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How To Use Single Jack Headset On PC Without Splitter

Don’t know how to use single jack headset on PC without splitter successfully? Check out our thorough guidelines to get your single jack headset working.

How to use single jack headset on PC without splitter

Do you understand why you can’t use a single jack headset with a mic for COMPUTER without a splitter?

Since COMPUTER audio ports make use of the TRS approach in them.

This is why you can’t use input and result signals at the same time.

A splitter divides both various headset signals, and also you can make use of one for the microphone and also one for the speakers.

Paying attention to this could seem like, “Okay, currently I require to buy a splitter” Well, no, you do not require to spend cash on a splitter. You can go through some settings as well as conserve up your money to spend on another thing.

Right here’s exactly how to set up a headset with one jack.

  1. First, most likely to your control panel settings.You can find that on your start menu selection, or you can look it on the search bar (Windows 10).
    For Windows 7, you can locate this on the start menu selection.
    For Windows 8 and also 8.1, you can look it up in the applications section.
  2. In the control board, there will certainly be an option called audio. Click on it to open the audio setups.
  3. When the audio home window opens, you will certainly see a tab on top that says recording. Click on that tab.
    This will certainly reveal you the recording tools you are using.
  4. Now, pick the one you wish to utilize. You will certainly see the see default button becoming energetic. Click on it.

How to make use of single jack headset on Mac without splitter.

That’s it; you are done. Are you a Mac customer? Well, after that right here is the method for Mac also.

  1. You need to look for the alternative of sound utilizing the spotlight search.
  2. When the settings show up, click the input tab.
  3. Then select the gadget that you wish to utilize.
  4. After that make that tool you skip input, and that’s it.

Technically speaking, this technique needs to benefit any gadget. Nevertheless, if it doesn’t work, you can constantly choose a splitter.

Can You Use a Solitary Jack Earphone With Your PC Without a Splitter?

Throughout the years, headsets have actually moved in the direction of a single, dual-purpose jack instead of 2 separate jacks for both input as well as outcome.

Older PCs normally feature separate ports for audio and also input, as headsets back then normally provided two different jacks. It’s what made sense at the time.

In most cases where you’re utilizing a COMPUTER that features separate ports for sound and input, you’ll discover it’s necessary to use a splitter to get complete use out of your single-jack headset.

Nevertheless, if you don’t have a splitter handy, it may still be possible for you to use your headset without it and also still obtain both earphone as well as microphone functionality.

Why Do People Make Use Of Solitary Jack Headsets?

There are lots of reasons some prefer to use single jack headsets, but at the end of the day, it generally boils down to preference.

Below are some of them:


Because they just include a single cable, solitary jack headsets are much less cumbersome.

They additionally take up less workdesk room, seeing as there’s just one wire to manage.

The cable television for your headset houses cords.

These cords are really delicate, and are considered among one of the most fragile components that comprise your headset. The added advantage of having just one cable is that you only have to look after one cable, not numerous.


A lot of customer electronic devices, like mobile phones and modern-day laptop computers, currently utilize 3.5 mm Pointer Ring Sleeve (TRRS) ports.

These ports are what enable both input and also output functionality with a single connection,

rather than Idea Ring Sleeve (TRS) ports that only permit result.

Due to the fact that TRRS ports are currently so commonly made use of, single-jack headsets can be utilized with most devices easily.

TRRS jacks can be visually identified by the 3 plastic rings that are featured on the jack itself.

Find out more regarding them in our supreme overview on headphone jack as well as plugs
Can You Utilize a TRRS Jack With a TRS Port?
Various kinds of headphone plugs.

In many cases, yes, you can use a headset that has a TRRS jack with a TRS port.

One crucial point to note, nonetheless,

is that when utilizing a TRRS headset in a TRS port, you won’t be able to use your headset for input as well as outcome simultaneously.

This is because the TRS port is not developed to accommodate functionality for both at the same time.

In addition to this, TRS ports are produced to approve either input or result signals, however not both.

This indicates that if the TRS port was intended for output only, your microphone will certainly not function if plugged in.

With this in mind, this mix is just useful if you’re utilizing the headset as an output-only or input-only tool.

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How can I use an external mic without a splitter?

How To Use Your External Mic In Your PC/Laptop Without Audio

For newer PCs

In many newer PCs, you’ll usually discover a dual-purpose port.

This port is made to be compatible with headsets that make use of the TRRS jack,

which permits both earphone and microphone capacities through a solitary connection.

If your PC has one, just plug your headset right into this port as well as you ought to be up and running quickly.

If your headset isn’t working properly, try changing the setups shown for older PCs.


These fast and easy remedies are an excellent method to get your single-jack headset up and running on your COMPUTER, without the requirement for a splitter.

Did any of the above services help you?

If not, what did you do to get your headset collaborating with your COMPUTER?

Last words 

Well, there you go. Now, you know how to use a single jack headset on pc without any splitter.

Before you spend right away on a splitter, this is worth trying as you can save up some money.

But if this doesn’t work out, you can always go for a splitter or a new pair of headphones with a dual jack.

You can find a lot of splitters out there for $1 to $5. So, that shouldn’t be a big deal anyway.

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