7 Best Earbuds that don’t fall out of your ears for running 2020

We’re not saying you have to wear sport-specific headphones when you run, but if you’re sick of replacing cheap pairs every few months or have trouble with them staying put, they can be a wise investment.

For sport, fit is the most crucial factor and no matter how good a pair sounds, if your headphones fall out as you exercise they’re useless. Neck bands and adjustable over ear hooks provide the most guaranteed fit, but they lack style, while the latest in-ear silicon wings offer a secure fit and can be worn discreetly any time.

OR you maybe looking for Most Durable Earbuds that Don’t Break

Whether you choose the latest Bluetooth technology and free yourself from wires is a matter of taste – many people switch and never go back – but if you like your music really loud, or run for hours on end (battery life can be limited), it might be worth sticking to a traditional wired design.

It can be difficult to try on a pair of in-ear headphones before you buy, so check they come with different sized replaceable buds, wings and hooks – all on test here come with at least two size options.

As for sound quality, even budget headphones have to be enjoyable to listen to, but don’t expect audiophile playback, especially with ‘open’ models that are designed to let in more background noise. What you lose in bass, you make up for by being able to hear the traffic as you run.

We tested each of these pairs over at least 5km and judged them on fit, sound quality and durability (and how they stood up to the sweat-factor).

8 Best Earbuds that don’t fall out Comparison

Plantronics BackBeat Fit (Top Pick)​4.0 In-ear
$ ($80-$120)
Audio Technica SonicSport ATH-SPORT3​4.8Sweat-proof
$ ($30-$80)
Urbanista Rio​4.0In-ear
$ (<$30)
Monster iSport Strive​3.4In-ear
$ (<$30)
Jabra Sport Pace​3.2Bluetooth
$ ($30-$80)
Sennheiser PMX 686G SPORTS​3.4Sweat-proof
$ ($30-$80)
JBL Yurbuds Inspire 400​3.8In-ear
$ ($30-$80)

Jabra Sport Pace

jabra-sport-paceThis is a thoroughly accomplished pair of Bluetooth running headphones with a secure fit.

Seriously comfortable, even on long runs, they have impressive noise isolation which helps to improve the already dynamic sound quality.

What’s more, they’re designed to work with Jabra’s Sport Life, a free training app for  iOS and Android – similar to MapMyRun and Strava – which plots your routes using GPS, calculates pace, speed and can offer training programmes and fitness tests.

Push the left ear button at any stage during your workout and get real-time updates on your performance.

The five-hour battery life is a bit disappointing but the whole package gives plenty of motivation to keep you going. Even if you don’t use the app they’re a great pair of wireless headphones.



  • Powerful audio performance with seriously boosted bass response.
  • Sweat- and moisture-resistant, secure-fitting design.

  • Works with a free companion exercise app.



  • Digital signal processing will irk some—as will the mega-bass sound.
  • Light on accessories

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Audio Technica SonicSport ATH-SPORT3

audio-technicaIf you like the noise isolation of good ear buds but hate having to push them back into position every few hundred yards,

then this innovative over-ear design is ideal.

Looking more like pair of professional monitors than running headphones,

the mouldable cable can be bent to hook around your ears, virtually guaranteeing a secure fit,

while music sounds terrific whether you’re listening to pounding EDM or guitar-based rock.

They’re also IPX5 waterproof, so you can sweat profusely and then safely rinse under the tap.

The only thing they’re lacking is in-line control.


If you Gym bunnies who don’t mind a few tangles. Audio Technica SonicSport ATH-SPORT3 is best for you

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  • Fantastic fit
  •  sound quality.


  • Horrendous cord.

Urbanista Rio:



These great-value headphones provide hugely enjoyable sound and a very comfortable fit.

The silicon ear wings stay firmly in place without feeling like you have anything crammed in and despite the long cable and in-line control button they weigh just 23g,

meaning they don’t tug on your ears as you run.

Both sides of the cable are coated in reflective strip which makes a huge difference if you’re out at night.

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Monster iSport Strive:


These are the cheapest model in the Monster iSport range, but even at twice the price they’re still a bargain.

The unusual open ear-bud design makes them feel as if they are sitting against, rather than inside your ear, but in our tests they didn’t budge no matter how sweaty we got.

Sound is big and impressive, and while the open design means bass and volume is reduced compared to traditional in-ear models, the overall effect means you can enjoy music and be aware of the world around you.


  • Mosh-proof fit
  • Great value
  • Open sound


  • Leaks sound
  • Lacks bass

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Plantronics BackBeat Fit(best value for money Bluetooth running headphones)

Plantronics BackBeat Fit ($30-$80)

Plantronics BackBeat Fit are one of the most popular wireless, sports headphones.

They are great for running, lifting weights, CrossFit or other exercises.

The combination of stable and comfortable fit with great durability persuaded a lot of people to choose Plantronicsespecially considering their price which makes them the best bang for your buck in sports Bluetooth category.

They’re also one of the best wireless workout headphones, if you lift weights or do yoga, they are perfect.


BackBeat Fit have to be worn behind-the neck but this doesn’t affect the stability of the fit. Its ear hook design does more than stellar job at keeping the earbuds in your ears.

You can easily use them during the most aggressive workouts, sprints or even yoga without worrying about losing a good fit.

These are proper sports headphones and stay in even if you’re sweating heavily.

Noise isn’t well isolated, Plantronics wanted to create headphones with good environment awareness and these are exactly that.

You need to hear the sounds around for safety purposes.


Because of their ultra-lightweight design you’ll mostly forget you’re wearing them. The earbuds are unobtrusive and don’t rub against your skin. The headband behind the neck doesn’t touch the skin like with some other similar headphones, all in all Plantronics BackBeat Fit are very comfortable.

You only have to learn how to put them on properly, getting comfortable and stable fit is a little tricky in the beginning, but after a few uses you’ll be a pro at it.

Durability (Sweat-resistance)

The entire Bluetooth headset is made out of light rubbery, plastics which is flexible enough to survive the usual sports use.

They are protected against sweat and water with nano coating which gives them IPX7 certified.

This is better sweat and water protection than most sports headphones have, so you can easily use these in rain and even wash them under water if they get dirty.

There are no visible weak points as it’s one headband and if you take good care of these, they should serve you for years.


They come with on-headband controls on both sides. You can control calls, songs, volume and of course turning them on or off.

Controls need some getting used to because they are positioned in an unusual way, but this stops being a nuisance very soon.

It comes with a soft carrying bag that you can also use as an armband where you put your music device (smartphone or Bluetooth MP3).


Plantronics BackBeat Fit are compatible with all Bluetooth devices. Most of you will probably use them with your phone, iPhone and Android phones are perfectly compatible and if you download their app it will notify you about new firmware updates.

The range of Bluetooth connection is pretty good, but you can expect at least the standard 30ft while with some other devices you can use them up to 50ft close.

The battery offers from 6-8 hours of use, depending on how loud you play it or how many phone calls you make. Just playing music it will last for 8 hefty hours which is plenty of time for running even the longest marathons.


Sound quality isn’t as amazing as the rest of the features, but does the job well. These are Bluetooth sports earbuds so you can’t really expect Hi-Fi sound quality.

The bass isn’t as deep as with alternatives, probably because of the air-passing fit and if you get it air-tight you should get much better bass, but know that you lose on situational awareness.

While highs and mids aren’t the most crisp or detailed, you can make them very loud which comes useful in loud gyms.

If you want a pair of durable and comfortable Bluetooth headphones with good sound that have been proven over and again in harsh sports environment, get Plantronics BakcBeat Fit.

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  • Very stable fit, behind-the-neck headband
  • Ultra-light, comfortable design
  • Very durable, perfect for all sports (IPX7 water-proof)
  • Good battery life at 8 hours per charge
  • Very good value for money, best in category


  • Sound is only average, lacking deep bass (but good enough for sports use)


Sennheiser PMX 686G SPORTS

sennheiser-pmx-686The rigid neckband design might not suit every runner, but if you want a pair of lightweight (16g) headphones that will never fall out, they are close to perfect.

There are no silicon wings or memory foam ear buds, just a secure fit and superb sound quality.

Audio performance is rich and rewarding with solid bass, extra loud volume without distortion or even a hint of crackle (often caused by sweating).

They’re expensive and you’ll never want to wear them on the bus, but if you demand decent sound as you run you won’t be disappointed.


  • Impressive sound quality for the form factor
  • Bold neon green color
  • Very uncomfortable
  • Neon green isn’t for everyone

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JBL Yurbuds Inspire 400:


Yurbuds has amassed a cult following and for good reason.

The combination of great value – and unique rubber TwistLock ear bud design

(push and turn the tacky rubber buds in your ear for a sweat-defying fit)

makes them difficult to fault. The Inspire 400,

while a little more expensive,

has in-line controls for music/phone and each earpiece has a magnetic back allowing them to stick together around your neck to avoid pocket tangles.


You get solid audio performance too, with plenty of volume and little in the way of distortion.

  • PROS

    Strong bass response. Secure fitting eartips. Inline remote control and microphone for mobile devices.

  • CONS

    Distorts on deep bass tracks at high volumes. Not enough high-mid presence