at each earpiece.

Three meters long is the detachable oxygen-free copper wire.

These cables are better than coiled cables because there is less chance they will get tangled.

Sound quality

Sennheiser says HD 600 produces “exceptionally natural sound, which is both spatial and precise.”

These headphones are far more powerful than ordinary headphones with a 50-ohm impedance.

Your headphones will be able to handle greater levels of amplification.

Let’s now look at the bass. The bass is of decent quality, I would say.

The bass sound is accurate and tight if that’s what it needs to be described.

The midrange, on the other hand, feels natural and detailed. The high end is spacious and airy.

The headphones felt dynamic when we tried some rock songs.

Classical music, on the other hand, sounded clear and detailed.

It is a great device for listening to, mixing, or instrumental music.

All frequencies were well-balanced, and the sound doesn’t overwhelm each other.

The headphones have a great tonal balance.

These headphones sound great overall.

Why choose HD 600?

Great comfort

They are easy to use and don’t cause any discomfort.

Sound response and Neutral

The audio response is very natural. The soundstage is where instruments are separated in music very accurately.

Very durable

You can remove and repair the parts. If a part of the headphone becomes damaged, it can be easily replaced.

What could be improved?

The HD 600 is a great audio system, but there are still areas that could be improved.

First, the stock cables can easily become defective due to their thinness. Even though the earpads are very comfortable, they will eventually become worn out from intensive use.

You should remember that the sub-bass does not exist. If you require more bass, you may need to purchase a subwoofer.

The headphones are suitable for high-end amplifiers because of their high impedance.

High-quality amplifiers are required to achieve the best result. The performance of your headphone might not be exceptional if it is plugged into your phone.

Sennheiser HD650

See It Now


The Sennheiser HD 650 headphones are durable and comfortable, but they also offer a warm, rich sound and deeper bass.


Weight 260 g
Frequency Response 10-39500 Hz
Maximum power handling 500 mega Watt
Impedance 300 Ohms
Sensitivity 103 dB
Total harmonic distortion <0.05%


The HD 650 is a more elegant model than its predecessor.

The exterior is made of greyish metal and the interior has black padding. Metal borders are used to protect the outside of the earcup. These headphones are premium in design due to their high-quality titanium finish.

Although the exterior is mostly made of plastic, it works very well.

Ear cups with elliptically shaped ears are foam-covered and give off a fuzzy feel when worn.

The earpads are large enough to fit comfortably into the ears without placing too much pressure.

It is made of high-quality velour padding, which ensures that the ears don’t touch the driver and makes it easy to use for long periods.

The headphones have a damping element. It is made of fine acoustic mesh.

This ensures that the diaphragm’s entire surface is dampened in a consistent and exact manner.

It provides uniform attenuation across the entire area.

The extremely lightweight aluminum voice coils will allow for exceptional transient sound response.

The magnet systems in the driver are optimized to minimize harmonic distortion.

The HD 650, like the HD 600 comes with a separate oxygen-free copper cable.

The cable is Kevlar reinforced and has very low handling noise.

These headphones can be connected directly to high-quality components like CD players, DVD-A and SACD.

The HD 600 is, in short, the epitome of comfort, quality, and robust design.

Sound quality

The HD 650 headphones are a perfect example of smooth, clear, and accurate audio performance.

These headphones produce a clear, vivid sound that is easy to hear when listening to music.

These headphones are pure joy for the ears. The headphones also have a bright top-end.

These headphones have a solid bass texture, so you will not be able to see the finer details hidden beneath the bass.

The headphones performed well when tested using tracks with bass guitar.

The midrange is fluid and very easy to use.

The soundstage is intimate and not large and open. Classic compositions and rock songs sound better than metal and EDM.

A live recording can be mastered on the soundstage.

The sound quality is dynamic and punchy, but not too aggressive.

The HD 650 is a great choice for audio quality because of its incredible transparency and powerful dynamics.

Why choose HD 650?

Excellent sound performance

The HD 650 stereo headphones are high quality and dynamic.

These headphones offer boosted lows and no harsh high frequencies.


These headphones are very versatile. The headphones can handle a variety of music genres.

It can be used to dance to hip-hop and rock, or to relax to classical and instrumental sounds.

Lightweight and comfortable

With its well-designed earpieces, the HD 650 is very comfortable to use.

They can be worn for long periods of time and you won’t even notice that they cover your ears.

What are the drawbacks of

These headphones have problems mainly because of how they were designed.

They are open-back headphones, which means that sound can be heard from the back.

Many users feel that these headphones need to be improved in terms of durability.

Let’s now talk about the sound. What’s missing?

These headphones are excellent in audio quality. However, I believe there are still areas for improvement.

First, the headphones may sometimes be too smooth. They can become a little duller than other headphones.

These headphones might not be right for you if you are bass or treble head. You can make improvements to the bass and treble.

These headphones can be a bit expensive so it is worth testing them before buying.

Choose which one is best for your game.

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Sennheiser HD 660S

See It Now


If you are looking for a more sophisticated audiophile experience, the HD 660S is the right choice. You get everything you need in a pair of headphones, including crisp bass, natural sound, and superior connectivity.


Weight 260 g
Frequency Response 10-41000 Hz
Maximum power handling 500 mega Watt
Impedance 150 Ohms
Sensitivity 104 dB
Total harmonic distortion <0.01%


The HD 660S was designed in a modern way, which is a departure from its vintage predecessors.

The perfect blend of timeless elegance with modern style is the HD 660S.

These elegant headphones will draw you in with their classy appearance.

The matt black exterior looks great with any outfit. These headphones are sure to be a fashion statement.

The HD 660S’s designers are too well-known for their design.

These headphones are a masterpiece of craftsmanship and must be appreciated.

The HD 660S is very sturdy and light due to its plastic construction.

These headphones are very easy to use.

The HD 660S’s massive, perforated earcups look cooler than ever.

The velour-wrapped earpads are made from dense foam. The headphones feel soft and comfortable.

The elliptical shape of the ear cups follows the human anatomy.

What’s new with the features?

The HD 660S features cutting-edge Sennheiser technology.

The HD 660S features a new transducer design that is designed to deliver low harmonic distortion.

The stainless steel fabric is used to enhance the movement of the diaphragm. Lightweight aluminum voice coils are now faster reacting.

These headphones offer great connectivity, which is a bonus for users.

There are many cables to choose from for every occasion.

These cables are made from conductive oxygen-free copper, which has strong par aramid reinforcement.

The HD 660S‘s design has been enhanced to provide lower distortion, better bass response, treble response and greater spatial imaging. It also provides better impulsivity.

Sound quality

With its outstanding audio performance, the HD 660S is sure to surpass its predecessor, HD 650. The HD 660S is a beautifully designed audio system that provides the best audio experience possible.

The headphones offer a wide, excellent sound stage.

Your ears will be able to discover sounds in new ways thanks to the headphones’ spatial imaging and stereo sound.

Let’s start with the bass. These headphones offer a dynamic, articulate bass response.

The midrange is very smooth, and overall the mids sound natural and clear. The highs are bright and warm, and they feel very pleasing to the ear.

The treble is bright and energetic.

The HD 660S’s frequency response is well-balanced and expressive.

Why choose HD 660S?

Dynamic and involving

These headphones will give you a dynamic audio experience.

Comfortable to Use

Sennheiser headphones are renowned for their comfort.

Spectacular soundstage

The HD 660S boasts a large, spacious soundstage and outstanding stereo imaging.

Modern design

These headphones are not only distinguished by their build quality but also by their design.

These headphones are very elegant in their aesthetic design.

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How can the HD 660S’s performance be improved?

The HD 660S is a dynamic, elegant, and highly-rated model that stands out among the other headphones on the market.

We are happy to highlight a few areas that could be improved upon the predecessor’s performance and outlook.

The HD 660S’s bass response is excellent. You could use more bass if you prefer to listen to upbeat metal and rock music.

You should also be aware of the slight distortion in the sub- and mid-bass.

These headphones are not portable, so they are mostly used for desktop use.

Which one do you prefer?

It is possible to tell the difference in how you hear music/songs when you listen on headphones or speakers.

You can see the difference in detail even more if you use headphones of high quality.

You might have sensitive ears and be picky about the headphones you choose to provide you with the best sound quality.

The story featured three characters, each with their own unique features and some more than others.

All three outstanding Sennheiser 600 series members are the HD 600, HD 650, and HD 660S.

The HD 660S is a standout in design with its modern and elegant matt black exterior. The model has been upgraded and many new features added to it.

If you have a tight budget and are looking for headphones that can be used daily, I recommend the HD 600 or HD650.

If you are a music lover who loves to make sonic beats and is passionate about creating them, the HD660S is for you. You will not be disappointed by its superior features and excellent audio performance when mixing your sounds.

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