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11 Best In Ear Monitors for Drummers 2023

A drummer is considered to be the main component of any band, and he undoubtedly deserves the best in-ear monitors to maintain his focus on playing, especially when the audience is cheering and screaming.

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the Best In Ear Monitors for Drummers is, then we recommend the Westone UM Pro 30 as the best Value

It’s not always easy to make the right choice from the multitude of in-ear headphones on the market today.

In-ear watches are basically half-earphone and half-earplug. They help you to get a healthy mix of instruments on phase and at the same time providing your ear with proper protection by creating a barrier.


11 Best In Ear Monitors for Drummers Compare

Westone UM Pro 30Check It Out
Etymotic ResearcCheck It Out
Audio Technica ATH-IM02Check It Out
MEE audio M7 PROCheck It Out
Shure SE215-KCheck It Out
Audio-Technica ATH-E70Check It Out
Etymotic Investigation ER4P-TCheck It Out
Westone UM Master 10Check It Out
Fender FXA2Check It Out
Audio-Technica ATH-IM70Check It Out
Shure SE215-CLCheck It Out

Knowing that, we have put together a list of 14 top-rated in-ear monitors for drummers that will help to improve co-ordination and play better.

You could also use them for general purpose too. They have excellent noise solitude capabilities, very comfortable and sturdy enough to last for a long time.

1.Westone UM Pro 30 Triple-Driver General-Fit In-Ears Musicians’ Monitors

The new Westone UM Pro 30 Triple Driver comes with plenty of extra features. The first thing to notice is its bass which is full and loaded, providing you with extra punch and much better articulation. It comes with drive and much better tempo.

The bass sounds doesn’t interfere with mids’ noise. That is what’s great regarding this in-ear check. Its mids had the crisp without overwhelming the other sound profile.

You will really like its moldable memory wire which is pretty flexible and can be easily shaped to your hearing for a tight and protected fit. Once in place, they think extremely comfortable, making them suitable for long time wearing.

Its True-Fit foam tips plus the STAR silicone sleeves supply you with plenty of options to get your individualized fitting. There is a mid-sized silicone sleeve which provides you a tight and deep suit for comfortable and secure fit.

We also love the classic Westone orange carrying case which keeps your earphones protected while you are travelling. Its construction is rock strong and can easily withstand the tough use. You will also love the UM Pro line which is certainly made in the USA and is made to last for years to come.


  • Triple balanced armature drivers supplying a three-way crossover
  • Compact, low profile, stylish and durable
  • Twisted MMCX audio cable very easily moldable
  • 2-year solid warranty


  • A bit expensive
  • The bass on hip-hop style isn’t that good

Check It Out

2.Etymotic Research ER4SR Studio Research In-Ear Tracks

Etymotic is a new product on the market but has obtained a lot of fame because of its level of quality products tailored to audio. Though the company has been doing different types of earphones for decades when it comes to modern design, things are various.

A very recent in-ear monitor they have released for drummers is their ER4SR model which is accurate and it has a lively sound quality.

Inside the box, you will find headphones packed inside of a hard shell carrying instance. There are a user manual inside of, a cable clip, separate out removal tools along with additional filters and six sets of ear tips.

You will get good noise solitude, because they fit perfectly as part of your ears. Its smart and lean housing allows you to wear this pair comfortably without any slides or poor grips whilst you play the drum.

Its body is made from a smooth aluminum materials which gives it the durability and strength to last for long. Aluminum human body is, in fact, good and won’t break easily, particularly when you have to remove the filters and clean its stem.

The audio cable attached is really a whopping 5-ft long, feels very strong and is easily moldable. Furthermore, this cable can be easily changed just in case it breaks or worn out after a long period.

It is possible to connect these earphones by using 3.5mm jack. If you ever want to connect it to many higher end audio equipment, it comes with a ¼” adapter in case, however. Overall, it has an exceptional sound quality, and you will enjoy playing the drums with these plugged in your ears.


  • High end with balanced armature motorists for precision
  • Sleek and classy
  • Aluminum body for resilience and longer life
  • Fantastic noise isolation


  • No drawbacks

Check It Out


3.Audio Technica ATH-IM02 SonicPro Balanced In-Ear Watch Headphones

Audio Technica can be another popular brand, and its ATH-IM02 makes seem better and offers excellent sound isolation to help you maintain your target playing. It comes in a usual musician’s monitor style ergonomic housing design with a fuller profile.

Having a bit lesser in-ear bud, you will get a nice and restricted fitting, unless you have too big ear holes. It is very comfortable, and the memory wire properly holds it shape whilst you mold it into different designs.

Its wire is really long which gives you the convenience using it the way you want. You may also detach this cable and make use of the two-pin connector with a secure snap-in mechanism. An added cable is included inside of the package which has the same volume of durability and smoothness and comes with an L-shaped plug for ease of connectivity.

Though the classic earphones you find on the market typically don’t have any right or left earplug specified.

Even so, when it comes to a professional in-ear monitor, there are proper labels made. In case of ATH IM02, we have a small raised dot in the left side cable, specifying that the earpiece is for the left ear.

A zipper bag comes along with your invest in and contains three pairs of silicone tips for customized installing, comply foam tips and an extra cable just in case an original one breaks or weary.

Overall, this in-ear monitor will well fit in your pocket, and with better noise isolation capability, you will get a perfect balance while participating in those drums.


  • Dual balanced armature drives for your lively sound output
  • Genuine fit earplugs
  • Cables is often detached
  • Exclusive Acoustic Horn to reduce acoustic radiation


  • Expensive

Check It Out


4.MEE audio M7 PRO Universal-Healthy Hybrid Dual-Vehicle driver Musician’s In-Ears Monitors

With a universal matching, MEE audio M7 Professional is one of the best in-ear monitors. These earphones present exceptional sound quality which has strong bass and an unrivalled lucidity that will make you love them far more.

The crisp and precise in sound with a smooth and stylish design makes them stand out from their competitors. The comply ability to remember foam ear tips utilized not only help to reduce the external noise but also gives you a good, customized and secure fit.


  • True fit earplugs
  • Assists minimize the external noise
  • Comes with two extra cable connections and a protective carrying circumstance
  • Extra silicone ear suggestions included


  • Bass isn’t good on full volume

Check It Out


5.Shure SE215-K Sound Isolating Earphones with Single Dynamic MicroDriver

Shure has used state of the art technology to get the revolutionary SE215-K model which includes some lethal sound isolation abilities. It has an increased bass which gives you pleasing listening experience.

Being lightweight, low profile and streamlined in shape, you won’t possess any trouble wearing them and performing your drum set like crazy. The durably reinforced wire used offers easy customization and replacement.


  • Great both for personal listening and qualified use
  • Lightweight
  • Durable and compact in size
  • Can be easily customized


  • Hearing tip foam quality is satisfactory

Check It Out

6.Audio-Technica ATH-E70 Specialist In-Ear Keep an eye on Headphones

The ATH-E70 by Audio Technica is a wonderful in-ear monitor headphone which comes with three balanced armature drivers, providing you with highly accurate along with an extended response throughout the rate range.

It features a flexible ability to remember cable which nicely loops over your ear, offering a customized fit for longer using.

At first glance, they may not turn up impressive or appealing at all unless you put them inside your ear and give them a try.

Inside of the small carrying box, you will see silicon and memory foam ear tips and a ¼” stereo adapter plugs for multi-purpose plugging.

When it comes to sound quality, you will be stunned by how clear it is along with the amazing noise isolation it has. It has a frequency range of 20-19000 hertz with a nominal impedance of just 39 ohms.

You can match it with some low-output devices and still have the same feeling and seem quality. Though you won’t have to go past 50% volume, and if you want to, it is too loud but without any distortion or rumbling.

Overall, it is a durable pair of earphones with plenty of power and outstanding striped bass and treble.


  • Features three balanced armature car owners
  • Flexible memory cable
  • Gives tight and secure hold
  • Comes with a carrying case


  • A few users complained about earbuds slipping

Check It Out


7.Etymotic Investigation ER4P-T microPro Precision Matched In-Ear Earphones

Another popular in-ear watches by Etymotic is their ER4P-T model which will come with one of the most amazing sound isolation features and unrivaled sound quality. The audio result is of professional top quality, and its profile is compact and very comfortable.

These headsets come with ACCU Driver balanced armature drivers which help to make much realistic audio with 86% more accuracy and reliability as compared to other in-ear monitors on the market.


  • High performance with better racket isolation
  • Perfect for sound designers and audiophiles
  • Exclusive braided cables
  • Comfortable and secure grip


  • The cord is a bit heavy

Check It Out


8.Westone UM Master 10 Single-Driver Universal-Fit In-Ear Musicians’ Monitors with Removable MMCX Audio Cable television

Westone UM Pro 10 Single-Driver General-Fit In-Ear canal Musicians’ Monitors with Detachable MMCX Audio Cable

If you are searching for extra-ordinary depth and clarity in your sound quality, Westone UM Pro10 can help you out. It is a compact in-ear monitor featuring excellent noise isolation. This pair is capable of 25dB noise reduction.

Whether you are a drummer, singer or a guitarist, these earphones are for you. The cable used can be easily swapped out, and the premium quality ear ideas give you a secure grip.


  • Produces lively and excellent sound
  • Capable of ambient sounds reduction
  • Comes with cleaning equipment and carrying case
  • 2-year solid warranted


  • Cable sometimes tangles

Check It Out

9.Fender FXA2 Professional In-Ear Monitor Headsets

Fender FXA2 is a widely used model which comes in four beautiful colors to choose from. It features customized 9.25mm precision rare-the planet drivers who have a groove tuned port. Its seashells are 3D-produced which gives you a custom fit.

Which has a frequency range of 6Hz-23kHz, you will enjoy premium quality and lively sound. Also, for a distortion-free audio, it has 112dB at 1mW sensitivity. Overall, it comes packed in a compact foam-lined carrying circumstance.


  • affordable and Durable
  • Great awareness
  • Outstanding sound rejection
  • Includes SureSeal tips, extra cable and cleaning tool


  • No in-collection mic

Check It Out

10. Audio-Technica ATH-IM70 Double symphonic-driver In-ear Monitor headset

Audio Technica continues to surprise us with its amazing variety of in-ear tracks. This one is the ATH-IM70 with a driver compelling of 8.8mm, finished in one of the richest and clearest sounds. The output appear pressure level is at 108 dB/mW which is perfect.

Its audio jack connecter is 3.5mm and is gold plated by having an L-shape. You may connect it to literally any device with an audio jack. Moreover, for using it with some other music instruments, you can use a convertor and plug it.


  • Offers nice and secure appropriate
  • Impedance of 10ohms which is great
  • Good noise isolation
  • Gold plated 3.5mmm stereo mini plug


  • Noise isolation is just all right
  • Check price in The amazon website

Check It Out


11. Shure SE215-CL Sound Isolating Earphones with Single Dynamic MicroDriver

The Shure’s CL series audio isolating earphones have been progressed from personal monitor engineering. These earplugs have been examined by pro musicians and drummers, and they admire it for its enhanced bass and loaded sound quality.

Its sound solitude features can easily block up to 37 dB of ambient noise which makes it one of the best on the market. You won’t have any additional interference of sound when you are busy playing your drums on the stage.

Being low and lightweight-profiled, you will get an exceptionally comfortable and secure in shape. The unique optimized nozzle angle gives you a great grip in the ears and can make these headphones rest comfortably.

It features a durably reinforced cable tv which offers a easy and quick replacement. A separate cord is included in the small hauling case which comes handy in case the its original cable smashes or worn out.

Do try it with different silicone foam ear canal plugs that come along with the package for a unique knowledge.


  • Comes with a nice holding case and all the gadgets
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Low-profile sleek and stylish design
  • Extra cable added


  • Ear tip good quality is satisfactory

Check It Out


How to Choose Great In-Ear Monitors for Musicians

Far from the classic headphones very often of poor quality. The purpose of the in-ear headphones is usually to live over time. Not not your ear preferably.

As well as for tight jeans. It really is unpleasant to move around with the completely wrong material stuck to your gourdes. For the undecided, acoustic refugees but especially music addicts at all times. This guide will guideline you to choose the in-ear headset that will most effective suit your needs.

What Is An In-Ear Monitor?

Compared with traditional earphones, which only remain on the surface, the in-ear headset will fit directly into the ear canal to let you enjoy your sound as close as possible. The result is excellent sound insulation with practically no space requirement.

They were primarily used by artists on stage who took advantage of the extreme isolation of these earphones to get a return of their voice. Builders like Shure have noticed that they also use them in everyday life and have had the idea to provide them to the general public with the success we know them.

If it may seem asocial, because even. It should be said that it is rather enjoyable to cut oneself off completely from external sound aggressions to be in a phase of inner contemplation with one’s best pieces.

However, the disadvantage of intras also originates from this extreme isolation that completely cuts you away from the outside world, making you shed your attention at the same time facing potentially dangerous situations.

Do not forget that the ears are classified as the companions of the eyes to detect a danger for instance a car running onto the streets when you cross. The sound of a cabin with a living object that has not heard it arrive rarely goes properly together…

The other disadvantage arises from its mode of procedure delivering music inside the ears which can discourage more than one. The sense is very different from a head protection encompassing your ear, and that we do not all have the same sensitivity on this subject.

Consider screening whether this type of listening is appropriate for you before choosing a pair of these and continuing a little additional in this guide.

Wired or Wireless?

With technologies evolving at high speed, it didn’t take much for Wireless bluetooth, which first appeared on C-arms, to show up on in-ear canal headsets. Wireless models have the benefit of taking up even less space simply by getting rid of the cable linked to your player.

No more issues with cables improbably entangled in the bank or stuck in the zipper of your coat (yes of course it happens)! Bluetooth in-ear headphones also have fantastic advantages in physical activity where the cable is often very annoying.

The autonomy remains nonetheless very limited. The best intras cordless is reaching with problems the 10 hours of listening. obliging the headphones to be reloaded very frequently.

Also, the addition of technology inevitably has effects on the price, which is often higher than for conventional intras.

Unless you practice any particular physical activity. The intra-cabled remains a good solution specifically as the manufacturers compete of imagination to reduce the encumbrance in particular by proposing smooth clips and cables clothing.

Connectors and Cable

Most in-ear headphones come with a 3.5 mm mini-jack cable for link with any MP3 player. The quality of the cable will depend on the good material of the sound signal and also the longevity of your headset considering the fact that if it is defective, it should not be changed (except inside with detachable cables).

Those who have already played on the cable with their old headphones to allow the sound signal to reach its destination know what I am writing about.

The quality of cable design differs a lot from manufacturer to supplier, but as a general rule if you want intras that will live over time. Avoid entrance-level cables.

The connectors are also very important as they will ensure the quality of the connection with the player. An angled connector will, therefore, be less likely to be torn off compared to a straight connector.

For an maximum connection, opt for connectors using a gold plated coating designed to offer better results than silver plated connectors.

Incorporated Microphone & Remote Controls


A lot of in-ear earbuds incorporate a microphone and handheld control, usually located on the cable hooking up the headset to the player. The price of these intras turns out to be higher than those who do not.

But it is still much more convenient to be able to manage your music and make calls immediately via headphones without having to take out your smartphone. If you select intras equipped with a mic and remote control.

The first thing to do is to check its compatibility with your Android or iOS hardware. It would be unpleasant to comprehend afterwards that your iPhone are not able to manage your intras

In-Ear Tips

The key purpose of the in-ear headset is to make it possible for extended listening over a long period of time. The majority of in-hearing monitors are supplied with exchangeable ear tips of different measurements to perfectly fit the earphones to the ears.

They supply total isolation from exterior noise and guarantee the tone quality of the headphones, especially on the bass level. Bad isolation or a feeling of discomfort in the ear. Before the end on the first album, with earphones that get away at the slightest jolt will make you leave your headphones even.


The positioning of in-ear headphones will greatly influence your choice. Some manufacturers offer a position regarding the head to ensure less soreness of the cable and avoid painful tearing of the headphones, though the majority of ITE’s have the cord down.

This last posture is ideal for athletes who will not require to pay attention to the cable throughout their efforts.

Sound Quality

The quality of sound of in-ear monitors is no match for that of a headband. It will, however, vary greatly depending on the models and especially on the money you desire to invest in.

For the current products, the frequency response oscillates involving 15 and 25,000 Hz, which corresponds to the normal for being considered Hi-Fi.

Premium models may go much further from 5 Hz to 40,000 Hz with absolute precision across the entire sound scope.

Brands often offer lots of accessories to accompany their in-ear headsets. In addition to the different tips furnished, you can also find a storage instance, an extension cord or maybe aircraft adapter…

Accessories that one could buy separately but that are still rather welcome if they are supplied directly with your get. Look carefully at the extras provided with the earphones to avoid additional charges.


Several brands will give you a different experience. Based on your personal budget and requirements, you should make a wise decision when choosing proper in-ears monitors.

I hope you find this article helpful. Feel free to share your thinking in the comment section and don’t forget to enroll in our newsletter.

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