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Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 2 Vs 3

If you’re in search of the most affordable wireless speakers that sound truly amazing, these are excellent selections, but make sure you be sure to read this before you buy.

Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 2 Vs 3

It’s been said it’s you should consider Onyx Studio line of wireless speakers from Harman Kardon is quite good, and you’re trying to figure out which of the earlier models offers the most value for your buck. Is that either the Studio 2 or the Studio 3?

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In the end the speakers are highly rated and, most importantly they were both released with high prices and are now sold at much less. Let’s look at them and determine which one is the most suitable for you.

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Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 3

One of the first things you’ll observe regarding the speakers (and they’re basically identical as far as the outside is involved) is the fact that they sport a the most distinctive style in the field of wireless sound. They’re big and bulky, with an oval-shaped body supported by two legs.

The design might be unique however, it’s not very practical, particularly since the two legs don’t have enough to keep the speakers up any other than a flat surface.

The most important thing we’re trying to say is that in the event that the speakers were dogs they’d be puppies in the indoor. We’re aware of is the speakers can do. The wireless of wireless speaker is likely to suggest is a certain amount of portability, however Onyx Studios aren’t portable. Onyx Studios aren’t speakers that could be spotted by anyone who is dragging to the beach. They’re able to make an unintentional stroll through your backyard but usually do not leave the house.

All things considered we would like to congratulate Harman Kardon on the exterior design, because they both Studio 2 and 3 speakers not only look stunning, however, they also feel extremely premium to the feel.

The company didn’t spare any money in selecting the best materials for the construction of the speakers, and it’s evident. The smooth plastic on the back is quite sturdy, as does the grilles on the front. In terms of grilles, they’re easily removed for Studio 2 and Studio 2 but stuck fast on the Studio 3. There’s no significant distinction, but as the two speakers are nearly identical so you can expect the majority variations to be minor.


Under the grilles, there are not less than 4 driversand an in-line passive radiator and a second passive radiator at the back. The speakers include two tweeters and two woofers each of which has an rated output of fifteen Watts. The speakers are rated at 60 watts however this is only true when you use wiring.

Wirelessly they reduce this in half. We like the versatility that this provides and even a rating power of 30W isn’t a lot for wireless speakers However…

… The issue has to do with the battery. It isn’t able to actually support the speakers. The battery’s life is awful. We refer to really bad, terrible even if you enjoy listening to high-pitched music. The standards for wireless headphones is 8 hours at the very minimum and we’re getting off to a rocky start by using Onyx 2 and 3. Onyx 2 and 3’s five-hour battery life.

If you enjoy listening to music at a higher volume it will drain the battery quicker, and the speakers not being able to sustain the music for more than an hour at maximum volume. With this size of speaker it’s likely that the need for a bigger battery shouldn’t be a problem and this certainly feels as if the manufacturer is deliberately obstructing your access to information.

If you’re willing to recharge them frequently even if you only listen to them at moderate levels They’re excellent however if you’re looking for the most hassle-free listening experience, maybe you should consider a different brand.

But it’s not entirely bad. For instance, the Onyx Studio 3 features two-channel stereo capability that basically means that if you connect with two speakers (which already have a plethora of drivers) it will give you an superior sound. It is important to note that this feature isn’t available on Onyx Studio 2. Onyx Studio 2, so should you be thinking of purchasing an additional wireless speaker, you must choose one of the Studio 3.

Studio 3 HTML0 Studio 3 also holds the advantage when it comes to Bluetooth technology. employing the more recent Bluetooth 4.1 in comparison with the Studio 2’s Bluetooth 3.0. If you’re not sure of about what Bluetooth 4.1 is it is recommended to watch the video. Additionally, both models come with the same speakerphone that has echo and noise cancellation which means you can make use of the wireless speaker to make calls.


Despite their many issues (if not shortcomings) including the lack of battery life, and almost no portability it’s not difficult to say that both Onyx Studio 2 and 3 have enjoyed their fair share popularity. Anyone who’s seen the speakers in action will be able to understand why.

The two speakers sound fantastic. In reality, one speaker, whether one of the Onyx Studio 2, or 3 can be described as the full 2.1 configuration despite the absence of a separate subwoofer. In addition, the bass particularly is far higher than what you’d think of from wireless speakers.

The most important thing is that it does not overshadow the other frequencies. The mids and the treble are great. The fact that there are four speakers makes a difference as well, and the frequencies all have a distinct feel to each. We believe that no audiophile who is certified could have anything to complain regarding as far as sound quality is concerned. It is quite odd to say for wireless speakers.


Be aware however, this: Onyx Studio 3 is far more comfortable for listening to music if you plan to carry the speaker along with you throughout the house with music on – or even plug it into the middle of the song. The speaker seamlessly switches between wireless and wired modes as needed. It’s the Studio 2 will go mute each time you connect it to your computer It will stop working at the beginning of the song . You’ll be required to restart it in order to restart it.

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In the end, we’re going to endorse Onyx Studio 3 as a superior product Onyx Studio 3 over the Studio 2. It’s somewhat odd to do this strongly when the speakers appear and sound almost identical however, even though they have a few shortcomings (most especially the terrible battery life) however, the Onyx Studio 3 at least solves the minor inconveniences it’s predecessor Studio 2 suffered from.

If you think of using the dual-sound feature in Studio 3 and the Studio 3, then that is the best way to save money absolutely! (Do be aware that the two speakers be Mono and you’ll require the Studio 4s if would like connect two of them to get authentic Stereo sound)

We can’t speak about cost-effectiveness and not mention the actual price. In the end, the reason why you’re interested in Studio 2 and 3 is likely due to the fact that you’ve realized you’re not satisfied with you’ve found that the Studio 4 and 5 iterations aren’t in line with your budget.

These two wireless speakers were launched with rather expensive MSRPs, however, they have since been lowered in cost. For instance, the Onyx Studio 3 was priced at $450, and at the time of its launch it was well an absolute bargain, and that it is possible to currently purchase it for $225 is simply amazing.

Studio 2 is more affordable. Studio 2 is a bit more affordable, typically being around $200 however, we think that Studio 3 is a better choice. Studio 3 is still a better choicesince although even though the Studio 2 does sound genuinely incredible, it will go over and beyond to be annoying you by the other aspects of its existence in the event that you don’t keep the device connected continuously.


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